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Culture, The Exhibitionist Nick Hornby on Bringing Brooklyn to the Silver Screen

Nick Hornby on Bringing Brooklyn to the Silver Screen

Colm Tóibín's 2009 novel Brooklyn, about a young Irishwoman coming of age in the 1950's, who trades the elusive pot of gold for America's streets paved with gold, is both universal and timeless. When writer Nick Hornby, best known for penning…
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Calendar, Night&Day Strayed but Not Lost

Strayed but Not Lost

Cheryl Strayed is a motherfucking heart surgeon. Few who have read her can claim they haven’t been touched by her writ-ing in some profound, life-altering way. From her frank, evocative Dear Sugar advice column on the literary website The Rumpus…
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Calendar, Night&Day It's a Funny World You People Live In

It's a Funny World You People Live In

A lot of us know Nick Hornby for one thing: lists. His novel and subsequent John Cusack/Jack Black vehicle of a film, High Fidelity, had much to recommend it, if not the girlfriend character. But the very best part was…
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Calendar, Night&Day Start It Up

Start It Up

Joe Pernice is a god to the people who love Nick Hornby novels — mainly dorky boys who are as likely to name-drop their record collections as get to second base. So it’s not surprising that the Western Massachusetts–born singer/songwriter…
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Culture, Stage Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor

There's something weirdly Nick Hornby about Colman Domingo's autobiographical solo show, A Boy and His Soul. The flamboyant African-American Philadelphia native, with his penchant for ballet dancing and toned pectorals, might have as much in common with the pasty, cynical,…
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Culture, Books Picking and Choosing

Picking and Choosing

Wandering into a bookstore isn't always a pleasant experience. Take a recent jaunt to the newish Borders close to my work. (I'll still choose an independent whenever possible, but when I'm about to launch into the long public-transpo commute home…
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Music, Old Faithful

Old Faithful

The best assessment I've read so far of the new Strokes record came from Nick Hornby. Hornby wrote the review three years ago in the novel How to Be Good, cleverly disguising it as the musings of a woman comparing…
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Calendar, Night&Day Good Living

Good Living

Just when we thought it was safe to pigeonhole Nick Hornby -- the author of the popular "male confessional" novels High Fidelity and About a Boy and the memoir Fever Pitch -- as the voice of the contemporary dysfunctional Everyman,…
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Pop Philosophy

Would you like some cynicism with your latte? Just when it seems like the populace can't get more cynical, we learn what a sham the presidential election is. Why should anyone bother to vote when he knows his vote might…
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Film, Pump It Up

Pump It Up

It's hard to escape the potent magic of pop music. Some consumers never do, hovering forever in thrall to three-minute sermons of neurotic idiocy blasting from the commercially conjoined pulpits of R&B, rock, and country. (To keep this point sharp,…
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Suspicious Minds

Long-distance love affair by cassette tape: It happened to me. While digital romances grow increasingly common, our strange fling was quaintly analog. Oh, we talked on the phone for hours and enjoyed the occasional mushy rendezvous in the flesh at…
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