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Music, Hear This Wu-Tang Clan: Show Preview

Wu-Tang Clan: Show Preview

Long after the Earth has withered into a human-free wasteland, Neptunian archeologists will rummage through the artifacts and wonder why they keep finding a mysterious "W" symbol everywhere. We're of course talking about the insignia of the Wu-Tang Clan. Since…
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Calendar, Night&Day Funny or Die

Funny or Die

Mental illness is by definition not funny — it causes people to feel very sad, and to kill themselves! Yet people who live with it, like those who live with the also not-funny cancer, often find it absolutely hilarious. Solo…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Hands Off

Hands Off

Final Fantasy is to role-playing games as the Yankees are to baseball. The series -- now almost 20 years old -- practically redefined the genre with Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation, the first console RPG that captured a…
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Film, Slithering Heights

Slithering Heights

Snakes on a Plane represents the ideal of contemporary major-studio filmmaking — which is to say, major-studio marketing. Who needs word-of-mouth screenings or critics when you can sell the four-word pitch as written on a napkin? It points to a…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Ghouls on the Go

Ghouls on the Go

Ask gamers of a certain age about Resident Evil, and a vivid memory springs to mind: They're inching down a long, quiet hallway. Suddenly, a zombie dog crashes through a window. A ghostly howl. Insatiable jaws. Mommy, can you tuck…
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Home Entertainment, Game On X-Man Reunited

X-Man Reunited

Maybe it's because we're hung up on our past more than ever -- riding a wave of giddy, nonstop nostalgia and absorbing anything that will help recapture the bliss of the good ol' days -- but Capcom's Mega Man X…
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Tech Toy Box

Panasonic D-Snap SV-AV50S The smaller the gadget, the more likely it'll be in your pocket when you need it. The D-Snap takes this philosophy to a new level by combining a digital camera, a video camera, an MP3/ACC player, and…
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Dining, Social Grace

Of Fads and Fingers

Dear Social Grace, Is extending one's "pinkie" finger when eating or drinking a pretentious affectation (in the words of my mother)? Via the Internet Dear Handy Madam or Sir, I hope you did not doubt your wise mother for a…
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Calendar, Night&Day Get Lit

Get Lit

Most folks in the United States don't read for pleasure very much, often opting for the action of 500-channel satellite TV, Sony PlayStation, or Internet porn over mere words on the page. But in the Bay Area, it's a different…
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Music, Reviewed The Streets

The Streets

Huh? The thing is, the first record, Original Pirate Material, was good: Gah-Rodge beats, Eminem-orchestral strings, and not-so-tough stories about playing some PlayStation or rolling the occasional spliff. Nobody believed that scrawny little MC Mike Skinner could actually hack it…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Over the past six years, composer has explored the beauty and the terror of experimental sound on 20 self-produced CDs for his Barcelona-based label Solstice. An adept pianist and guitarist, the 27-year-old Tokyo native has improvised solo concerts and played…
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