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News, Hacking the Law: Fights Over Cyber-Security and a Silicon Valley Divide

Hacking the Law: Fights Over Cyber-Security and a Silicon Valley Divide

To some, hacker Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer is a cause celebré. To others, he's a famous douchebag. To many, he's a polarizing figure in a debate that's roiled Silicon Valley, pitting established tech companies against rogue innovators. When Auernheimer was sentenced…
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Calendar, Night&Day Judge Not

Judge Not

Vaughn Walker did what federal judges occasionally do: He was appointed by a Republican president (George H.W. Bush), but he’ll forever be known for at least one ruling that clearly favors a liberal mindset (declaring unconstitutional Proposition 8, which prohibits…
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Culture, Stage Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings

Getting "god-fucked" -- as Liz Duffy Adams so eloquently puts it in her dark musical comedy One Big Lie -- is, despite the comedy part, no laughing matter. According to Ovid's Metamorphoses, relationships between mortals and gods always turn out…
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A Transylvanian in Silicon Valley

Although capped off with a coda of motivational speech, Silvian Centiu's monologue -- about his clamber from Eastern Bloc anguish to upper-level management at Oracle -- doesn't carry a moralizing tone. Centiu has had humility beaten into him, but he…
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News, Feature Misplaced Priorities 101

Misplaced Priorities 101

To Prof. Patricia Hill, who teaches history at California State University's campus in San Jose, budget problems are never clearer than when she walks into a classroom -- and sees students without desks. "There are classes in the social sciences…
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News, Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Overpriced Sports Star Joins Local Team Skip Bayless' farewell sports column for the Chicago Tribune began with three paragraphs about his fourth-grade crush on a student teacher (to illustrate how much he hates goodbyes), segued through his greatest journalistic hits,…
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News, Bay View The Software That Wouldn't Die

The Software That Wouldn't Die

When we last left Sandy Rosen, in November, he was trying to explain the magnitude of the albatross the San Francisco Unified School District had installed in its computers to the Board of Education ("The PeopleSoft Touch," Nov. 22, 2000).…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Hard Lessons in Software Our writers insist they aren't paid jack: So how much did Larry Ellison pay you to write this article ("The PeopleSoft Touch," Nov. 22, on the San Francisco school district's problems installing PeopleSoft software)?…
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News, Feature The PeopleSoftTouch

The PeopleSoftTouch

It is about two weeks before election day, and San Francisco School Board President (and re-election candidate) Mary Hernandez has just explained why she is too busy to participate in a long-scheduled interview, leaving Cathi Vogel to explain everything else.…
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News, Sidebar

The PeopleSoft Touch

If PeopleSoft has had its fair share of software snafus, it is far from alone in an industry that has been plagued by costly, high-profile installation problems: A recent audit of the Philadelphia School District revealed that it had spent…
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Calendar, Halloween


Visiting Nurses Recover... Following four months of triage and therapy, Visiting Nurses & Hospice (VNH) -- an arm of California Pacific Medical Center and the largest provider of visiting nurses in the city -- seems to be recovering from federal…
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The Electric Multimedia Psychedelic Time Trip

At the height of San Francisco's hippie delirium, Allen Cohen was editing the Oracle, the influential underground paper that dispensed an avant-garde mix of news, poetry, art, and advice to the acid generation. "The very thing we were striving for…
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REAL ASTROLOGY for an unreal world

Aries (March 21-April 19): This week it would be a bad idea to patronize shopping malls built on top of old Native American burial grounds. And it would be a good idea to wear a T-shirt that reads "I'M NOT…
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