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Music, All Shook Down This Week: Jack Black Defends Kanye, Deadmau5 Defends Equine Rights, and Eminem Draws a Picture

This Week: Jack Black Defends Kanye, Deadmau5 Defends Equine Rights, and Eminem Draws a Picture

Surprises all round this week! Louis from One Direction has unexpectedly knocked up a "friend," Katy Perry (who's never won a Grammy) is up for an Emmy, Sinead O'Connor probably hasn't looked at Rolling Stone for 15 years, and it turns out…
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Music, Small Talk: How to Read the Latest Batch of Rock Tell-Alls

Small Talk: How to Read the Latest Batch of Rock Tell-Alls

Read enough rock memoirs and, after a while, their salacious revelations of sex, drugs, and regret begin to sound like small talk. "Nice weather we're having, huh?" you ask. "Yes, yes," Rod Stewart says. "Reminds me of the time me…
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Music, All Shook Down Valentine's Day Warning: These Five Love Songs Are <i>Not</i> About Loving People

Valentine's Day Warning: These Five Love Songs Are Not About Loving People

Rob Sheffield's book, Love Is a Mix Tape, meticulously details the many categories of the medium: The Party Tape; The Walking Tape; You Broke My Heart and Made Me Cry and Here Are Twenty or Thirty Songs About It. But…
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Music, Hear This David Lindley: Show Preview

David Lindley: Show Preview

David Lindley doesn't have the name value of Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, or Warren Zevon, but seeing as his résumé features stints playing alongside those heavyweights (plus many others), there's gotta be something special about the man. Since…
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Music, All Shook Down

Six Songs That Really Should Have Been Nominated For an Oscar

It's Oscar week! Woo! And in the spirit of these prestigious awards, we'd like to present some past soundtrack moments that also deserve to have a light shined on them for enhancing moments of true cinematic genius. We've selected only…
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Music, Bouncer Don&#146;t try the pineapple truffles

Don’t try the pineapple truffles

I do social work for a developmentally disabled client who loves to play pool. I'll call her Sylvia. She also likes bars, although she only drinks Cokes. Lucky for us, bars and pool tables go hand in hand, and she…
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Music, Reviewed Usher


You really can't fault entertainers who claim "playa for life" status. At least they're being honest; everyone from Rod Stewart to video performer-turned-tell-all-author Karrine "Superhead" Steffans knows the promiscuous can't be reformed. Once you get a taste of the easy-lovin',…
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Music, Reviewed Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow

Some jokes never get old, but the music of Barry Manilow isn't one of them. For his latest, The Greatest Songs of the Fifties, the Man Who Writes the Songs instead takes a cue from fellow dinosaur Rod Stewart, raiding…
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Music, Bouncer

I Ain't No Holocaust Girl

It's not often that you can meet a German in a Latin club and talk about the Nazis, but I guess I was just lucky. "Birgit" was more than happy to talk about her country's dark past, and even chuckled…
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Calendar, Night&Day Vote El Vez

Vote El Vez

One of the best Elvis Presley impersonators in the world isn't very faithful to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. He doesn't re-create specific shows, he doesn't sing in English all the time, and he grafts Rod Stewart songs onto…
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Music, OK Then OK Then

OK Then

Once upon a time, long before R. Kelly or Michael Jackson was accused of a sex crime, before entire careers were demolished by scandalous quotes or pictures or footage, rock critics were actually able to hang out with the subjects…
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Hear This

Those Darn Accordions! There's something scary, stoopid, and just a little repulsive about a half-dozen accordionists who try to rock out on tunes about the dispossessed. Memorable odes on No Strings Attached, the latest disc by Those Darn Accordions!, describe…
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