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Music, Hear This The Faint: Show Preview

The Faint: Show Preview

The first time you heard The Faint's album Danse Macabre, you probably were struck by how distinctive it was. This album was dance music for people who only listened to indie music — what a brilliant concept! Not to make…
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Film, Film Feature Interview: Alexander Payne Discusses "The Descendants," Pessimism, Failure, Filmmaking

Interview: Alexander Payne Discusses "The Descendants," Pessimism, Failure, Filmmaking

"I don't think about the home where my films will land," says Alexander Payne, free-range in a film culture fenced off into art house and multiplex, to the detriment of both. He describes the audience that he writes for as…
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Music, Hear This Bright Eyes: Show Preview

Bright Eyes: Show Preview

Two words: Conor Oberst. We'd put money on the fact that a whole bunch of people reading this just swooned at the mere sight of his name, because the Bright Eyes frontman has enjoyed (and at times suffered) a near-obsessive…
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Calendar, Night&Day w4audience


Forty million American singles can’t be wrong! Take a personality test! Rank your matches! Find out which member of Dethklok you are! Send a wink or a woo! Strings of hyperbole like this are scattered across the Web every day…
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Music, Tilly and the Wall tap into a new beat

Tilly and the Wall tap into a new beat

One Wednesday night last March, the basement of the First Unitarian Church — Philadelphia's decidedly no-frills "venue" — was packed to the hilt with a couple hundred fans of Omaha quintet Tilly and the Wall. Gear had been set up,…
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Music, Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season

"It's kinda creepy, right?" Jenny Lewis says over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. "I think it looks like The Shining." The just-turned-30 singer/songwriter best known as the sultry, though shy, frontwoman for the rootsy indie-pop quartet Rilo…
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Music, Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Some pop culture phenomena are unfathomable. Why the boys in Maroon 5, who have as much soul as a worn-out sandal, are hugely popular is beyond comprehension. Ashlee Simpson? She couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag. Jim…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Unease runs deep in the waters of Saddle Creek Records, whether it's the diaryland fatalism of Bright Eyes, the booze-sodden heartache documented by the Good Life, or the skree-punk'd, unhappy-hour dance party propagated by Omaha foursome Beep Beep on its…
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Music, Reviewed Son, Ambulance

Son, Ambulance

Omaha's Son, Ambulance, the indie brainchild of singer Joe Knapp, actually has more in common with its Brit-pop contemporaries than it does Saddle Creek's usual array of sentimental Midwestern gunk-purveyors. A more focused effort than the group's 2001 debut, Key…
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Music, Love on the Rocks

Love on the Rocks

These days, whenever he puts out a new album from either of the two bands he fronts -- the clamorous Cursive or the comparatively subdued, acoustic-based the Good Life -- Tim Kasher knows the phone calls are coming. Not from…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Future's So Bright

The Future's So Bright

Usually during times of stress there's a tendency to seek out mindless entertainment, but these days folks are looking to pair their frivolous diversions with more substance. As this year's all-time-low Oscars ratings prove, we want meatier fare. Given that,…
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Music, Reviewed Desaparecidos


Emma Goldman never actually uttered the line, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." The now-famous abridgment of Goldman's sentiment was actually crafted by a New York T-shirt maker. But that minor detail hasn't…
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Calendar, Halloween

Slap Shots

The CompuDoc Will See You Now The choking night fog crawls across San Francisco, rolling off the Pacific whitecaps and slowing city traffic to a crawl. A lone pedestrian looks up from the crosswalk and is startled by a ghostly…
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