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Film, Strange <i>Days</i>

Strange Days

The last time a director known for dystopian sci-fi dreamscapes decided to bring his quirky sensibility to a more "real world" project, the outcome was Amélie, a movie so internationally acclaimed that it lifted the name of auteur Jean-Pierre Jeunet…
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News, Night Crawler Toy Boy

Toy Boy

Trumpet-nosed fish and mustache bugs, maniacal monkeys and sneezing slugs, snaggletoothed cats and worried turtles, skull-faced birds and candy girdles, moping vultures and bunny-dogs, burp-filled balloons and smiling globs, hovering heads and toy-crazed kings ... these are a few of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Enough Already

Enough Already

Our holiday spirit is so sick of all the Nutcracker-this and Christmas Carol-that of the past few weeks that it's curled up and died just in time for Christmas. It's the eternal paradox of the holiday season: If the point…
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House of Tudor

Admittedly, Alien Resurrection was offensive enough to extirpate any and all good feelings for director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Despite that pathetic attempt at science fiction, Jeunet might still be one of the finest fantasy directors of our time. His visual smorgasbord…
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Second Time Around

The City of Lost Children On its release at Christmas 1995, The City of Lost Children was compared with the fantasies of Terry Gilliam, sharing as it does an interest in retro technology and also in the value and function…
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