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Culture, Kill Your Television Hot Months: An Apocalyptic Summer on the Small Screen

Hot Months: An Apocalyptic Summer on the Small Screen

Now that Game of Thrones is over and Mad Men is nearing its end, the television landscape is about to be shaken clean like an Etch-A-Sketch. If you, like me, sat there frozen in dread with the idea that you…
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Music, Hear This I Break Horses: Show Preview

I Break Horses: Show Preview

If you've been finding yourself wondering what San Francisco would feel like as a desolate, wintry tundra, we respectfully recommend peeling yourself off that grassy knoll and heading downhill to catch Stockholm-based hypnotronica duo I Break Horses, whose slow-burn scorched-earth…
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Music, Hear This Elliphant: Show Preview

Elliphant: Show Preview

Sometimes, it's best to completely disregard musicians' thoughts on their own work. Case in point: Elliphant architect Ellinor Olovsdotter described her music as "pop punk with some electronic influence" in one interview. Based on that assessment, this one-woman project should…
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Music, Hear This First Aid Kit: Show Preview

First Aid Kit: Show Preview

If First Aid Kit's music is proof, Stockholm must be much closer to the American South than any maps have had us believe. In "Emmylou," off January's The Lion's Roar, Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg pay perfect homage to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Running with the Bull

Running with the Bull

More than seven years ago, René Redzepi began foraging the countryside of Denmark trying to find things to eat, guided by his palate and Nordic food history. What he found — sea coriander, beach mustard, bellflowers, sea buckthorn — he…
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Calendar, Night&Day Naked in Denmark

Naked in Denmark

More than 75 years after Viennese beauty Hedy Lamarr went skinny-dipping in Ecstasy, sex in mainstream movies has devolved completely from European provocation to Hollywood exploitation. The Danish director Knud Leif Thomsen had the former in mind when he included…
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Calendar, Night&Day Meadowlark Lemon

Meadowlark Lemon

What have the Harlem Globetrotters been up to since you were 12? Well, they lost a game in 2006. Other than that, they’ve been trying to avoid using flat basketballs, gingerly walking a toddler onto the court during gametime, creeping…
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Calendar, Night&Day Filipino Folklore

Filipino Folklore

Shadow puppets for flood relief! Of the extensive and tireless benefit circuit in San Francisco (which we attend out of philanthropic interest, regardless of the new-school burlesque content), the art show “Tabi Tabi Po” should pique your interest and sense…
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Calendar, Night&Day Stitch of Software

Stitch of Software

Embroidery consists stitching in small segments, obsessively building piece by piece into a work that blossoms into a cohesive, even elegant, hunk of software. Flip a piece over and you see the guts, the mysterious frayed bits, perhaps a little…
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Music, Let's Get Killed Norwegian death metal doc aims high(brow) on <i>Until the Light Takes Us</i>

Norwegian death metal doc aims high(brow) on Until the Light Takes Us

Norwegian death metal is a fascinatingly dark corner of the musician-as-fanatic landscape. Early photos of the controversial group Mayhem with black-and-white "corpse paint" makeup are as creepy as low-budget slasher flick stills. They're especially unnerving when you know that members…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits

Not much happens on the outer reaches of the arctic island Svalbard, Norway. Its sole inhabitants are desolate, snow-blanketed landscapes; a couple abandoned Russian mining settlements and scattered scientific facilities; and a lone photographer, Christain Houge, just taking huge bites…
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Calendar, Night&Day Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead

The Biblical proverb that a prophet is without honor in his own home goes a ways toward explaining why the young saxophonist Albert Ayler split for Sweden in the early 1960s. Stockholm was a whole lot freer than Ayler's native…
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Music, All for Love and Love for All

All for Love and Love for All

Ola Salo, flamboyant lead singer for Swedish glam quintet the Ark, does not practice false modesty. Warm and friendly? Yes. But oozing that just-one-of-the-guys phoniness some stars adopt? Far from it. Speaking via phone before hitting San Francisco with a…
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