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Music, All Shook Down Happy New Year, Indeed: Sleater-Kinney Will Rock The Masonic May 2

Happy New Year, Indeed: Sleater-Kinney Will Rock The Masonic May 2

Yes, it's a ways off, but we've been waiting with baited breath for Sleater-Kinney to announce a Bay Area date ever since the legendary indie rock trio made a million former teenage riot grrls all pee their pants simultaneously…
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Calendar, Night&Day Grrrl Crush

Grrrl Crush

Carrie Brownstein, famous for her beloved artistic endeavors Portlandia (the TV comedy show) and Sleater-Kinney (the rock 'n' roll band) is writing an undoubtedly interesting memoir. Her years in Sleater-Kinney established her as a guitar god, and now she's…
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Music, All Shook Down Wild Flag's Self-Titled Debut: A First Listen

Wild Flag's Self-Titled Debut: A First Listen

I don't know why I've been dreading this Wild Flag album exactly. Sleater-Kinney is one of my three favorite bands (the other two are Sonic Youth and the Dismemberment Plan, in case you're wondering), and as such I should…
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Calendar, Night&Day Pseudo Cruelty

Pseudo Cruelty

Though not the most famous ex- husband-and-wife rock duo, Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss of Quasi might be the king and queen of making the cathartic best of their lingering tension. Way back in the '90s, Coombs happened upon a…
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Music, All Shook Down The Ettes and I Love Men

The Ettes and I Love Men

The thing about the Pipettes is that men love them. You’re thinking “Duh, the Pipettes are hot and twenty.” But let me tell you something, buster: No matter how hot and twenty most women musicians are, men do not…
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Music, Into the Woods

Into the Woods

"One trend that I just really kind of can't stand," Sleater-Kinney guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein tells me on the phone from her Portland home, "is when I turn on, like, the radio and hear a band and I honestly don't know…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best New Zine

San Francisco isn't much of a magazine publishing town, but that doesn't stop intrepid writers and editors from flocking to this city and taking a crack at the biz. What do they do when they get here? They get day…
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Music, Reviewed Sleater-Kinney


Despite what Greil Marcus and other critics might tell you, Sleater-Kinney is not for everyone. With a plethora of articles in the mainstream press, including a 2001 piece in Time that proclaimed the group America's best rock band, you'd think…
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Music, Spreading  the Word

Spreading the Word

The Gossip has only one motivator when it comes to playing music: "We want you to dance. If you come to our show and you don't, you should have stayed at home." Any fame or notoriety the Searcy, Ark.-born and…
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Music, The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens

Reunion albums are dicey affairs. Bands usually take one of two tacks -- either trying to mine old songs for new licks or reinvent themselves through new musical trends -- with neither working very well. Even bands that get back…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

The Kirby Grips saved my life. It happened one evening a few months back while I was caught in gridlock on the way to San Francisco Airport. While attempting to suppress an episode of escalating road rage, I flipped furiously…
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Music, Sleater-Kinney


Next stop Woodstock Rockfest 2000, right grrrls? Hardly. If the widespread hubbub over last year's The Hot Rock left many wondering if the Portland-Olympia trio would soon outgrow its indie britches, this 13-song political opus will set a few minds…
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Calendar, Night&Day Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

If your Mom and Pop were rock stars (Ma's in Sleater-Kinney; Dad was in Heatmiser with Elliott Smith) who took nightly breaks to tuck you into bed with a couple of soothing harmonies, they'd sound something like this. Except they're…
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Boys Will Be Boyz

If you ask Matt Wobensmith, punk is dead. Five years ago the 27-year-old San Franciscan founded the zine and record label Outpunk to document queercore, an at-that-point little-known genre of furious three-chord rock played by people who happened to be…
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The Donnas, Bangs Tuesday, May 5 Bottom of the Hill It's easy to get hung up on the Donnas. The six-year-old quartet of Palo Alto teen-agers are sweet and poppy like a warm gob of Bazooka Joe. They're ebullient like…
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Suspicious Minds

"Wanna" is the most rock 'n' roll word in the world. Wanna is what America is supposed to be, present tense (but lacking pretense), immediate and vernacular. While it's more urgent than the conditional "would like to," it's perhaps less…
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Love Sick

Today, straight-white-male punk "counterculture" is sold over the counter; phony rebel angst dominates glossy magazines and MTV. But packaging pseudo-feminist and apolitical-homo rock is a troublesome new development. When female writers rush to whiny Alanis Morissette's defense and refuse to…
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Calendar, Night&Day


wednesday august 2 Female Trouble One fateful day, local comics Karen Ripley, Suzy Berger, and Annie Larson came together for a creative three-way. The result: Pussy Galore: An Estrogen Explosion, a potent mix of Berger's precise timing, Ripley's deadpan flair,…
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