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Culture, The Exhibitionist The Write Stuff: Jacob Kahn on Finding a Pony to Ride in Circles

The Write Stuff: Jacob Kahn on Finding a Pony to Ride in Circles

The Write Stuff is a series of interview profiles conducted by Litseen where authors give exclusive readings from their work. Jacob Kahn is a poet originally from the Rocky Mountains. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and went…
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News, The Snitch Newsom Baby Arrives ... and His Name Isn't Weird

Newsom Baby Arrives ... and His Name Isn't Weird

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and wife Jennifer Siebel announced the arrival of their new baby boy, Hunter Siebel Newsom. We hear mother and son, who was born yesterday morning, are doing well. So congrats ... on giving him a normal…
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News, The Snitch Medical Marijuana: Dad Says It Saved Two-Year-Old Son with Cancer

Medical Marijuana: Dad Says It Saved Two-Year-Old Son with Cancer

There are many ways to look at the story of two-year-old brain-tumor survivor Cash Michael Hyde, whose father, Michael, secretly slipped him medical marijuana oil in his feeding tube during chemotherapy last fall. You could assume that the plant is…
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News, Matt Smith Let's just drain the Lily Pond and kill the frogs

Let's just drain the Lily Pond and kill the frogs

Ralph Montana, the city official charged with abating San Francisco's park-dwelling pests, recently found his thoughts invaded by cannibalistic greenish-gray creatures. "I woke up Saturday night thinking about this," says Montana, the Department of Recreation and Parks' acting integrated pest…
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Calendar, Night&Day Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps

Kimberly Reed is one high school quarterback whose glory days didn’t climax the night of the homecoming game. The Montana native went on to blossom in the Bay Area, earning undergraduate (U.C. Berkeley) and graduate (San Francisco State) degrees in…
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Music, Reviewed Jason Lytle

Jason Lytle

It may be a relief to Grandaddy fans that former frontman Jason Lytle's solo debut sounds exactly like the erstwhile Modesto group's output. But that shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Grandaddy was a band in name only, and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bluesy Velvet

Bluesy Velvet

Just because the man makes the trippiest films on the planet, everybody thinks David Lynch is from Bizarroland. He's an artist, people, not a space alien or a drug-huffing lunatic. Well, unless you count nicotine and caffeine. He doses himself…
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News, Dog Bites

Animal House Organ

There's always a place in a daily newspaper for a good animal story -- Page 5 of the Metro section, generally -- but the Chronicle of late has taken things to a faunatical extreme. In fact, the past two months…
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Calendar, Night&Day Industrial Light and Magic

Industrial Light and Magic

Ever wish it were just as easy to change the wallpaper in your house as it is to change the wallpaper on the desktop of your PC? Or that your shoes were smart enough to know exactly how to fit…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

You may already be familiar with the oeuvre of San Francisco novelist Russell Rowland, though you may not know it. A few years back, Steven Yang, owner of local fortune-cookie maker M&Y Trading Service Co., went looking for somebody to…
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Film, Northern Composure

Northern Composure

After winning five separate Audience Awards and other honors at various gay and lesbian film festivals over the past year, Thomas Bezucha's Big Eden has finally opened in general release. You don't have to be an expert on the history…
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News, Letters


The Safety Net Is a Hammock Congrats to Messrs. Pasztor and Cothran for their overdue expose of convicted felons working for the San Francisco Housing Authority ("Project Employment," July 22). As a lawyer who's successfully taken that agency to court…
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Calendar, Halloween

Slap Shots

Bless This Mess "Home for the holidays" is not a new concept to this city of square pegs who fled their familial confines for the West. Returning to the scene of the crime and spending the year's end with the…
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