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Music, All Shook Down Super Diamond, S.F. Neil Diamond Tribute Band, Turns 20

Super Diamond, S.F. Neil Diamond Tribute Band, Turns 20

The first time Randy Cordero covered a Neil Diamond song, he did it as a lark, never dreaming that it would become his full time job for the next 20 years. "In 1988, I was the singer and songwriter of…
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Music, Hear This Crooked Fingers: Show Preview

Crooked Fingers: Show Preview

Archers of Loaf played its first show in 13 years last January, but the indie-punk abstractionists' heralded return hasn't caused Eric Bachmann to abandon Crooked Fingers, the project that's occupied him since 2000. On the contrary, Breaks in the Armor,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation

It’s hard to resist a “greatest hits” show, frankly, unless it’s a Neil Diamond tour or a Shia LaBeouf retrospective. No such creepiness, although a good bit of delectable weirdness, attends Artists’ Television Access’ Playback: 2006-2010, a killer selection of…
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Music, All Shook Down

Neil Diamond Sings "Sweet Caroline" at Some Giant Outdoor Bar

Why is it that "Sweet Caroline" always gets everyone within earshot to sing along? Whether it pops on the radio in your buddy's car, on the jukebox at 15 Romolo, or over the PA at some big outdoor park…
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Music, Hear This The Usual Suspect

The Usual Suspect

Sure, it's a little weird to see that Tom Jones has gone gray. (What's next: George Hamilton losing the perpetual tan?). But along with his looks, the singer's booming voice and signature tunes are aging quite nicely. Decades after they…
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Music, Bright Bursts

Bright Bursts

All right, Conor Oberst. White flag. You win. With your hair all long now and those convincingly repentant songs about snorting dope, digging Satan, and conquering starlets, we give. Cassadaga, the ambitious mess that is Bright Eyes' fifth record, finds…
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Music, Bouncer

Deep thoughts on punk rock

A couple things happen when you write a bars-and-clubs column. First, people you meet want to know what are your favorite places. When asked, I usually adopt a far-away, misty stare, like an old sea captain asked to choose his…
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Music, The Hanukkah Songs

The Hanukkah Songs

In an unfortunate confluence of the Hebrew and Christian calendars, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Dec. 25, which means that we Jews will have to deal with the ol' "Hanukkah? Isn't that the Jewish Christmas?" thing from those unenlightened goyim…
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Music, Misc. Reviews If it's kinda, sorta music-related, we'll review it. This week: Rick Rubin's moxie.

If it's kinda, sorta music-related, we'll review it. This week: Rick Rubin's moxie.

Neil Diamond hasn't touched a guitar in three decades. But for the surprisingly moving 12 Songs, released this week, the legendary songwriter and Caesar's Lake Tahoe veteran is completely dialed in, finger-picking his six-string and singing as if he actually…
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Dining, Social Grace

Someone's Gonna Pay for This

Dear Social Grace, I'm a professional sign language interpreter, and I was recently asked by a friend to interpret at her cousin's wedding. My friend's sister is deaf and was not expected to attend, but she was invited and has…
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Listen Up, Listen Up Feature Song Sung Blue

Song Sung Blue

It's late, and the sequined shirt has just been peeled off, and in the corner of the dressing room on the upper level of Bimbo's, one of the best Neil Diamond simulacra in the world is musing on, well, the…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Concept Band

San Franciscans love a good cover act. Over the years, we've witnessed local bands pay tribute to Metallica, AC/DC, the Fall, Echo & the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Herb Alpert, Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach, and Devo. Now, from the creators of…
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Music, Nash Bridges the Gap

Nash Bridges the Gap

For once, judge the book entirely by its cover. The back cover. When you flip over Nash Kato's solo album, 2000's Debutante, the photo on the back presents a portrait of an immaculate rock 'n' roll idol. It's partially the…
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News, Night Crawler Sci-fidelity


A fountain-copse of nearly 20 geysers spouts over the surface of a small plaza that has served as a family meeting place for more than two centuries. Young lovers recline in the spiny shadows of palm trees while furrowed grandmothers…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sign Language

Sign Language

Scoff if you must, but it's not easy being a Scorpio. Living under one of the most misrepresented astrological signs, my Scorpion brethren and I live with the burden of having the worst reputation in the zodiac. Vengeful, jealous, controlling,…
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Dining, The Mix

The Mix

Chinatown is the place where you can tie one on without running into anyone you know -- assuming, of course, that you're not a local, or a regular, or in some way affiliated with the Chinatown community. It's the neighborhood…
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Music, Record Nash Kato

Nash Kato

Nash Kato Debutante (Loosegroove) When Urge Overkill maxed out its fashion plate cheeseball charm, vocalist/guitarist/ international playboy Nash Kato was left all dressed up with nowhere to deliver his clever tongue-in-chic schmaltz. Most listeners recognize Kato only from the band's…
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Riff Raff

Back to Mono! A couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles, San Francisco Neil Diamond cover group Super Diamond played their third sold-out House of Blues show this year. Reason for frontman Randy Cordeiro's tight black satin pants to fill…
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