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News, The Snitch Marin Fugitive Jumps Off Bridge, Then Foolishly Swims Toward San Quentin Prison

Marin Fugitive Jumps Off Bridge, Then Foolishly Swims Toward San Quentin Prison

Criminals will do the darndest things. And when we say darndest, we mean stupidest. On Sunday, alleged police evader Kathryn Tynes reportedly jumped off the San Rafael Bridge in a futile attempt to dodge police. According to news reports, the…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

Boulder Plan Does Not Rock Sandbags could save surfers: There is an alternative to dumping riprap (boulders and rocks) on the beach to respond to the emergency situation at Sloat and Great Highway ["Wave Goodbye," Chris Roberts, Sucka Free City,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Rees' Pieces

Rees' Pieces

Joe Rees is a complex man; we know this because his two main media are neon tubes and punk video. At the art exhibition "Transformer," both are on display for the first time in 20 years. It takes a big…
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Music, Let's Get Killed The best of the Bay Area's "costume rock"

The best of the Bay Area's "costume rock"

While the rest of the country raids thrift store and drugstore bargain bins for sexy, dead, and dead-sexy looks every October, San Francisco is the proud home of the year-round costumer. We don't need Halloween on the calendar in order…
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Calendar, Night&Day Gangs of Marin

Gangs of Marin

We have a tendency to overlook San Quentin — did you know that on April 16, a 15-minute riot broke out among inmates in the dining hall, which 100 officers had to coat in pepper spray and pierce with rubber…
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Calendar, Night&Day Jerry’s Rig

Jerry’s Rig

Jerry Stahl, a writer who got his start putting one-liners into ALF’s mouth, was saved by drugs in the best and perhaps only way they can save: by providing material. Two decades after his TV-writing gig imploded (which he chronicled…
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Calendar, Night&Day Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?

If you've ever wanted to watch some people throw a bunch of art in the middle of the street and run that shit over with a steamroller, "Roadworks" is for you. At the annual event sponsored by the San Francisco…
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News, Feature In Pen and Ink

In Pen and Ink

Some artists create best in crowded cafes, the burbling noise of city life rolling over their shoulders as they hunch over their work, a forgotten latte cooling beside them; others require complete silence. Some artists work best in huge, wide-open…
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News, Dog Bites

The Witness

On Jan. 18 I went with my father to the protest against convicted murderer Donald Beardslee's execution at San Quentin. Because the roads leading to the prison had been closed, we had to walk about a mile from the parking…
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Music, Bouncer


Greetings, Cultural Elite. Please give me your undivided attention. That's right, put down the Anchor Steam and close that New Yorker. It's time for a simple portrait of some lovely liberals doing their thing on election day. I sat between…
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News, Sidebar Finding His Niche

Finding His Niche

It's Monday afternoon and Steve Bingham is already worried about the way his busy week is shaping up. "You see this stack of papers," he says, pointing to the Spartan desk in his cubbyhole office at Bay Area Legal Aid…
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News, Feature Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Vernell Crittenden remembers the phone call. The man's voice was shaky and it was hard to make out what he was saying. Crittenden had just gone to work in the warden's office after years as a guard at San Quentin…
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News, Bay View San Quentin Blues

San Quentin Blues

It has been nearly two months since officials at San Quentin State Prison threw open the doors for a day and let a select few media representatives peer inside the fabled penitentiary's death row -- for the first time in…
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News, Feature Throwing Away the Key

Throwing Away the Key

Eddy Zheng took a deep breath, concentrating as if he were in a Buddhist meditation session. Searching for a quiet calm, he tried to radiate peace and confidence as he braced himself on the bench in a San Quentin holding…
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Jail Date

I'd rather see him executed, to tell you the truth." Not the sort of intimation you'd expect to gush from the lips of a dedicated wife. Then again, the California State Prison at San Quentin isn't a haven of domestic…
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