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Dining, SFoodie Monday Seven: SPiN Opens Tonight

Monday Seven: SPiN Opens Tonight

SPiN Opens Tonight Susan Sarandon's been on a tear. She's a…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Chatting with Susan Sarandon about <i>The Meddler</i>

Chatting with Susan Sarandon about The Meddler

Susan Sarandon is not a lesbian vampire. Or Thelma’s best friend. Nor is she an aspiring casino worker in a decaying resort town. She’s not a cello playing witch, a caring drug dealer with a beehive hairdo or a minor…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Chatting With Susan Sarandon About Her Latest Project, <i>Deep Run</i>

Chatting With Susan Sarandon About Her Latest Project, Deep Run

Susan Sarandon is the executive producer of Deep Run, a documentary about a devout, 17-year-old evangelical Christian lesbian named Spazz who decided to transition. In the process of becoming Cole, he deals with a great deal of bigotry in…
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Film, "Ping Pong Summer": Coming of Age Among Little White Balls

"Ping Pong Summer": Coming of Age Among Little White Balls

As a critic for film site Hammer to Nail, Michael Tully keeps the indie-movie home fires burning. As the writer and director of this particular film, he comes weirdly close to snuffing the fire out. Set in 1985 in Ocean…
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Music, All Shook Down Diamond Dog: Five of David Bowie's Most Surprising Lovers

Diamond Dog: Five of David Bowie's Most Surprising Lovers

David Bowie is a maverick, a creative genius and, most importantly, he's still making great music. But, now that he's an elder statesman, it's easy to forget what a long and storied past this unconventional weirdo has had. Forget the…
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Film, Thanks to the magic of 3-D CGI, Peter Jackson makes a one-dimensional <i>Lovely Bones</i>

Thanks to the magic of 3-D CGI, Peter Jackson makes a one-dimensional Lovely Bones

A one-film cabinet of curiosities, The Lovely Bones turns the most successful CGI director of the '00s loose on one of the decade's prime literary phenomena. Cults collide as Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson tackles Alice Sebold's bestselling New…
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Film, Film Feature

Recession Fest

What is the shape and size of a human soul? Does it look like a chickpea? A gumdrop? A pet rock? And if you could somehow extract your soul from your body, what would be left? Would you still be…
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Film, FilmCap

Romance & Cigarettes

John Turturro's third and loopiest film is prime film-studies fodder, perhaps best suited to the tail end of a musicals seminar, along with Dancer in the Dark and other "postmodern" song-and-dancers. A Coen brothers production with a cast as unlikely…
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Film, What a Toad

What a Toad

Hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the release of The Princess Bride, if only because it hasn't aged a day — the mark of something truly, blessedly timeless. Bereft of the pop-culture gags that curdle the Shrek…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish When Stars Don't Align

When Stars Don't Align

Americano (MTI) Before he is due to take a high-powered corporate job, college graduate Chris (Joshua Jackson) heads off with two friends (Timm Sharp and Ruthanna Hopper) to Europe, where they end up in Pamplona for the running of the…
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News, Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions

The sad thing is, we don't like watching the Academy Awards because of the overpriced designer outfits, the supposed kitsch factor, and the many disappointing Oscar parties where gay men hurl well-crafted bons mots at the TV screen. No, we…
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Film, Soft-Shoe Soft Sell

Soft-Shoe Soft Sell

It would be so easy to titter and scoff at Shall We Dance?, a Miramaxed-out version of the 1996 Japanese film of the same name, which told of a bored businessman who is reinvigorated after a few dozen dance lessons.…
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Emotional Rescue

Stepmom Directed by Chris Columbus. Written by Gigi Levangie, Jessie Nelson, Steven Rogers, Karen Leigh Hopkins, and Ron Bass. Starring Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, and Ed Harris. Opens Friday, December 25, at area theaters. Given the manipulative tendencies of many…
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Every Block Tells a Story

Bert Katz sits at his usual table beneath the tall front window at his son's shop, Katz Bagels on 16th Street at Albion. Although he is studying the pile of loose yellow notebook paper strewn before him, he also pays…
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Death and Transfiguration

Simple faith clashes with complex reality in Dead Man Walking, the second directorial outing of actor Tim Robbins. A naive, bighearted Catholic nun befriends a Louisiana death-row inmate who says he didn't pull the trigger during a brutal crime that…
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