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News, The Snitch 8 Washington: Development Foes Say They've Got the Signatures to Force Referendum

8 Washington: Development Foes Say They've Got the Signatures to Force Referendum

Anti-condo petition could spawn first successful referendum in 21 yearsHalting the construction of 8 Washington, a waterfront development that would likely house the most expensive condos in city history, has blossomed into the progressive ur-issue. And that figures to continue…
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News, The Snitch

Controversial 8 Washington Condo Project Slips Off Greased Skids -- For Now

View Larger MapA proposal to erect a 12-story tower housing 165 condos ranging in price from several million dollars up to $10 million -- or more -- has, at least for now, come derailed from an intriguingly fast track of…
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News, The Snitch Critics Wonder Why Potential S.F. Lawsuit Vs. Academy of Art Didn't Come Years Ago

Critics Wonder Why Potential S.F. Lawsuit Vs. Academy of Art Didn't Come Years Ago

As we've noted in this space before, real legal and political hearings don't often feature the Perry Mason specialty of the guilty party loudly and unambiguously admitting wrongdoing on the stand. And yet everything about the Academy of Art University…
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News, Matt Smith

Progressive Failure

Photocopied fliers festoon Panhandle telephone poles, advertising politicians rather than lost cats. Cole Valley's coffee shops seem friendlier now, with more than the usual number of opinionated customers talking about themselves. On Haight Street, muttering vagabonds accost passers-by thrice as…
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News, Matt Smith

Mayor AWOL

Gavin Christopher Newsom, 42nd mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, is craven and contemptibly fainthearted, a coward apparently concerned with no principle beyond the perpetuation of his own political career. There, I've said it; outraged defenders of…
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News, Matt Smith Common Cause

Common Cause

Darryl Cox will always remember the date he signed his life away: Dec. 22, 1986. Darryl was hanging out with two friends, David and Sue, at Sue's place. Sue handed Darryl a small, rectangular box. "I opened it and said,…
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News, Matt Smith

Love in Times of Choler

Squinting one's eyes halfway closed last Thursday evening at the Arc, a SOMA center for the disabled, one might have perceived two shadowy sumo wrestlers squatting side by side. Their rain-making bulk might have seemed enough to crush any of…
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News, Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Who Still Wants to Be a Millionaire? It's taken most of the fall, but something has gone out of the air. The sense of fevered pressure that pervaded the city last spring -- the Dot-Com Spring, people are calling it…
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News, Matt Smith Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Sitting on a park bench outside the Presidio YMCA, gazing a couple of years forward into the evening sky, one can see the twinkle of a Death Star. Just as the fictional Star Wars spaceship snuffed out the inhabitants of…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Snuff PornSome observations I have after reading both the Weekly and the Guardian (March 15 issues): Your cover story on Falun Gong is very strange. The headlines infer that Falun Gong is somewhere to the left of Aum Shinrikyo. The…
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News, Letters


Welcome to Newark, Calif.Finally, someone's had the courage to call S.F. economics on its own inconsistency; the insight to equate leftism of the stripe practiced here with conservatism; and the perceptiveness to understand how the dreaded dot-coms offer the average…
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News, Feature Make Room for Dot-Coms

Make Room for Dot-Coms

Brian Bock bounds up a makeshift stairway in a former warehouse at 530 Folsom St., past yards of sandblasted brick, a gallery of as-yet-unglazed windows, and a forest of rustic, steel-reinforced wood pillars. "This was one loft in the original…
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Calendar, Halloween


Community Infestment "I want to blow your mind a little," Sue Hestor said, a few seconds after I hopped into her car. That would turn out to be an understatement. On a rare sunny day in January, I took a…
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Calendar, Halloween

The Grid

Prosecutor for Hire Richard Iglehart, S.F.'s widely praised new second-in-command at the District Attorney's Office, wasn't on the job a month before encountering the first turd generated by his predecessor, David J. Millstein. Millstein, who held the No. 2 job…
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