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Music, All Shook Down 5 Reasons Kid Rock is The (Absolute Fucking) Worst

5 Reasons Kid Rock is The (Absolute Fucking) Worst

Since you probably don't read Libertarian Yokel Monthly, you might not be aware of developments in the life of animate fedora with a ponytail attached, Kid Rock. We try not to talk about him if we can help it,…
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Music, Hear This The moral dilemmas of a liberal Nugent fan

The moral dilemmas of a liberal Nugent fan

It's hard to be apathetic when it comes to the infuriatingly fascinating Detroit rock legend Ted Nugent. He presents a musical and moral dilemma for those of us who love blasting his balls-out cock-rock, but prefer hybrids and Obama to…
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Music, Bouncer

The Naked Ape: Body Image and Baboons at Retox Lounge

Seein' as I just love Planet of the Apes, along with all of its offspring (sequels, remake, TV show, merchandising), I was excited to recently watch Behind the Planet of the Apes, a 1998 documentary about the whole shebang. The…
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Dining, SFoodie

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Frying A Squirrel In A Popcorn Popper

My love for crazy game meats and the even crazier folks who eat them (I'm talking to you, Ted Nugent) is well documented, which is why this Slate Explainer is so great. Samantha Henig attempts to answer the eternal…
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Music, All Shook Down Cooking Squirrels Good: Uncle Russ Chittenden's Varmint Cookbook

Cooking Squirrels Good: Uncle Russ Chittenden's Varmint Cookbook

My unrelenting fascination with wild game and Ted Nugent has led to its own logical conclusion: "Good Ole Boys Wildgame: How to Cook Possum and Other Varmints Good" by Uncle Russ Chittenden. Commenter Martin, of Cumbria, England, says the…
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News, The Snitch Crossbows on the Green: Suburban Poaching in Redwood City

Crossbows on the Green: Suburban Poaching in Redwood City

Ted Nugent would be proud: Time magazine reports that poachers with crossbows took to a public park in nearby Redwood City, where they built a tree stand, scattered bait, and waited for black-tailed deer to wander by so they…
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Music, All Shook Down Ted Nugent Kills It, Grills It, Wins Over Hippies at the Chron

Ted Nugent Kills It, Grills It, Wins Over Hippies at the Chron

Over at Bay Area Bites Michael Procopio reflects on his ambivalent relationship with meat and vegetarians with a commentary on Ted Nugent. Yes that Ted Nugent. Specifically, he's talking about the hilarious cookbook, Kill It & Grill It: Ted…
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News, The Snitch

News of the Hour -- The Lethal Injection Cocktail, Mike Webb Found Dead, Ted Nugent Found Irritating

Report: Harassment Of Bay Area Muslims On The Rise (AP) "The Council on American-Islamic Relations documented 246 incidents in the Bay Area in 2006, up from 113 in 2005 -- a rising trend that beats the 25 percent increase in…
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Music, Bouncer

Guinea pigs are the new buffalo wings

There are currently eight guinea pigs living in my house, the piercing squeaks from which would give even Krzysztof Penderecki pause. They reproduced, you see, as rodents are wont to do, and before I knew it I had a herd.…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Native American heroes are a rare commodity in videogames. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, released a decade ago, is the most prominent example. Now Turok finally has company. The best way to describe Prey is "Doom meets Cherokee mysticism." And while most…
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Music, OK Then

OK Then

At around the turn of the millennium, if you were a DJ and you spun Journey out at a hip nightclub -- as increasing numbers of slick DJs were doing -- the crowd could safely assume that you were making…
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Dining, The Mix

Born Again

Bars in San Francisco rarely seem to die; instead, they change owners and become new bars that are often the best places to spot the latest drinking trends, one of which seems to involve unique signage (as opposed to no…
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Music, House of Tudor House Of Tudor

House Of Tudor

Not that I'm generally a big follower of such things, but this Wednesday is not only the winter solstice, it is the night on which the moon is closest to the Earth all year, and the first full moon to…
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Calendar, Halloween

Slap Shots

Concord's Got You in a Stranglehold, Bay-Bee Like Robert Crumb visiting his old neighborhood in the new Terry Zwigoff documentary, there's something simultaneously creepy and reassuring about facing your past. Eventually, all of us spawn back upstream to rediscover that…
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