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Culture, The Exhibitionist Chatting with Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke of <i>Mistress America</i>

Chatting with Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke of Mistress America

From Laurel and Hardy in Sons of the Desert (1933) to Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black (1997), buddy films have traditionally focused…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Noah Baumbach on <i>Frances Ha</i>, Using Black and White, and Not Ripping Off Woody Allen Too Much

Noah Baumbach on Frances Ha, Using Black and White, and Not Ripping Off Woody Allen Too Much

When not exuding urbane, Salinger-weaned New Yorker chic, or, relatedly, co-writing the occasional Wes Anderson film, Noah Baumbach makes movies of his own, typically involving witty portrayals of flawed individuals enduring tragicomic family dysfunction or estrangement from their own lives.…
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Film, "Frances Ha": Noah Baumbach Finds Greta Gerwig's Best Side

"Frances Ha": Noah Baumbach Finds Greta Gerwig's Best Side

A visually pithy victory of bittersweetness over cynicism, and therefore arguably a career highlight for director Noah Baumbach, Frances Ha shows with keen humor and without self-pity what it's like to be alive and in one's twenties and in New…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist

When Directors Love Their Stars: Frances Ha and Yellow at the Toronto Film Festival

Film critic Karina Longworth is reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival this week. For maybe the first hour of Yellow (written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, the man responsible for the national treasure that is The Notebook), I kept…
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Film, <i>Greenberg</i>: Los Angeles plays itself

Greenberg: Los Angeles plays itself

Sad, funny, and acutely self-conscious, Noah Baumbach's new movie is the sort of mordant character study that people imagine were common in the '70s. Greenberg is unafraid to project a downbeat worldview or feature an impossible protagonist — I'd be…
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Film, Noah Baumbach on <i>Greenberg</i>, the DIY ethos, and learning to drive

Noah Baumbach on Greenberg, the DIY ethos, and learning to drive

Noah Baumbach is 40 years old. He just learned how to drive. A native New Yorker, the writer and director started spending time in Los Angeles when dating his now-wife, Jennifer Jason Leigh, but for years he made do bumming…
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Film, <i> Mr. Fox</i> is a fantastic fit

Mr. Fox is a fantastic fit

Given his preference for static, symmetrical, scrupulously color-coordinated and art-directed compositions, it's less surprising that Wes Anderson has gotten around to directing an animated feature than that it took him this long to do it. Likewise, if Anderson — a…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish <i>American Gangster: Unrated Extended Edition</i> Among This Week's DVD Releases

American Gangster: Unrated Extended Edition Among This Week's DVD Releases

Margot at the Wedding (Paramount) Margot (Nicole Kidman, or someone who looks just like her) is a fiction writer whose tales are based, uncomfortably and unkindly, on the real-life family for whom she seems to care very little. Hence sister…
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Film, With Relatives Like These ...

With Relatives Like These ...

There are comedies of discomfort, and then there's Margot at the Wedding, Noah Baumbach's scalding follow-up to The Squid and the Whale. An immersion in sibling malice and simmering resentment, with one of the most infuriating characters in recent movies…
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Film, Dog Fancy

Dog Fancy

When it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, Bobcat Goldthwait's Stay, now rebranded as Sleeping Dogs Lie for some inexplicable reason, was the talk of Park City, Utah, before anyone had even seen the movie. Based on pre-screening…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Get a Clue

Get a Clue

Veronica Mars: The Complete Second Season (Warner Bros.) Any concept along the lines of "high school hottie solves crimes" is bound to make for watchable TV, but who would have expected this? Equal parts 90210 teen soap, murder mystery, and…
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Film, A Family Adrift

A Family Adrift

Writer and director Noah Baumbach has made three light films -- one so slight (1997's party-hopping Highball), it didn't see release till five years after its completion, and even then it snuck onto video store shelves credited to a pseudonymous…
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