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Film, "Prometheus": Lackluster Ideas Dim Impressive Horror

"Prometheus": Lackluster Ideas Dim Impressive Horror

Prone to shallow ponderousness, Prometheus assumes the air of a blockbuster-with-brains that links the genesis and the ultimate fate of mankind with a galactic quest for the mysterious beings archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) calls the "Engineers" because "they engineered…
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Film, "Robin Hood": An old-fashioned adventure epic

"Robin Hood": An old-fashioned adventure epic

Is it an accident that Ridley Scott's Robin Hood plays like a rousing love letter to the Tea Party movement? It's certainly something of a surprise. When the movie was announced in 2007 with the title Nottingham, reports suggested that…
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Film, Lies We Can Believe In

Lies We Can Believe In

A new kind of war movie for a new kind of war, Body of Lies is about the War on Terror as it is being waged on the ground, in the air, but most of all in cyberspace. Directed with…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish <i>American Gangster: Unrated Extended Edition</i> Among This Week's DVD Releases

American Gangster: Unrated Extended Edition Among This Week's DVD Releases

Margot at the Wedding (Paramount) Margot (Nicole Kidman, or someone who looks just like her) is a fiction writer whose tales are based, uncomfortably and unkindly, on the real-life family for whom she seems to care very little. Hence sister…
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Music, Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

Rapper, producer, actor, composer, martial-arts enthusiast, chess aficionado, author, businessman — RZA wears many hats, all of which fit. It's hard to think of a more ubiquitously iconic figure in hip-hop, or a more visionary individual: RZA doesn't just make…
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Music, All Shook Down Blade Runner: The Final Cut in SF -- Now 10 Percent Less Boring

Blade Runner: The Final Cut in SF -- Now 10 Percent Less Boring

Okay, I'll admit that Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece gets a little dry in the middle. It still doesn't change the fact that the film set the visual precedent in science fiction for years to come. Not to mention Rutger…
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Film, <i>American Gangster</i> Treats '70s Smack Game Like It's NASDAQ

American Gangster Treats '70s Smack Game Like It's NASDAQ

American Gangster is a movie with obvious gravitas and a familiar argument: Organized crime is outsider capitalism. As archetypal as its title, Ridley Scott's would-be epic aspires to enshrine Harlem dope king Frank Lucas in Hollywood heaven, heir to Scarface…
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Music, All Shook Down Jay-Z Gets <em>Gangster</em> With Help From Ridley Scott

Jay-Z Gets Gangster With Help From Ridley Scott

It was officially announced today that Jay-Z will be releasing a new album November 6. Titled American Gangster, the upcoming release is inspired by Ridley Scott's upcoming film of the same name, which stars Denzel Washington as 1970's Harlem…
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Film, Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Pity Max Skinner, emasculated over his lamb chops. On a gray afternoon at London's hot spot du jour, his gloating superior unveils a plot to poach his most lucrative client, divesting him of a six-figure bonus (pounds sterling) in the…
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Film, Romeo in the Rough

Romeo in the Rough

Over the centuries, the legend of Tristram and Iseult has fueled the derring-do of King Arthur, aroused Richard Wagner's operatic thunder, driven poets as diverse as Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Edwin Arlington Robinson to the heights of passion, and helped stock…
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Film, War: What Is It Good For?

War: What Is It Good For?

Whatever you do, don't accuse Ridley Scott of turning his back on a fight. Doesn't matter if it's slimy-fanged space aliens attacking Sigourney Weaver, Roman slaves in tough against hungry lions down at the Coliseum, or American GIs going at…
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Calendar, Night&Day Reel Life

Reel Life

I was 17 when I first saw Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso, and though I don't put too much stock in my adolescent leanings, the film's shameless sappiness and romantic nostalgia sparked a lifelong fascination with Italian culture and with the…
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Culture, Stuff Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate

It should be so easy to hate this man sitting on a couch in a high-priced hotel suite, this man sharing his bottle of Evian. He is, after all, a demon dressed head to toe (or tail?) in slate gray,…
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Film, Chicken Caesar

Chicken Caesar

There is a killing late in Gladiator, Ridley Scott's new heroic epic, and it is one of those wonderfully cathartic extinguishings that make a wide-eyed audience rise and cheer. After several brutal battles, after much bloodshed, after considerable suffering both…
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Calendar, Halloween

Slap Shots

Angry Aliens The legendary film zine FilmThreat is no longer on newsstands, but an e-mail version has surfaced on the Internet; it's still run by Editor Chris Gore, and is available for free by requesting a subscription at Among…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): Despite the fact that lately your life may seem to have been directed by Blade Runner's Ridley Scott, I urge you not to surrender to the murky tides. It's absolutely crucial that you stay away from…
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Zoom Lens

G.I. Jane Josef von Sternberg once said that he wished his movies would be projected upside down, so that viewers could appreciate their beauty without regard for their often sketchy stories. Sternberg was selling himself short, but Ridley Scott, the…
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Young Men and the Sea

Most of White Squall, director Ridley Scott's new movie, is splendid in its simplicity; it rehearses an ancient theme -- men against the sea -- but it does so with muscular unpretentiousness. Only during the extended denouement does the movie…
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