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News, Sucka Free City The Plot Thickens: The Beached Burning Man Bus in Nevada has a Cinematic Past

The Plot Thickens: The Beached Burning Man Bus in Nevada has a Cinematic Past

Not quite a year ago, a crippled 60-foot Muni articulated bus was hauled to Smith & Tobey 24-hour Towing. Muni buses break down all the time — but this was different. Smith & Tobey is in Wadsworth, Nev., 250 miles…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle • Noise Pop 2013 offered great sets by Thao Nugyen, Toro y Moi, and the Ty Segall project Fuzz, among many others. The festival ended with a surprise show Sunday night by instrumental electronic act Tycho at 1772 Market,…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle • Marina and the Diamonds crammed The Fillmore full of elated fans, then promptly demonstrated why this Welsh pop group has such an adoring following: Marina's appeal is like Madonna meets Kate Bush — but without the pretension and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Girl Powder!

Girl Powder!

The “girl power” movement may have gotten lost somewhere in British pop quintet the Spice Girls’ ample cleavage in the mid-90s, but fortunately for us, the righteous spirit -- and ample cleavage -- live on in the form of three…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Designer, the Cone Bra, and His Movies

The Designer, the Cone Bra, and His Movies

We’ve had it all wrong: The greatness of a film is not measured by who is playing the lead, but what that person is wearing. That’s right, we’re talking about fashion. Mise en scène, the intricate design aspects of a…
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Film, "W.E.": Madonna Fetishizes Subject at Story's Cost

"W.E.": Madonna Fetishizes Subject at Story's Cost

W.E. is the second feature film credited to former MTV queen Madonna and the second film in about a year — after The King's Speech — to dramatize the empire-imperiling affair between King Edward (James D'Arcy) and American divorcee Wallis…
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Calendar, Night&Day Make Her Express How She Feels

Make Her Express How She Feels

This person, this Kimo, owns Madonna outright. The mortgage is paid in full; it’s over. The drag mini-biopic-musicale “20 Years of Madonna in 20 Minutes” has become justly famous and adored for its careful track mix, for its backup dancers,…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

Yelp Reviews Leave Bad Taste Serving up spite: Thanks to Lauren Smiley for writing this story about Yelp. I think Smiley did a great job treating the subject with fairness. As a former restaurant employee, I…
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Film, FilmCap

Filth and Wisdom

A splashy Berlin Film Festival premiere may not have been the ideal launch strategy for this modestly scaled first feature co-written and directed by Madonna, which arrives in the U.S. having been torn limb from celluloid limb by Euro critics.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bark Ode

Bark Ode

Scott Blake's "Barcode Art" looks interesting -- it uses the icon of consumer-goods identification to create portraits of cultural icons. Just don't go to his Web site. It's a mess. But the guy's an artist, not a Web designer, so…
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Music, BeatBox Manic Mondays: a club for the '80s and the gays who love them

Manic Mondays: a club for the '80s and the gays who love them

Montreal's DJ A-Trak headlines Fool's Gold vs. Dim Mak: Screaming Bloody Murder tour, leading a crew that swaggers between electro-driven hip-hop and club music (echoes of big beat abound). A-Trak has been catapulted from unbeatable tournament DJ and honorary Skratch…
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Calendar, Night&Day You Know You Wannabe

You Know You Wannabe

Madonna has a new record coming out, thus, many San Franciscans are about to remind everyone why they're called "gay." It's time for massive celebration, people! Time for dance parties, carousing, and the ancient rites of goddess-worship. At the Big…
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Music, Let's Get Killed The Good Magazine Block Party

The Good Magazine Block Party

No one cares about trashing Best Westerns and scandalizing groupies any more. When it comes to public image, rock stars these days are hankering for Al Gore merit badges, and the music and media industries are rapidly supporting their attempts…
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Music, Misc. Reviews

Misc. Reviews

The year is 1981. Guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo are immersed in New York's No Wave scene (Lydia Lunch, Talking Heads), the fluid postpunk dance of ESG, the multilayered guitar orchestras of Glenn Branca, minimalist art, and the cleansing…
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Culture, Stage Defanged


Besides Madonna and John Travolta, there are few people in popular culture who know more about the power of reinvention than Anne Rice. Fans were understandably shocked when the mass-market fiction world's reigning queen of the damned made the announcement…
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Culture, Stage Cracked Crystal

Cracked Crystal

There comes a point in many a celebrity's career when he or she feels compelled to get out of the fast lane for a while and concentrate on something more wholesome. Some, like Paul Newman, make salad dressing; others, such…
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Music, Bouncer

Katy St. Clair weighs in on pee-pee, poo-poo, and the Casanova

Loyal Readers may be wondering just where this column was last week. Last week, Loyal Readers probably opened the paper and zoomed straight to the hooker ads in the back like they usually do. Then, after seeing no new prospects,…
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Music, Reviewed Madonna


Like another pop pioneer, David Bowie, Madonna has always been something of a musical chameleon, hopping artfully from trend to trend, leaving bits and pieces of radio-friendly gold in her wake. (Unlike the Thin White Duke, however, the Material Girl…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Future Tense

Future Tense

THURS 5/19 Author Mark Dery has opinions. He also has observations, critiques, and a whole host of hypotheses about culture -- be it pop culture, subculture, or better yet, fringe culture -- as well as technology, media, art, cyber-everything, robots,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lipstick Thespians

Lipstick Thespians

Sultry jazz and sequined gowns, 6-foot-tall dudes with fuchsia lip gloss, the timeless lyrical orators of "Pink Cadillac" and "Material Girl": The word "diva" brings all sorts of things to mind. In fact, it's become something of a catchall for…
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