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Film, "Go for Sisters": John Sayles Crosses the Border

"Go for Sisters": John Sayles Crosses the Border

Go for Sisters The venerable Greek myth of Orpheus gets another cinematic workout in Go for Sisters, the unmistakably Sayles-esque new film by the great John Sayles. Parole officer Bernice (LisaGay Hamilton) must travel down to Tijuana to find her…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Art of Smuggling

The Art of Smuggling

Julio Morales makes the horrible beautiful. His art is calm and precise, and it has a specifically airy quality that might be a middle finger to the term “heavy-handed” (a catchphrase for those who say art and politics don’t mix).…
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News, Feature Ibogaine has helped addicts kick meth and heroin. Is it the trip that does the trick?

Ibogaine has helped addicts kick meth and heroin. Is it the trip that does the trick?

Ron Price needs his milkshake. It's 10 o'clock on a Monday morning, and the bald-headed, barrel-chested former bodybuilder is shuffling around the kitchen of a posh rehab clinic in Tijuana, wearing slippers and a blue Gold's Gym T-shirt. Price had…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Life Aquatic

A Life Aquatic

Elaine Buckholtz is the Bay Area's foremost large-scale light-installation artist; she has run coordinated film projections in every window of a seven-story building, for example. At “Left to Swoon,” she collaborates with Ana Teresa Fernandez, the Bay Area's foremost painter…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mainstream Mex-Tech

Mainstream Mex-Tech

The U.S.-Mexico border is a zone of possibility, chaos, and commerce. Cars idle waiting to cross, dreams are hatched, and knickknacks are sold. Amid the smog and ceramic Virgin of Guadalupe statues for sale is a soundtrack that mixes elements…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Sleep Dealer</i>

Sleep Dealer

Science fiction easily lends itself to allegory, but while the dystopian near-future of co-writer/director Alex Rivera’s feature debut focuses, admirably, on how globalization affects the third world, his ideas are as subtle as a light saber to the face. From…
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Music, Hear This The smooth exoticism of Herb Alpert

The smooth exoticism of Herb Alpert

The face of a thousand used LPs, trumpeter Herb Alpert and the smooth exoticism of his Tijuana Brass ruled the '60s' tame underbelly, racking up eight Grammys and countless kitschy hits. He also co-founded a little label called A&M and…
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Music, Garage-Soiled Black Lips Stink Up GAMH Monday

Garage-Soiled Black Lips Stink Up GAMH Monday

"Cops'll smell your fingers," says Black Lips drummer Joe Bradley about the difficulty of staying out of trouble while on tour in Mexico. He should know. His volcanic Atlanta band documented a blowout show in Tijuana for its live album,…
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Culture, Art

Art caps

Photographer Amy Regalia shoots yard trimmings in her home town of San Jose, a city that allows the waste to be set out loose in the street for pick-up. It may not sound like much, but by putting the garbage…
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Film, Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Time perhaps scrambling it's for Alejandro González Iñárritu to stop his narratives. After making an exciting debut in 2000 with Amores Perros — a movie whose gimmicky Tarantino-esque tinkering with structure seemed fresher en Español and grounded in gritty Mexico…
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Dining, Eat Big Shot

Big Shot

We lucked out both times we dined at the new Tres Agaves. We found Hollywood parking within steps of the front door, were given one of the few comfy upholstered booths when we arrived -- whether with a reservation (at…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

The Drive-By Truckers are the kind of band that makes big-city sissies wish they'd grown up in the South. And for those who did, the act's music is an authentic representation of the homeland -- full of conflicted charm, heartbreaking…
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Dining, Dish Enchanted

Hail, Caesar

When it comes to things like food and politics and laundry folding, I consider myself a fairly open-minded person -- even though folding the T-shirt down the middle with the sleeves bunched on one side so that the stack jams…
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Dining, Eat Best Mexican

Best Mexican

Susan, a friend who'd moved up to the Bay Area from Los Angeles around the same time I did, couldn't stop raving about a Mexican restaurant on Telegraph Avenue. "I swear," she said, "it's the best Mexican food I've ever…
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Culture, missing Housing Now, Utopia Later

Housing Now, Utopia Later

Given the depressing state of current global affairs, I had high hopes for "Utopia Now!," an exhibition of international architecture and design currently on view at the California College of Arts and Crafts' Oliver Art Center. The exuberantly imperative title…
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Music, House of Tudor House Of Tudor

House Of Tudor

The last thing any subversive, forward-thinking young artist wants to do is play music his elders would find appealing -- a toe-tapping grandma is the easily recognized death knell of musical insurgence. However, many successful artists will agree that it's…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

December 8, 1999 TIJUANA, Mexico -- In the wake of the grizzly discovery of mass graves on a Mexican drug smuggler's ranch in Juarez, a maverick attorney has announced an unprecedented legal campaign against U.S. drug consumers. Juan Ocho, an…
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The House of Tudor

This Grand National Banjo Champion displayed more than chops on his three highly innovative solo bluegrass projects for Rounder, but just as purists had settled down and embraced Tony Furtado as the banjo's modern-day champion, he picked up a slide…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): Best days this month for romance and friendship: 11, 12, 19, 20, 24, 25, 27, 28. Best days for home and family: 10, 11, 15, 17, 18. Best days to look for a stash of hundred-dollar…
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Hear This

Tijuana No, Psychosomatic, Lodo y Asfalto Since its emergence in the early '80s, Spanish-language rock 'n' roll has fought its way from the streets of Mexico, Latin America, and Spain onto the pop charts. While bands like Mana and Cafe…
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