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Music, All Shook Down Mr. Lif and Brass Menazeri -- You've Never Heard Anything Like This Radness

Mr. Lif and Brass Menazeri -- You've Never Heard Anything Like This Radness

Wildly popular yet uncompromisingly traditional local party-brass band Brass Menazeri got into a jam with Boston's Mr. Lif. The result is so beautiful it changed our brains just to hear a little bit. Brain different now! Different and better. Wonderful…
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Calendar, Night&Day Getting Paid

Getting Paid

Who would have thought a white albino from Minnesota would have the hip-hop record of the year so far? The Undisputed Truth — Brother Ali's third full-length on Minneapolis' Rhymesayers label — combines the introspection people love about underground hip…
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Music, Live Wires

Live Wires

Before we toss our 2006 calendars, it's time for a little eggnog-induced reflection on what went down on stage — or on the tour bus between gigs, as it were. Lady Sov's Public Meltdown With a mountain of hype making…
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Music, Reviewed Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif

With dreadlocks of unusually impressive girth, it would be easy to mistake the rapper Mr. Lif for a ganja-soaked reggae star. And though his family hailed from the island of Barbados, eventually settling in Boston, Lif's always favored writing songs…
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Music, Let's Get Killed Going fishing for inspiration

Going fishing for inspiration

Writer's block's a bitch. But the effect is twice as evil if you do most of your work alone (solo artists, graphic designers, freelance writers; we've all felt it). When the pool of ideas is bone-dry, you've just got to…
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Music, Reviewed The Perceptionists

The Perceptionists

The bicoastal Boston/Berkeley MC Mr. Lif makes the sort of politically charged Bolshevik boom-bap that warms the coffee of both old-school hip hop fans and activists. Which -- despite what that demographic might indicate -- doesn't mean that Lif…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

In this time of great political peril, the music industry is simply not doing its part. Consider the slew of politically minded documentaries that were released last year, and now try to find their corollaries in the music world. There…
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Music, BeatBox BeatBox


More slanted and enchanted than Thomas Pynchon’s rhyme dictionary, Aesop Rock’s lyrics risk leaving listeners cold, but the grave honesty of the MC’s delivery is forceful enough to convince us that this all means something. And in the end, Aesop’s…
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Music, Fabled Aesop

Fabled Aesop

Ian Bavitz, aka Aesop Rock, is sitting on a clothes-strewn couch in his Brooklyn apartment. His coffee table is littered with empty Parliament boxes and his labelmate, rapper Camu Tao, lurks next to him under a sheet, cursing at a…
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Music, Keeping It Eel

Keeping It Eel

"I don't think you have to be having sex to be able to listen to the album," insists Brolin Winning, aka Unagi, describing his eponymous debut LP of sultry instrumental hip hop in his Mission District bachelor crib. "Like, you…
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