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Culture, The Exhibitionist A Cabaret Christmas with Craig Jessup at the Aurora

A Cabaret Christmas with Craig Jessup at the Aurora

Craig Jessup has found that to really do actor and composer Sir Noël Coward's work, he needs to do it in a British accent. So that's what he did with his three-month sold out show at Mark Hopkins Hotel…
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Film, Film Feature

Stage and Screen: The PlayGround Film Festival Commits Plays to Celluloid

Anthology films are always a dicey proposition (witness last year's disjointed and overly slick Stars in Shorts), but the second annual PlayGround Film Festival gets it right. Featuring six short films based on equally short plays by Bay Area playwrights…
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Culture, Stage "Blithe Spirit": Noel Coward's Ghost Story Still Kills

"Blithe Spirit": Noel Coward's Ghost Story Still Kills

In Blithe Spirit, the spirit of make-believe and enchantment that California Shakespeare Theater achieved in The Tempest with Prospero's magic spells, and George C. Wolfe's Spunk with its three narrated stories, manifests again, albeit in an unlikely setting: an affluent…
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Music, All Shook Down Theater Review: 'Blithe Spirit' at the Actors Ensemble of Berkeley

Theater Review: 'Blithe Spirit' at the Actors Ensemble of Berkeley

Blithe Spirit By Noel CowardDirected By Hector CorreaActors Ensemble of Berkeley$12-$15; runs through August 21Noel Coward does not haunt us from beyond the grave. Though once the toast of mid-20th century London and Broadway, most theatre-goers in the 21st century would…
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Culture, Stage Overproduced Noel Coward adaptation <i>Brief Encounter</i> proves that sometimes less is more

Overproduced Noel Coward adaptation Brief Encounter proves that sometimes less is more

In the United States, hardly anyone takes the train anymore. Perhaps that's why rail travel seems so hopelessly romantic, conjuring up images of missed connections, fond farewells, and figures emerging like ghosts from a platform's swirling steam. It's no wonder…
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Calendar, Night&Day Tennessee&#146;s Last Waltz

Tennessee’s Last Waltz

Deservedly or not, Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate routinely top the Hollywood bomb list. Apparently no one remembers the 1968 Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton vehicle, Boom!, based on Tennessee Williams’ Broadway flop The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore. The lush (in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Drink Up

Drink Up

Some songs make you laugh. Other songs make you cry. “Our Lips Are Sealed” makes you gay. As does “True Colors” and “I Will Survive,” and so much by Madonna. “Maria” from The Sound of Music certainly makes you gay,…
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News, The Snitch Remember That Drunken, Lascivious Text You Sent Last Night? Thanks To New Web Site, Now EVERYONE Does.

Remember That Drunken, Lascivious Text You Sent Last Night? Thanks To New Web Site, Now EVERYONE Does.

Back in the old days, folks thought about what they wanted to say, wrote it out in longhand, signed and sealed the envelope, affixed proper postage, and waited days or weeks for a response. When you peruse the collected letters…
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Culture, Encore

Also Playing

Audacious Artefacts: Parisian Grand Guignol. As with just about any collection of short theater pieces, Thrillpeddlers' new sex-and-violence extravaganza is very much hit-and-miss — but at least this evening of one-acts gets much, much better as it goes along. Audacious…
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Culture, Stage Thrillpeddlers show that the Grand Guignol can still disturb

Thrillpeddlers show that the Grand Guignol can still disturb

There are certain things a theatergoer can pretty much depend upon when visiting the Hypnodrome, the home of Thrillpeddlers — one of the few companies in the world (if not the only one) dedicated to presenting plays from the Grand…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Half</i> Full

Half Full

So two Welsh guys walk into a library, and find a million pounds. Well, not really a million pounds, but its literary equivalent: an unpublished, unknown, early Noel Coward play, Noel Coward being the metaphorical snotty younger brother of Oscar…
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Culture, Stage

Blithe Spirit

Germany was bombing London to bits when British playwright Noël Coward wrote Blithe Spirit in 1941. The play was meant to evoke laughter from its war-worn audience -- and it did, running successfully for five years straight. Over the last…
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Calendar, Halloween

Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: Maybe you're tired of giving the same good advice to people who keep asking the same old questions, but we doubt you'd like to be fucked up the ass for the first time without any prior butt penetration…
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wednesday october 23 Stimulating Exercise The Toxic Links Coalition leads a very different sort of local sightseeing trip, the kind that departs from the usual tourist circuit, with its third annual Toxic Tour of San Francisco. TLC, an alliance of…
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Culture, Stage

Design for Laughing

Staging Noel Coward comedies is serious business. Indulge too ecstatically in the froth, and you risk exposing the slender thread of artifice for all to see. Probe too deeply for larger social implications or real-life lessons, and you become the…
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