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Music, Hear This Buzzcocks: Show Preview

Buzzcocks: Show Preview

If you've seen the 2002 movie 24 Hour Party People, you probably recall the scene in which the Sex Pistols play a little hall in Manchester, England, in 1976, and pretty much everyone who was there went on to play…
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Music, Penelope Houston: S.F.'s Market Street Avenger

Penelope Houston: S.F.'s Market Street Avenger

Penelope Houston exploded onto the San Francisco scene with the Avengers, a loud, powerful band that was widely considered among the best of the city's '70s punk scene. The Avengers played regularly at the Mabuhay Gardens and opened for the…
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Music, All Shook Down The Nuns' Jennifer Miro: An Appreciation By Jack Boulware

The Nuns' Jennifer Miro: An Appreciation By Jack Boulware

If we're talking the birth…
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Music, All Shook Down Watch the Sex Pistols' Entire Final Concert -- San Francisco, 1978

Watch the Sex Pistols' Entire Final Concert -- San Francisco, 1978

Without a doubt the most important punk band ever, the Sex Pistols, played their last show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, 1978. While some called the show a flop, it sure doesn't sound like that on the recordings…
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Music, The most egregious holiday money grabs in music history

The most egregious holiday money grabs in music history

Indie-rocker Sufjan Stevens is akin to the bell-ringing charity man you sidestep while entering the neighborhood drugstore: holiday perennial, purveyor of a sound that's an exercise in patience, and effervescent with so much Christmas cheer you want to poke him…
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Calendar, Night&Day With Avengeance

With Avengeance

We know some cynical tykes who start whining every time an old band plays a few shows. "On the paying-for-their-coffins tour?" they mewl. And that's fine -- the young should have contempt for the old. But we have to wonder:…
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Music, Pop-Punk Confessional

Pop-Punk Confessional

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. How long has it been since your last confession? Uh, what's today? Let me see ... I guess that makes it ... two ... divide by three ... carry the four ... uh,…
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Music, Reviewed The Thermals

The Thermals

Missing the urgency and songwriting excellence of bands like the Pixies, Guided by Voices, and Jawbreaker? Then pick up Fuckin A. Clocking in at less than 30 minutes, the record bulges with messy, distorted indie-pop anthems. The breakneck "God and…
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Music, Reviewed Mclusky


They mine the brooding, rhythmic urgency of bands like Gang of Four and the Fall. Their guitar playing wallows in Fugazi-esque robust minimalism. They shriek like the Sex Pistols. They give their songs absurd titles like "Without MSG I Am…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Rage is the bloody hellfire that powers kids up off the couch and into the mosh pit of life with one goal in mind: to fuck shit up. Back in 1976, the Sex Pistols stormed a complacent U.K. music scene…
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Music, Reviewed The Residents

The Residents

Subtle as an amputation, the Residents cut themselves off from pop music's tumorous body three decades ago and never looked back. Still as prolific as they are self-indulgent, the one-eyed malcontents -- led by Mr. Skull -- remain cloaked in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Punk Rock Docs

Punk Rock Docs

Lech Kowalski is the anti-Nick Broomfield, the opposite of the self-consumed documentarian who inserts himself relentlessly into his own films. Kowalski's a more subtle and striking presence, pitilessly probing subcultures of punk, drugs, and homelessness without moralizing. Born in London…
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Music, House of Tudor Sound Advice

Sound Advice

Rising out of the grit and grime of Manchester, England, Slaughter & the Dogs gained instant notoriety while performing alongside the Sex Pistols at the legendary Lesser Free Trade Hall gig in 1976. Consequent shows at the Roxy earned the…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

In Praise of Pop Philosophy Thanks. Now he'll want a bigger office: Dan Strachota's Pop Philosophy column is succinct, informative, and often quite witty, a nice contrast from the prevailing cynicism and dour prose that imbues the writing of most…
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Music, Record The Clash

The Clash

The Clash Sandinista! (Epic) After five near-perfect studio albums and one dud, the Clash cut the crap, which could explain why 20 years later the Only Band That Matters still does. Its demise was mysterious, uncalculated, and, by comparison to,…
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Suspicious Minds

A small man on a big stage looks and sounds far, far away. It's not just physical distance that separates him from the rest of us. Years and years stand between, blocking his little flailing limbs so that they could…
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SF Weekly Picks

Wednesday, August 21 Kuntry Kunts These little ladies just plumb stole the hearts of each and every judge on the SFO demo listening panel last month. Not a surprise to anyone who has stumbled upon these subversive country gals harmonizing…
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Dear Johnny: My problem is that I can't figure out what kind of face I should make at the Shoreline next week, if I come to see you. As the Sex Pistols launch into, say, "Seventeen," should I adopt a…
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Sunday in the Park With the Sex Pistols

It is a Sunday morning in Newport Gwent, and at 9:15 I board that eastbound train and go. An appointment with destiny. Maybe, even, an appointment with disappointment -- "I am the Anticlimax"? Note a few punks on train, almost…
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Suspicious Minds

If I was a Mekon I'd drink pints of beer And talk about Adorno And have a lot of friends -- Too Much Joy, "If I Was a Mekon" Liquor, theory, friendship: The Mekons have for the last 19 years…
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