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Film, "The Big Year": Star-Studden Comedy Fails to Take Flight

"The Big Year": Star-Studden Comedy Fails to Take Flight

In the spirit of its bird-watching subject, The Big Year populates countless scenes with notable faces — Dianne Wiest! Brian Dennehy! Jim Parsons! Rashida Jones! Joel McHale! Corbin Bernsen? — yet despite such stargazing, which also extends to leads Steve…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Ten Reasons <em>Midnight in Paris</em> Is a Dopey Mess

Ten Reasons Midnight in Paris Is a Dopey Mess

The new Woody Allen movie -- about a man who somehow finds himself in a Wikipedia entry about the 1920s, where he learns that he can only love women who love walking in rainstorms -- has won rave reviews and…
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Film, "Midnight in Paris": Woody Allen Does Time Travel

"Midnight in Paris": Woody Allen Does Time Travel

A nebbishy screenwriter who longs to publish a novel, Gil (Owen Wilson) is tentatively working on a book set in a nostalgia shop — much to the open frustration of Inez (Rachel McAdams), his all-too-modern, rich-girl fiancée, who has a…
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Film, "Hall Pass": The Farrellys Have a Midlife Crisis

"Hall Pass": The Farrellys Have a Midlife Crisis

Rick and Fred (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) are two domesticated husbands whose long marriages (to Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate, respectively) have achieved somnolent routine in suburban Providence, R.I. Yet the wives worry. Rick is a girl watcher; Fred…
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Film, Not Taylor-Made

Not Taylor-Made

Rare is the star vehicle that is as poorly matched to its star as Drillbit Taylor, which casts Owen Wilson as a homeless army deserter and con man, able to fool people into believing he's both a substitute teacher and…
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News, The Snitch Good Lord...Is That Owen Wilson? A Very Special 'S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse'

Good Lord...Is That Owen Wilson? A Very Special 'S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse'

By Joe Eskenazi Truly, this has been the winter of discontent for Owen Wilson. The talented actor and writer's apparent suicide attempt is something we're not going to make jokes about. On the other hand, given Wilson's very public…
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Film, Wes Anderson's 'Darjeeling' Reframes Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt

Wes Anderson's 'Darjeeling' Reframes Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt

The estranged brothers Whitman have reunited for a journey on board The Darjeeling Limited, a colorful old train traversing the Rajasthan region of India. Along the way, they will stop to visit temples ("Probably one of the most spiritual places…
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Film, Freeloader


Owen Wilson has moved up in the world: He's gone from crashing weddings to crashing entire marriages. In the listless farce You, Me and Dupree, his eponymous ne'er-do-well shows up on the doorstep of his childhood friend Carl (Matt Dillon),…
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Film, Kickin' the Tires

Kickin' the Tires

Cars, the latest vehicle to roll off a Pixar assembly line that has thus far yielded nothing but spit-shined classics, answers that age-old question: What would Doc Hollywood have been like had it been populated entirely by, ya know, cars?…
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Film, Always a Bridesmaid

Always a Bridesmaid

If Vince Vaughn puts any effort into what he's doing, it doesn't show, which is perhaps one of the benefits of always appearing to be hung-over. The man probably has to check the bags under his eyes at the airport,…
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Film, Sea of Loathe

Sea of Loathe

The critic who takes notes during The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou will ultimately fill a notepad only with scribbled details: "All the crewmen wear red stocking caps with their tuxedos," "some names of Zissou's movies: The Battling Eels of…
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Culture, Stuff Vanity Fare

Vanity Fare

As far as he can remember, he always wanted to be an actor. To him, being an actor was better than being president of the United States. Even before he first wandered into the high school auditorium for an after-school…
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Film, <i>Royal</i>'s Screwups

Royal's Screwups

Had The Royal Tenenbaums been made by a first-time filmmaker unburdened by acclaim or expectation, it could be heralded -- and then, just as easily, dismissed -- as a light, literary exercise in filmmaking that's as pleasant as it is…
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Film, Enter the Drag

Enter the Drag

Do not judge Shanghai Noon by its trailer, which serves as the very antithesis of advertising: It begs you to stay far away from any theater in which this film is screening. Laden with dreary sight gags (a horse that…
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Indie Sweep

Now and again, as I sit here on my power perch -- having just praised some pleasing cinematic trifle with a mot so bon it could single-handedly vault the producers into new tax brackets or having characterized some hack with…
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