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Dining, SFoodie Wednesday Twelve: The Most WTF Passage in the Coqueta Lawsuit

Wednesday Twelve: The Most WTF Passage in the Coqueta Lawsuit

The Most WTF Passage from the Coqueta Sexual Harassment Lawsuit And it doesn't even contain any bad…
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News, The Snitch Kenneth R. Douglas, Former SFO Worker, Guilty of Smuggling Cocaine Out of Airport

Kenneth R. Douglas, Former SFO Worker, Guilty of Smuggling Cocaine Out of Airport

The city of Pittsburgh perennially ranks as one of the nation's most livable and affordable. So, leave it to our unlivable and unaffordable city to provide Pennsylvanians with nefarious goods on which to spend their surplus earnings.   Kenneth R.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shack Up!

Shack Up!

Long before shots were fired during Halloween in the Castro, the perils of idiocy, belligerence, and a general lack of style had driven us far, far away. Why immerse ourselves in a crowd of oversized foam hats and Wal-Mart nurses…
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Music, Bouncer Bouncer Hangs with Regulars and Hobos at Pittsburgh's Pub

Bouncer Hangs with Regulars and Hobos at Pittsburgh's Pub

Nobody is called a "hobo" anymore. If you carry all your possessions with you and roam from place to place, you are simply "homeless." I suppose that is better than being called a "bum," but there are some people who…
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News, Sucka Free City

Rant: Who on This BART Train Hasn't Stolen From Target?

Ranters: Twentyish guy in a tie and sharp pressed pants; young man in crisp oversized white T-shirt, resting with his legs up on the seat across from him. Time: A bit after 7 p.m. on a Thursday Location: Pittsburgh/Bay Point…
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News, Sucka Free City

Rant: Man Demands Bag Surrender Its Seat on BART

Ranter: Leather-jacketed man in his forties sporting a mustache like a fat strip of Velcro Location: BART, Pittsburgh/Bay Point train headed out of Powell Station Time: Around 6 p.m. on a Tuesday Topics Covered: Aristocratic luggage; how many seats one…
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Music, Bouncer Don't Fear the Dark

Don't Fear the Dark

People are fond of making top 10 lists, so let me introduce a new category: Top 10 Bars in San Francisco You Are Afraid to Go Into. Don't expect me to make this list for you; I lost my fear…
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Music, Hear This Dynamic Don

Dynamic Don

Led by drummer Damon Che, the mostly instrumental Pittsburgh band Don Caballero got its start in 1991 playing an especially knotty, roiling, metallic brand of post-rock. For all the anarchic, experimental turbulence in the group's tunes, the madness came with…
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Music, Hear This Strings Attached

Strings Attached

Hilary Hahn was already a featured soloist with the Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh symphony orchestras (plus that lil' New York Philharmonic combo) when she was barely a teenager. At 29, she is regarded as one of the finest classical violinists…
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Music, Reviewed Modey Lemon

Modey Lemon

It's been three long years since experimental trio Modey Lemon released an album, but the corrosive madness of Seasons of Sweets proves well worth the wait. Craftily marrying mind-fracturing psych with pounding garage punk, the disc harnesses the Pittsburgh-based band's…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Colorful Character

A Colorful Character

Willy Heeks is an old Rhode Island surfer dude. He's also a great painter who says his abstracts are sometimes inspired by the Atlantic Ocean's (meager) curls. Strangely, his work reminds us of Raymond Saunders' urban-Pittsburgh–inspired abstract paintings more than…
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Calendar, Night&Day Alchemical Art

Alchemical Art

Raymond Saunders is far from the only artist to use street detritus in his work, but he's among the most powerful of those who do. He's won almost every art award you can win, is part of important permanent collections…
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News, Sucka Free City Ticketmaster Chases Roboscalpers to SF

Ticketmaster Chases Roboscalpers to SF

For years, Ticketmaster has known about a new breed of online ticket scalpers armed with automated ticket-buying programs. These programs let one person — or, as techies call them, "bots" — do the work of hundreds and give scalpers an…
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Music, BeatBox Bayonics moves Latin funk to free jazz and frenetic hiphop

Bayonics moves Latin funk to free jazz and frenetic hiphop

Truly a band of these genre-blending times, S.F.'s Bayonics combines the chops and energy of a freestyling jazz ensemble with the beats and rhymes of hip hop. On stage, the group's lineup grows to between nine and 11 members strong,…
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Film, Accidental Tourists

Accidental Tourists

Having endured civil war, separation from their families, hunger and dehydration during a thousand-mile trek through sub-Saharan Africa, and 10 years in a U.N. refugee camp while awaiting the myriad challenges of resettlement in the United States, the three "lost…
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Music, Gab On

Gab On

It's been a bit of a hectic year for Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk. Six years ago, the Pittsburgh native started work under this moniker in college, constructing albums that relied heavy on samples as their creative force. Now that…
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Music, Bouncer

Deep thoughts on punk rock

A couple things happen when you write a bars-and-clubs column. First, people you meet want to know what are your favorite places. When asked, I usually adopt a far-away, misty stare, like an old sea captain asked to choose his…
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Culture, Stagecap

Gem of the Ocean

Written in 2003, but taking place in post-Emancipation Pittsburgh in 1904, the ninth in August Wilson's 10-play cycle examines freedom in a patchwork of touching stories. The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright has created intriguing characters whose lives overlap in extraordinary ways.…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best New Sandwich Concept

"All-in-One" at Giordano Bros. 303 Columbus (at Broadway), 397-2767, You've tried the Philly cheesesteak and the New Orleans po' boy and the Atlantic City sub and the Italian beef out of Chicago and other examples of regional American…
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News, Dog Bites The Dog Bites Interview: Robots That Protest

The Dog Bites Interview: Robots That Protest

John Henry and Robert Trurl are both pseudonymous members of the Institute for Applied Autonomy, or IAA. Founded in the late 1990s by graduates of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa., the five-man collective creates robots and computer software for…
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