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Music, All Shook Down Camper Van Beethoven Would Like All the "Northern California Girls" to Come Home

Camper Van Beethoven Would Like All the "Northern California Girls" to Come Home

Camper Van Beethoven has a message for all you wayward Northern Californians: Come the hell home! The band's upcoming album, La Costa Perdida (out Jan. 22), is named after the wild stretch of coast along Mendocino and Humboldt counties. Having…
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Music, Hear This Redd Kross: Show Preview

Redd Kross: Show Preview

The East Coast had the Dictators, and the West Coast had Redd Kross. While not as proto-punk as the former, Redd Kross and the Dictators were kindred spirits, sharing a love of American trash culture (B-movies, silly TV, cartoons) and…
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Music, All Shook Down Live Photos, 6/1/12: The Beach Boys Charm the Greek Theatre

Live Photos, 6/1/12: The Beach Boys Charm the Greek Theatre

The Beach Boys Friday, June 1, 2012 Greek Theatre, Berkeley The Beach Boys took to the dignified environs of Berkeley's Greek Theatre Friday for one of the group's much-anticipated 50th Anniversary shows. SF Weekly photographer Christopher Victorio was on…
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Music, Hear This Jigsaw Seen: Show Preview

Jigsaw Seen: Show Preview

Tradition-versed critics love it, fanboys and girls adore it, and charts seem immune to it: Call it power pop, or indie pop — it's music based in the verities of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Big Star, and XTC, laced with…
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Music, Hear This Tera Melos: Show Preview

Tera Melos: Show Preview

When Tera Melos is gone, an especially titillating and strange discography will sit in its wake. The young Roseville, Calif., band was born out of improv jazz classes and proggy punk bands — a detail that's no shock when you…
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Music, All Shook Down The Beach Boys' Original <i>Smile</i> to Get Official Deluxe Release

The Beach Boys' Original Smile to Get Official Deluxe Release

It's nearly impossible to talk about Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys without bringing up Smile at some point. The unfinished album, which helped precipitate Wilson's fall into decades of despair, was hyped as the next big thing as it was…
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Music, Hear This Apples in Stereo: Show Preview

Apples in Stereo: Show Preview

The late 1960s and early '70s saw the mini-phenomenon of "bubblegum music" that sold lots of records and received mucho disdain from "serious" rock critics. Ohio Express, the Lemon Pipers, and the Archies might not have been "real" bands, but…
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Music, Hear This Panda Bear: Show Preview

Panda Bear: Show Preview

Now a first cause for almost as many useless D.I.Y. imitators as Nirvana, Animal Collective is overrated yet impossible to dismiss. Every time the mania seems ready to die down, the band ensnares fans anew with a song like "Peacebone"…
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Music, Wavves' addictive surf-punk makes it king of the beach

Wavves' addictive surf-punk makes it king of the beach

The youth of today might have trouble wrapping their minds around this, but in the not-so-distant past it was simply not done to listen to your parents' records. (Yes, the gap betwixt generations was once much bigger.) But that was…
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Calendar, Night&Day In the Rough

In the Rough

The psychedelic element of the "psychedelic postpunk" tag usually stapled to Denver's Weed Diamond is sort of theoretical. Whereas the 13th Floor Elevators or Jimi Hendrix are inarguably making druggy-sounding music about drugs while on drugs, Weed Diamond has more…
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Music, Hear This Girls


Girls, the biggest S.F. indie band to blow up last year, are hyped for good reason. The band's jangly, sun-faded pop songs, which shine from the yearning soul of singer-songwriter Christopher Owens, pluck heartstrings as they please eardrums. His voice…
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Music, All Shook Down Over the Weekend: Brian Wilson's 'Private' Gallery Performance

Over the Weekend: Brian Wilson's 'Private' Gallery Performance

Brian WilsonSaturday, Jan. 23, 2010San Francisco Art Exchange(Much) better than: Paying $50 to squint at Brian Wilson from far away alongside thousands of other people; many other things $1,500 could be spent on (like fixing years of unpaid S.F. parking…
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Music, What Devo can teach us about the death of the album

What Devo can teach us about the death of the album

Vinyl is an unusually stunted medium. It hasn't grown much beyond Brian Wilson's quaint ambition nearly 45 years ago to record an entire LP — the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds — without clunkers. In 2009, with CD sales plummeting and…
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Music, Hear This Making Wavves

Making Wavves

Whether you tag his music garage, punk, or plain old indie pop, Nathan Williams' one-man band, Wavves, has single-handedly made home recording cool again. On his Fat Possum debut, every anthem is frightfully distorted — the vocals delivered as though…
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Music, Reviewed Wavves


All hail the shitty recording. Nearly everything counterculture has been pillaged and repackaged, but the shitty recording remains a floodwall against wider mainstream acceptance. With the new crop of in-the-red punkers, from Vivian Girls to Times New Viking and now…
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Music, Reviewed Animal Collective

Animal Collective

On 2007's Strawberry Jam, experimental noise-making weirdos Animal Collective glided on the outskirts of dreamy indie-pop. Fan fave "Peacebone" even flirted with a sunny melody that exposed a heart beneath all the usual digital flotsam. The band's ninth album, Merriweather…
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Music, Bouncer

All in the Family: Drinking After Hours at Laiola

Sometimes I really miss working in a restaurant. People from all walks of life band together for a few hours and work really hard. Then the doors close and you all hang out at the bar and talk about that…
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Music, All Shook Down

The Beach Boys, Blue Scholars, Tegan & Sara -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Sunday, July 22

The Beach Boys, 5:30 at Mountain Winery. $45/58/58. “But "Pet Sounds" . . . . nobody was prepared for anything so soulful, so lovely, something one had to think about so much. It is by far the best album Brian…
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Music, Magical Mystery Allure

Magical Mystery Allure

Animal Collective is superhip and superbusy these days, touring England and answering all kinds of silly questions from countless creatures like me, and this means the group's publicist can't even tell me prior to my long-distance call which Animal I…
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Music, Ay dios!

Ay dios!

Joel Morales is beginning to piss people off. Actually, person. One guy. Morales, the shaggy, pear-shaped, 28-year-old singer/guitarist of the lo-fi beauty-pop quintet dios (lowercase "d," if you please), is onstage at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. It's…
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