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Culture, The Exhibitionist Fresh Meat Festival: The Very Best Transgender and Queer Performers

Fresh Meat Festival: The Very Best Transgender and Queer Performers

In an ever-changing San Francisco, Fresh Meat Productions stands out like some glorious, rainbow striped beacon of hope. Now in its 14th year, Fresh Meat Productions presents its annual Fresh Meat Festival, an absolutely essential performance platform for transgender…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Fresh Meat Festival: Supporting Transgender and Queer Artists

Fresh Meat Festival: Supporting Transgender and Queer Artists

never seeing another person like me in modern dance -- and so few transgender artists even being able to be…
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Calendar, Night&Day Stepping Out

Stepping Out

It's safe to say San Francisco is just about as close to an LGBT utopia as they come. We've had the first openly gay politician elected to office, the first lesbian civil rights organization in the country, and, thanks…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ready and Rowdy

Ready and Rowdy

Get ready for a rambunctious evening of dance when the four performance-long West Wave Dance Festival launches at Z Space. There will be a Dance Mission Theater-curated program called The Beat of 24th and Mission with its own multiethnic,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Pleasures of the Flesh

Pleasures of the Flesh

Transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey, feted earlier this year for the return of his award-winning program Secret History of Love, and whose leaping figure now adorns Market Street bus shelters, shares the love with other out-and-proud ensembles and solo artists…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Review: Sean Dorsey's <i>The Secret History of Love</i> at Dance Mission Theater

Review: Sean Dorsey's The Secret History of Love at Dance Mission Theater

By IRENE HSIAO Sean Dorsey is a big fat romantic, and he's not afraid to tell you all about it. A cupid, a madman, a fool, a poet, a lover -- Dorsey is fearless and human in meditation on love…
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Calendar, Night&Day Uneasy Speak

Uneasy Speak

Sean Dorsey, openly transgender choreographer, winner of two Isadora Duncan awards, and one of Dance Magazine’s “Top 25 to Watch” in 2010, continues his project of making modern dance narratives about queer experience. Dorsey conducted two years of archival and…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Revolution Will Be Choreographed

The Revolution Will Be Choreographed

Despite our soft spot for the unconscious campiness of Eurovision, we had no interest in America’s broadcast talent shows. That is, until we caught Vogue Evolution on America’s Best Dance Crew -- a group of gay boys from NYC led…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist When Queers Had to Stay in the Closet, They Still Made It Work: <i>The Secret History of Love</i>

When Queers Had to Stay in the Closet, They Still Made It Work: The Secret History of Love

Despite all the video games, baked potato bars, and racquetball leagues in our great country, it seems people still care about love. We salute your lizard brain pursuits! You know who hasn't always had easy access to love? Queer people.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Love Underground

Love Underground

Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s a modern-day policy (albeit rescinded) that fits the modern-day acknowledgment that queer people do, in fact, serve in the military. For decades it was flat-out denied — and punishable by immediate discharge — but only…
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Calendar, Night&Day Work!


Most successful people — the ones you're jealous of — have one thing in common: They work really, really hard. Helmed by choreographer and dancer Sean Dorsey, the transgender and queer performance series known as the Fresh Meat Festival features…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lou Reads

Lou Reads

The dance world already knows: Local choreographer and dancer Sean Dorsey brings. Balletomanes and whatever contemporary-dance enthusiasts are called have been on this tip since the notoriously staid Dance Magazine named Dorsey one of its "25 to Watch." Needless to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Trans-Mission


More curators and programmers should follow the flamboyant lead of Tranny Fest, aka the Transgender Film Festival. Tonight’s opening bash eschews the usual sober salute to moving images in favor of a parade of celebratory song and dance performances by…
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Calendar, Night&Day Trans Substantiation

Trans Substantiation

Award-winning choreographer and dancer Sean Dorsey's strongest suit is storytelling. Beautiful lines and muscled skill characterize his work as well, but the drive of it comes from the story. Beginnings, middles, ends, richly described characters, and perfectly painted details are…
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Calendar, Night&Day Juicy and Delicious

Juicy and Delicious

It's like if Busby Berkeley, Gregory Hines, and Merle Haggard collaborated on a performance project: The Barbary Coast Cloggers do kind of a Western hand-holding stompy-boy ballet thing. It could either be incredibly gay, or incredibly not gay. In this…
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Calendar, Night&Day Love It or Leave It

Love It or Leave It

"Seems like half the kids in this town are so called 'artists.'" Thus sneereth a troll named "gfox" in the comment section of an SFGate story about a twenty-year-old woman -- an artist -- who died recently. We don't have…
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Calendar, Night&Day Do the Manly Dance

Do the Manly Dance

Sean Dorsey has a bullshit detector. The local transgendered choreographer is in full posession and complete control of the device that blasts away delusion, self-indulgence, and other mush, leaving only intelligent, beautiful dance theater. Lusted after by writers but too…
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Calendar, Performance Tough Love

Tough Love

FRI-SAT 11/18-19 First crushes are always painful, especially when they involve a literal punch or pigtail-pull from one grade-schooler to another. But for a kid who doesn't fit neatly into "male" or "female," there can be a whole other level…
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Calendar, Performance Fresh Meat's Queer Feast

Fresh Meat's Queer Feast

THURS-SAT 6/16-18 Few productions can mix tranny glam-rock, modern dance, and a barbershop quartet and still hold an audience, but Fresh Meat 2005: The 4th Annual Transgender & Queer Performance Festival is as much about blending genres as genders. Although…
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