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Culture, Art Modern Migrants: A Berkeley Photographer Revisits Dorothea Lange's Portraits of Disenfranchised Californians

Modern Migrants: A Berkeley Photographer Revisits Dorothea Lange's Portraits of Disenfranchised Californians

The photo called Migrant Mother — taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936, at the height of the Great Depression — ushered in a new era of documentary photography. It also changed the life of Lange and her subject, Florence Owens…
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Music, Hear This Whirr: Show Preview

Whirr: Show Preview

Whirr refers to itself as a punk band from Oakland, but even at its most aggressive, Whirr is not textbook punk. The music is loud and layered with thick electric fuzz, but it's also sincere and pensive: There's no mistaking…
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News, The Snitch James Hooker, Modesto Teacher, Leaves Wife and Kids, Moves in with Student

James Hooker, Modesto Teacher, Leaves Wife and Kids, Moves in with Student

UPDATE: Lawmaker wants to criminalize student/teacher relationships. Read the story here. Some might say this is yet one more example of the education system failing us.A 41-year-old Modesto teacher has reportedly dumped his wife and kids for one of his…
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Calendar, Night&Day Holiday Glow

Holiday Glow

We San Franciscans don’t fear knowledge. Unlike the unruly proles in some places (maybe, say, Modesto), we don’t revel in the simple(-minded) life of big trucks, 12-packs, and Walmart while hurling hatred and distrust at anything intellectual. Just the same,…
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Music, D-Lo grabs Snoop Dogg's remix attention

D-Lo grabs Snoop Dogg's remix attention

One night in January 2007, D'Angelo Porter left his home in Oakland and drove to his mom's house in Modesto. After he arrived, he spent five hours straight in the home studio her boyfriend had installed. Toying with the music…
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Music, Reviewed Jason Lytle

Jason Lytle

It may be a relief to Grandaddy fans that former frontman Jason Lytle's solo debut sounds exactly like the erstwhile Modesto group's output. But that shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Grandaddy was a band in name only, and…
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Music, Reviewed Mark Farina

Mark Farina

To say that San Francisco-based DJ/producer Mark Farina has a worldwide following is no exaggeration. His May itinerary includes gigs from Modesto to Dubai. Enthusiasm for Farina's mixing abilities has been sufficient to support the release of several CD compilations…
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Music, Reviewed Grandaddy


For a band that obsesses so much about the inexorable march of technology, Modesto's Grandaddy sure has managed to arrest any evolution of its aesthetic since perfecting the formula on 2000's The Sophtware Slump. That album offered gently fuzzy guitars,…
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News, The Apologist

Great Scott!

By now the whole country knows the story: Laci Peterson, a 27-year-old wife who was eight months pregnant, disappeared from her hometown of Modesto on Christmas Eve 2003, sparking a nationwide search that riveted media, crime experts, and the public.…
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Music, Reviewed Fiver


If you gave some kids from the sleepy Central Valley a few shoegazer CDs, a library of fantasy fiction, and a couple of '70s glam rock records and asked them to put it all together, the result might sound something…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Tire Iron vs. Baseball BatOne abiding question raised by Joel Engardio's article "Mission Implacable" (July 5): Where did the crowbar come from? I don't mean "Sears or Grand Auto," I mean…
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News, Feature The Modesto Invasion

The Modesto Invasion

A few miles away from a spanking-new cineplex, a Starbucks, a Borders, and other trap- pings of mainstream exurbia, Charlie's Spirits is one of the biggest music venues in Modesto. Which is to say it's damn small, holding only about…
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News, Feature

Dial Saddam for Murder

One bullet through the head, then a quick drive to Mexico. That was the plan. If it lacked artistry or cunning -- qualities one might expect of an international political assassination -- the man who set out to kill Sargon…
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