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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle If the idea of Prince playing at DNA Lounge seemed fantastic, the actual thing proved even better. The Purple One rocked an incredibly packed room with new tunes and re-energized versions of old hits for two hours. It was…
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Music, Bob Dylan's Senile Sublime

Bob Dylan's Senile Sublime

Sure, his record collection is boss. His radio show, Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, was a testament to that. His own albums back the boast up, too. And Dylan's latest, Tempest, is a flood of musicology frozen in black…
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Music, Don't Kill <i>Lulu</i>: Redeeming Lou Reed and Metallica's New Album

Don't Kill Lulu: Redeeming Lou Reed and Metallica's New Album

No, there is not one conventionally good song on Lulu, the 87-minute, hyped-to-infinity, Frankenstein's monster of Lou Reed babble and Metallica chug that came out the day after Halloween. Not really. This is a batch of 10 challenging pieces that…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle • John Vanderslice and the Magik*Magik Orchestra married S.F. indie rock and S.F. classical music Friday night at the Herbst Theater. Their live performance of their gorgeous new album White Wilderness was spellbinding. • S.F.'s Casey Schafer, a veteran…
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Music, Hear This Bright Eyes: Show Preview

Bright Eyes: Show Preview

Two words: Conor Oberst. We'd put money on the fact that a whole bunch of people reading this just swooned at the mere sight of his name, because the Bright Eyes frontman has enjoyed (and at times suffered) a near-obsessive…
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Calendar, Night&Day Do You Feel Drained?

Do You Feel Drained?

Rolling Stone political journalist Matt Taibbi has won many admirers (and plenty of enemies) with his take-no-prisoners reportage on the crooks responsible for the financial collapse. His approach is questionable — it resides somewhere between the foul-mouthed gonzo journalism of…
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Calendar, Night&Day C&#146;est Chic

C’est Chic

He's an indie Morrissey, or a boy Dusty Springfield, possessed of a vintage way with words and that voice. Whatever amalgam of glossy, cool elements he is, the Music Lovers' frontman Matthew "Ted" Edwards is rightly proud of his band's…
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Calendar, Night&Day Folk Rocks

Folk Rocks

Richard Thompson is a legend. From seducing the entire world with "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" with then-wife Linda in 1974 to his current solo CD, Sweet Warrior, Thompson's barely-underground fame only swells over time. File him…
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Culture, Books Words Into Type

Words Into Type

"I like things that have letters on them," Jim Parkinson explains as he leads me into his studio, a sunlit space tucked into a top back corner of his Oakland home. Three walls of the room are covered – top…
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Music, Reviewed Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

"Denim is back!" screamed the cover story of the September 2002 issue of Rolling Stone. Oh wait, that declaration was "Rock is back!" But with the fashion consciousness of underground bands at an all-time high, it may as well have…
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Music, Reviewed Kevin Salem

Kevin Salem

If the communiqué that guitar rocker Kevin Salem has posted on his home page is to be believed, the musical paradigm shift of the last decade left him with a full-on identity crisis. Moved by the electronic revolution, he tried…
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Culture, Stuff A Fan's Notes

A Fan's Notes

Almost Famous is the movie Cameron Crowe always wanted to make--and the movie he tried to keep from making as long as he could. The writer-director insists he didn't want to make a film about his wonder years as a…
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Music, Record

William Ørbit

William Ørbit Pieces in a Modern Style (Maverick) There is a natural desire to treat William Ørbit's Pieces in a Modern Style, a collection of classical compositions synthed up and reinterpreted for modern ambient audiences, with some degree of critical…
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Bring in Da Noise

When Michael Goldberg first started writing about rock 'n' roll, rock FM radio was in its infancy. Trapped in the body of a pimply prepube, the budding music journalist busied himself by penning letters to the editor of Marin's Pacific…
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