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Music, All Shook Down Tickets for the 59th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Go On Sale Today

Tickets for the 59th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Go On Sale Today

Tickets for the 59th annual Monterey Jazz Festival, held in September at the oak tree-studded 20-acre Monterey County Fair and Event Center, go on sale today.  On eight stages throughout the tree day event (which occurs September 16 through 18),…
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News, Sucka Free City SandTrans: A Little Bit of Beach Puts the Brakes on Muni

SandTrans: A Little Bit of Beach Puts the Brakes on Muni

Since the city's light-rail vehicles are heavier than a BART car, the term "light rail" is something of a misnomer. The air comfort systems on these Muni trams contain more than two dozen separate electric motors. They are not rudimentary…
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News, The Snitch Fracking In Monterey County Blocked -- Temporarily

Fracking In Monterey County Blocked -- Temporarily

The land of Steinbeck has more to it than fertile soil from which the nation's spinach and strawberries sprout: The country's biggest supply of shale oil lies below the central California turf.The Monterey Shale extends through most of central California…
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News, Sucka Free City Progressives Can Abuse Their Wives: A "Guardian" Editorial

Progressives Can Abuse Their Wives: A "Guardian" Editorial

We at the Guardian weren't going to respond to attacks on our coverage of the prosecution of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on charges stemming from his alleged physical abuse of his wife. Some critics were puzzled by our assertion…
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News, Feature What Fish You Can Buy, and When, in San Francisco

What Fish You Can Buy, and When, in San Francisco

A diverse and ample range of seafood products can be caught or raised in the waters of Northern California. Here's a sampling of what you can buy, and when: SHELLFISH. Oyster farming of the type that takes place in Marin…
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Music, Woodsuck: Crummy festivals I attended in the late '60s and early '70s

Woodsuck: Crummy festivals I attended in the late '60s and early '70s

They say that if you remember Woodstock, you weren't there. That's bullshit. I remember it perfectly, and I was there. That's why I don't need all this nostalgic crap they're trying to unload on everybody in honor of the celebration's…
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Dining, SFoodie Watch Alton Brown Feed the Fishies in Monterey Bay

Watch Alton Brown Feed the Fishies in Monterey Bay

Many of the events taking place this Friday and Saturday for the Monterey Bay Aquarium's eighth-annual Cooking for Solutions are already sold out, including Friday's members-only VIP opening reception with TV chef/food scientist Alton Brown. If money ain't a thang,…
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Dining, Eat A More Refined Fire

A More Refined Fire

Amid the upscaling that has swept nearly every Asian cuisine into a wave of fusion-heavy small plates, Korean food has been the exception in San Francisco, remaining stubbornly anchored to its traditional moorings in the no-frills barbecue joint, or kalbi…
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Dining, Eat High and Low

High and Low

Haight may be my favorite shopping street in the city, chockablock with bookstores both new and used, gift shops where you can find $2 tchotchkes and thousand-dollar robots, clothing stores where you can find fancy-label $400 jeans, and others with…
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Culture, Books Speechless


We start our lives looking at books with no words. Before we can read, at just a few months old, we like the feel of a book in our hands (or our mouths), enjoy flipping the pages and watching the…
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News, The Apologist

A Perch With a View

Over the past few years, people the world over have been introduced to the story of the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: the group of redheaded conures native to South America that use the leafy Monterey cypress trees on Telegraph…
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Music, Reviewed Various Artists

Various Artists

This is the fourth anthology of '60s obscurities released by a couple of California residents under the rubric "Soft Sounds for Gentle People." As the title implies, this one highlights male musicians. The 23 tracks spanning the years 1965 to…
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Best of San Francisco, Sports & Recreation

Best Outdoors Club

Absolute Adventures 793-4948, No, it's not a singles' club, but judging by the number of single professionals who attend Absolute Adventures events, don't be surprised if people pair off. Primarily an adventure club, the company organizes trips for active…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Place to Walk Your Dog

When you want to give Cujo (and yourself) a canine-worthy workout, head for this little bit of Alpine greensward smack in the middle of the Haight. Rising 569 feet above sea level, the park offers a pleasant sense of…
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Culture, Books

The Raccoon Next Door: Getting Along With Urban Wildlife

By Gary Bogue, illustrated by Chuck Todd Heyday (2003), $16.95 I picked up this book hoping it would help me gently shoo out the two sweet-faced baby raccoons that've moved into my back yard. Instead, in keeping with the spirit…
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News, Mecklin Street Justice

Street Justice

Though I arrived an hour or so after the perorations began, Saturday's anti-war demonstration was still impressive in scope: The vast square of Civic Center bloomed from Federal Period façade to façade with peaceniks of most every age and race…
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Dining, Eat Mixed Blessing

Mixed Blessing

People think it must be easy being a food critic: You just eat, drink, jot down an opinion, and send your employer the bill, right? Though that is the gist of it (praise the Lord), the job has its challenges…
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Dining, Eat

A Tale of Two Seafoods

The Old Clam House 299 Bayshore (at Oakdale), 826-4880. Open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday to 10 p.m., Sunday noon to 9 p.m. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Parking: usually feasible. Muni via…
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Dining, Eat

The Real "Fresh Mex"

Casa Aguila 1240 Noriega (at 20th Avenue), 661-5593. Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 5 to 10 p.m.; Sundays the hours are more casual. Reservations advised for weekend dinners. Parking's easy. Muni via the 28 19th Avenue…
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Hear This

Chrome Cranks/Bloodloss/Dura-Delinquent/Speedball Baby Just for the sake of common decency, you've got to hope musicians like these don't spend all their waking hours spewing the same contemptuous vitriol that powers their live shows. This relentless quadruple bill represents some of…
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