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Music, The Big Studio Slump

The Big Studio Slump

Making albums used to be pretty simple in the "golden age" of the music biz, at least in theory. Get your record label to pony up at least a hundred grand, rent out a famed studio, and then watch as…
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Music, Reviewed Spoon


While its slacker neighbors in Austin were busy making Gordian prog-punk or bluegrass covers of Snoop Dogg tracks, Spoon obsessed with the Pixies, overachieved, and got a major indie (and then a major) deal out of it. As it got…
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Music, Hear This Spoon-feeding the buzz: indie's underdogs coming out on top

Spoon-feeding the buzz: indie's underdogs coming out on top

Though Austin's Spoon has been cranking out brainy indie rock since 1994, it wasn't until recently that it became coveted by a broader segment of the population. Just a few years back the group was dropped from its label. Now…
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Music, Reviewed The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop

Remember ye olde days of turntablism? When all the DJs (diggers, we called them) were high on their horses delivering lessons — literally, as our man Cut Chemist had his "Lesson Six," following in the footsteps of Godhead DJs Double…
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Music, Reviewed Robbers on High Street

Robbers on High Street

I came dangerously close to insanity last year when I heard that Spoon's new record wouldn't be out until 2005. I was nearing straitjacket territory when a friend slid Robbers on High Street's EP Fine Lines my way; the quartet's…
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Music, Reviewed Portastatic


The name "Mac McCaughan" has become notorious in the indie-rock world for two reasons. Initially, it was because he fronted the quartet Superchunk, a group that first garnered attention in the mid-'90s with an upbeat brand of college-rock hooks and…
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Dining, Eat Fork-Ups


"Spoon" sounded like a cool name for a restaurant. It's one of those simple, familiar words that resonate across our great language. The basic meaning refers to the gentlest of eating utensils, meant to cradle such comforting foods as soup,…
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Music, Spoon


If you want to hear an encapsulation of what went utterly, horribly wrong with Spoon, start its new album Girls Can Tell on the fourth song, "Lines in the Suit." The tune is a barbed indictment of corporate rock, told…
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Du Me

Noise Pop '97: Archers of Loaf, Knapsack, Engine 88, Spoon, Peppercorn Bimbo's 365 Club Thursday, Feb. 27 On the opening night of Noise Pop '97 four teen-age girls from planet Alternia -- identified by their exposed bellybuttons and reflective frippery…
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