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Calendar, Night&Day Preview: Boris

Preview: Boris

Formed in the early '90s, when guitarist Wata, bassist/guitarist Takeshi, and drummer Atsuo met while attending a Tokyo art school, the Japanese experimentalists in Boris have traveled a bewildering path from their early roots as drone/doom merchants. Early efforts Absolute…
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Music, Why You Should Love Ke$ha

Why You Should Love Ke$ha

Here's a picture of Ke$ha. We know what you're thinking. It's either "Oh dear God, no!" or "Damn! Girl needs a wash!" And both of these are valid responses. Ke$ha is one of the most polarizing artists in pop music…
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Film, <i>(500) Days of Summer</i>: a love story in a blender

(500) Days of Summer: a love story in a blender

On the surface, (500) Days of Summer really is no different than, oh, let's say, The Proposal, in which Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock spun box-office gold from romantic comedy's refrigerator fuzz. Former music-video maker Marc Webb's feature debut is…
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Music, BeatBox DJ Vadim Ditches Breakbeat for Dub on 'The Soundcatcher'

DJ Vadim Ditches Breakbeat for Dub on 'The Soundcatcher'

German techno duo Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) has one hell of a Rolodex. On their latest release, Happy Birthday, they schizophrenically cobble together collaborations featuring Francophone rappers TTC and rasta crooner Paul St. Hilaire, dropping in tracks with…
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Music, Reviewed Boris with Michio Kurihara

Boris with Michio Kurihara

One never knows what to expect next from prolific Japanese avant-sludgmeisters Boris. The trio's propensity to change up its sound becomes even greater when the group collaborates with like-minded artists such as noise terrorist Merzbow or drone merchants Sunn 0))).…
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Music, Winning the Drone Wars

Winning the Drone Wars

Since its inception, metal has evolved because of a certain stylistic one-upmanship. Whether you're talking about the constantly rising bar for amp wattage and guitar virtuosity during the '70s, thrash and death metal's fixations with speed and blasphemous subject matter,…
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Music, Reviewed Corrupted


Whereas 2006 has shown critics stuck on Japan's Boris' fine trick of gluing glam and shoegaze to lugubrious drone on the almost-bubblegum breakout Pink, fellow countrymen Corrupted keep creeping toward the blackest of tarpits at full bore. Corrupted distill the…
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Music, Reviewed Boris


Japan's musical underground has long been fascinated with sublime destruction. The country's denizens have produced an ample catalog of huge, enveloping sounds in the genres of rock, noise, and metal since the early '70s. Contemporary metal gods Boris fit smack…
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Music, House of Tudor House of Tudor

House of Tudor

In paying tribute to one of his favorite songs of the era, film director John Hughes ruined the Psychedelic Furs for kids like me. It didn't matter that the Furs had released "Pretty in Pink" a full five years before…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Ready, Set, Charge!

Ready, Set, Charge!

THURS 8/14 Most stylish San Franciscans want unique, gorgeous objects decorating their apartments and bodies, but few of us have the big bucks to shop regularly in the precious boutiques that offer such items. With the "Feria Urbana" in full…
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Music, Reviewed Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin

Assembling a retrospective of Aphex Twin's decade-plus remix work on two discs is like slapping a painting each from Picasso's Pink, Blue, and Cubist periods into one book and pretending it's cohesive enough to make sense. Richard D. James (Aphex)…
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Music, Fireballs of Freedom

Fireballs of Freedom

Over the decades, there's been a virtual carnival of punks happy to give staid rock 'n' roll a swift, steel-toed kick in the side. The more methodical rock becomes, the more excessive bands try to be, whether it's the foulmouthed,…
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Verbena Into the Pink (Capitol) Souls for Sale, Verbena's 1996 debut album, is the sound of true desperation. A perfect combination of impossibly trashy male/female vocals and pummeling, Stooges-esque guitars, it stands as a monument to the redeeming power of…
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Calendar, Halloween

Night Crawler

Pink Saturday Lured by catcalls and the intestinal vibration of oversized amplifiers, three men step out of a Castro Street bar and saunter down 18th Street, cocktails in hand. They are casual blonds with ripe-peach tans and designer shades. Discovering…
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