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Culture, The Exhibitionist Can't Find the Trees from Inside <i>The Forest</i>

Can't Find the Trees from Inside The Forest

Remember when Hollywood went through a phase of remaking dozens of Asian horror films? At first, the cross-cultural translation, or appropriation, looked promising. Directly after her career-altering role in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Naomi Watts starred in The Ring…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist New on Video: Hollywood Is Hell in <i>Mulholland Dr.</i>

New on Video: Hollywood Is Hell in Mulholland Dr.

I miss David Lynch as a filmmaker. He’s never been just a filmmaker, of course; he started out as a painter and has always been involved with music, but for much of my life he’s been my favorite…
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Film, Film Feature The Esseffies 2014:  Our Unexpected, Unnecessary Film Awards

The Esseffies 2014: Our Unexpected, Unnecessary Film Awards

Nothing in or around film underwhelms so completely as the Oscars. The hype is too great, the surprises too few. So, for a second year, we offer our own awards for cinematic merit with no hype and practically nothing you…
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Film, "Adore": A MILF Exchange Program

"Adore": A MILF Exchange Program

Adore By what turn of fate of freewill or deluded self-indulgence, Adore asks, might two attractive fortysomething women, lifelong friends and neighbors in a posh Australian beach town, decide to take each other's sons as lovers? "They're like young gods,"…
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Film, "The Impossible": A Thorough Whitewashing

"The Impossible": A Thorough Whitewashing

When the words "true story" appear twice in a film's opening disclaimer, it's a guarantee that what follows will include at least one questionable fiction. The Impossible is inspired by the Alvarez Belons, a Spanish family of five who survived…
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Film, Born Identity: "Mother and Child" grapples with adoption

Born Identity: "Mother and Child" grapples with adoption

In his work as a writer-director, Rodrigo García has admirably distinguished himself through his commitment to creating intelligent, complex roles for his heavily distaff casts. Like Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000) and Nine Lives (2005),…
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Film, Director Michael Haneke Makes Us Feel Guilty For Watching <i>Funny</i> <i>Games</i>

Director Michael Haneke Makes Us Feel Guilty For Watching Funny Games

For the crime of obliterating high culture, for the crime of getting off on vicarious degradation — and, above all, for the crime of sitting through any movie that resembles the one he has (re)made — Michael Haneke sentences you…
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Film, He'll Be Your Mirror

He'll Be Your Mirror

To the uninitiated viewer, Austrian director Michael Haneke might best be described as the modern cinema's master of the unkind rewind. In the opening scene of his second theatrical feature, Benny's Video (1992), we see crude camcorder footage of a…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Naomi Then and Now

Naomi Then and Now

Ellie Parker (Strand) This extremely raw portrait of an actress trying -- and failing -- to make it in Hollywood showcases Naomi Watts in a wrenching and sympathetic performance. Writer-director Scott Coffey shot the movie over nearly six years, beginning…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Monkey Shines

Monkey Shines

Movie-based videogames have a well-deserved reputation for sucking. Ever since Atari's E.T. -- a game so ill-conceived that thousands of unsold cartridges were dumped en masse in the desert, creating the crappiest buried treasure of all time -- Hollywood tie-ins…
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News, Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions

Until our favorite scene in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive was spoiled by a peculiar blur over the nether regions of Naomi Watts, our (admittedly flimsy) excuses for Blockbuster patronage kept our conscience at bay: It's close to our house, and…
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Film, Say Wha? Say Why?

Say Wha? Say Why?

Maybe it's the mark of a great film that it can affect an audience member even when he sleeps through the entire thing. Such was the case with my father at a recent preview of David O. Russell's I ♥…
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Film, Hollywood Hells

Hollywood Hells

Ask David Lynch, and he will tell you that apple-pie America just isn't what it seems. People behave strangely, sometimes violently, and sometimes they even transform into different people without being polite enough to warn you first. If you're not…
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