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Culture, The Exhibitionist Artist's Statement: The Radical Art of Lynn Hershman Leeson

Artist's Statement: The Radical Art of Lynn Hershman Leeson

It was Renoir who said that a work of art "must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself, and carry you away." Interviews with artists should have a similar effect. With "Artist's Statement," our weekly interview series with prominent…
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Calendar, Night&Day Women's Work

Women's Work

Like Joan Braderman's 2009 doc, The Heretics, Lynn Hershman Leeson's !Women Art Revolution is a lionizing chronicle of the birth, in the late '60s, and efflorescence of feminist art. It's motivated by first-person recollection. "I realize the timeline of this…
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Film, Film Feature Seven Brainy Movies for the Summer

Seven Brainy Movies for the Summer

This microclimed town is more about summer sweaters than summer swelter, so San Franciscans have never turned to movie theaters — and their air-conditioning — for refuge from the heat. But when the fog blots out the sun and…
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Music, All Shook Down Lynn Hershman Leeson Celebrated at SFMoMA and in Second Life

Lynn Hershman Leeson Celebrated at SFMoMA and in Second Life

Bay Area art mainstay Lynn Hershman Leeson gets a whole year of respect. Six exhibitions are showing this year at various Bay Area museums, including the MoMA. Entitled Life n (Life to the power of n), the exhibit revisits…
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Calendar, Night&Day

Liger vs. Wholphin

With issue No. 4, McSweeney's quarterly DVD magazine of "rare and unseen short films" has survived the delicate toddler years and is marching steadily into adolescence. Although the name Wholphin is almost defiantly McSweeney-esque -- it sits there like an…
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News, Feature Bay Area Filmmakers

Bay Area Filmmakers

History is written by the winners, which in our culture means those with big bucks and media access. So George Lucas, a successful businessman with an interest in movies, has produced a two-hour history of Bay Area filmmaking cutely titled…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Bombing the Mission

Bombing the Mission

WED 11/23 The idea of a feature film about graffiti culture might remind you of 1984's wrongheaded Breakin', which only became good 10 years later (and for reasons the filmmaker would hate). But Quality of Life isn't destined for camp:…
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Film, Dreamlife of Angels

Dreamlife of Angels

You know you're in a sci-fi movie with a concept much higher than its budget when minimalism is being used as a shorthand for futuristic. In the years to come, or so it seems, we will all prefer near-empty rooms…
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Film, Reel World

Out of the Fog

Elliot Lavine, who emerged as one of the top rep programmers in the country during his 13-year tenure at the Roxie Cinema before stepping down early this year, has resurfaced at the Auctions by the Bay theater, ABTB's Movie Palace…
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Film, Your Friends and Neighbors

Your Friends and Neighbors

While Bay Area filmmakers certainly have a strong presence at the festival, there's no overpowering local artist -- say, a Francis Ford Coppola -- on hand with new work. Instead, we have Roman (son of) Coppola with his debut feature,…
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Film, Reel World


"How much are people going to pay for your animation?" muses financial analyst Stuart Lerner of Mondo Media, the S.F. online entertainment company, pondering every animator's primary query. "Less than you want, but more than you deserve." Lerner's sitting on…
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Film, Reel World

Reel World

Gattica Resplendent in a red gown and black wig, Tilda Swinton looks more than a little like a 21st-century Hedy Lamarr. She extends her hand in greeting, showing off the scarlet, squared-off fingernails her character plugs into phone jacks for…
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Reel World

Fantastic Voyage Decked out with virtual sets and Y3K software, and with the author of the first computer language as its subject, Lynn Hershman Leeson's Conceiving Ada (opening Friday, Feb. 19, at the Lumiere) has all the hooks to make…
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