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News, The Snitch Yesterday's Crimes: That Time the U.S. Government Sold Forged Art

Yesterday's Crimes: That Time the U.S. Government Sold Forged Art

Salvador Dalí's melting clocks and elongated elephants have always been popular among San Francisco art buyers, but unfortunately, Dalí only cranked out self-portraits with bacon for 79 years or so. By the time he died in 1989, the demand…
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Calendar, Night&Day Your 5-Year-Old Probably Couldn't Do Better

Your 5-Year-Old Probably Couldn't Do Better

The paintings of Lexis Rubenis sit on the sweet spot between abstract and surreal, as though the artist had swiped the back of his hand across a still-wet Salvador Dali masterpiece. The resulting images are a bit unsettling, lines…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sure Real

Sure Real

Romantic surrealist feminism is usually in short supply. But at "Beyond the Esplanade," Dorothea Tanning, now 99, exhibits a survey of her work from the 1940s and '50s, which is all that and more. A successful artist in several forms…
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Culture, Artcap

"On a Neck: Nathan Redwood"

A little Salvador Dalí, a little collage, a little fingerpainting. Nathan Redwood's decidedly odd acrylic paintings are a mixed bag in the best sense: jumbled landscapes of urban detritus and bubbling junk, everything held in some invisible force field against…
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Calendar, Night&Day Design to Die For

Design to Die For

Young Scandinavian artists rebel against the big yellow-and-blue monolith of IKEA in “Irreverent: Contemporary Nordic Craft Art,” an exhibit that stresses "fun" over "functional." Where the Swedish modernist philosophy emphasizes beauty in utilitarian packages, the artists in “Irreverent” create clothes…
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Calendar, Night&Day Giraffes? Giraffes!

Giraffes? Giraffes!

The main similarity between Salvador Dalí's paintings The Burning Giraffe and The Invention of the Monsters seems to be centrally located bare boobs. Together, the canvases inspired José Ivan Ibarra's dance Boundaries, presented at the Huckabay McAllister Dance performance "Intimate…
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Calendar, Night&Day Unboxed


It's easy to dismiss Joseph Cornell's shadow boxes, with their scrapbook strata of maps and chateaus and owls, as kitsch. But these deceptively simple assemblages cast a long shadow. Cornell, self-taught and antisocial, spent his life shuttling between his mother's…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Offbeat Theater

Exit Theatre 156 Eddy (at Taylor), 931-1094, Exit Theatre has been a sanctuary for small-scale, big-attitude San Francisco stagecraft since 1983. Home to the theatrical free-for-all of the S.F. Fringe Festival, the theater (and the auxiliary Exit Stage…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Surreal World

Surreal World

WED 5/12 Salvador Dali was an archetypal bad boy. He was kicked out of art school, disowned by his parents, and, most important, often found in the company of other misunderstood intellectuals like poet Federico García Lorca, filmmaker Luis Buñuel,…
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Culture, Stage

An Impersonation of Angels, or The Enigma of Desire

An Impersonation of Angels started four years ago as Salvador Dali Talks to the Animals -- Dan Carbone's teeming life of Dali, performed in the manner of a surreal painting. Audience members who have already seen the new version may…
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Calendar, Performance Dali's Folly

Dali's Folly

THURS 2/19 If behind every great man is a great woman, it stands to reason that behind one of the world's greatest male surrealists was a very odd gal. The life of Salvador Dali is the subject of local playwright…
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Music, Reviewed Ween


Some critical types opine that the value of art, music, ideas -- whatever -- can be measured in terms of "shelf life," i.e., the amount of time spent in popular use before it "goes off" (that's what British people say…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bravo, Buñuel

Bravo, Buñuel

"Thank God I'm an atheist," director Luis Buñuel famously cracked. One of the founders of surrealist cinema, he was, along with Salvador Dali, responsible for films that caused riots, got banned, and still stand today as sharp criticisms of complacency.…
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Culture, Stage Holy Madness

Holy Madness

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't like Frank Wortham. He's an underground phenomenon, which means that certain people will see his shows no matter what the critics say. Since he speaks for his twentysomething generation, his audiences laugh and…
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Culture, Stage Hello, Dali

Hello, Dali

Strangely enough, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot is not the first new play this year with a baroque title involving the name of the dandified Spanish surrealist. Dan Carbone's Salvador Dali Talks to the Animals premiered at the…
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Culture, Stage Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Steve Winn's amusingly ill-informed article last month on fringe theater in the city suggested that the '60s, '70s, and even the '80s were more adventurous times for playgoing here than the '90s. That might well be true. But how would…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): I invite you to celebrate your own personal version of Independence Day this week, Aries. For starters, declare your feisty autonomy in the face of unjust pressures, silly time-wasters, covert agendas, self-important authorities, and guilt-tripping people…
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Underground Cinema

In these days of corporate cinema ownership, it's not often one finds the proprietors greeting patrons at the door, offering them a free soda, and shaking their hands on the way out. Or putting on a performance after the main…
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