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Music, All Shook Down Christmas Comes Early at Aimee Mann's Holiday Show at Bimbo's

Christmas Comes Early at Aimee Mann's Holiday Show at Bimbo's

Aimee Mann with Ted Leo, Liz Phair, Jonathan Coulton, and John Roderick Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco Dec. 6 Better than: drinking egg nog that isn't spiked with anything. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at…
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Music, Hear This Waxahatchee: Show Preview

Waxahatchee: Show Preview

By trade, Katie Crutchfield is a singer-songwriter, but in action as Waxahatchee, she's more like a butcher whose voice and six-string double as carving knives. Scanning through mind and memory, Crutchfield takes off thin, short-story-friendly slices of recollections and reflections,…
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Music, All Shook Down The Top 11 Hottest Women in Grunge

The Top 11 Hottest Women in Grunge

Sure, the grunge era produced its fair share of long-haired, flannel-loving, Converse-wearing male beefcake. But early '90s rock also made famous a bunch of strong-minded, talented -- and really, really sexy -- female rockers. As Nirvana's Nevermind turns 20 this…
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Music, All Shook Down Opinions About Opinions: Parsing the Year in Pitchfork Ratings

Opinions About Opinions: Parsing the Year in Pitchfork Ratings

They say any publicity is good publicity. It just might work for Ghostland Observatory, whose album Codename: Rondo got the lowest Pitchfork rating of 2010, clocking in at 1.5 out of 10. What, you may wonder if, like me, you…
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Music, All Shook Down Thoughts on a Night with Liz Phair, Stephan Jenkins, the Velvet Underground, and Practically Every Musician in the Mission

Thoughts on a Night with Liz Phair, Stephan Jenkins, the Velvet Underground, and Practically Every Musician in the Mission

Stephan Jenkins, frontman of Third Eye Blind, is tall. This I realized last night, as I was standing next to the man inside Coda Jazz Supper Club on Mission Street, stumbling for words to introduce him to a sold-out crowd. The…
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Music, Let's Get Killed Liz Phair returns from <i>Guyville</i> exile

Liz Phair returns from Guyville exile

Of all the blasts from the past currently touring, I'm most excited about Liz Phair's single-album shows. The one-time San Franciscan and longtime Chicagoan will be at the Fillmore on Monday, June 23, to perform her old ode to screwing…
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Music, Reviewed Pink Nasty

Pink Nasty

Looks like it's time for the '90s indie rock revival. Sebadoh is reuniting for Noise Pop; the Silversun Pumpkins, er, Pick-ups are selling out venues left and right. Before you know it, rockers will be sucking down E's and going…
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Music, Exile in Mainstream

Exile in Mainstream

Boston, a city that exports a thousand academics and financial advisers for every one Matt Damon, does not have style. The few oases of chichi glamour jammed into downtown are plagued by rumpled white men in old Brooks Brothers shirts.…
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Music, Reviewed Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World

If I were a high school principal on graduation day, I'd cut the commencement address and just play this record at top volume, because Jimmy Eat World taps into the hormone-fueled roller coaster of emo that 17-year-olds are riding way…
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Music, Reviewed White Mud Free Way

White Mud Free Way

It's A.D. 2007. The boroughs of New York are still being rebuilt after the convention riots of 2004, and a group of renegade music scientists is desperately trying to re-create the indie rock scene lost in the devastation. Their lament:…
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Calendar, Performance Soap Scum

Soap Scum

WED-SAT 2/25-28 With their over-the-top attributes -- hysterical characters, dubious plot twists, piss-elegant monikers, big hair -- soap operas are eminently suitable for parody. Comedy writers first took them on with the screwy '40s radio serial Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife,…
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Music, Reviewed Continuous Peasant

Continuous Peasant

Every poet wants to sing, but how does it feel, at 40, to arrive in the Bay Area with your first album? Can you swallow your age, unsure if tonight's the night? Meet Chris Stroffolino, worried man on vocals and…
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Music, Reviewed Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers

There's that story you hear every couple of years about how for this or that record a band moves into a haunted mansion in Tennessee or the Hollywood hills, sets up some tape machines, microphones, and an assortment of percussive…
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Music, Reviewed Liz Phair

Liz Phair

Do not be fooled by the lyric "Give me your hot white cum." This isn't the edgy, clever Liz Phair of Exile in Guyville, but rather a bland, barely recognizable avatar. And the song, abbreviated "H.W.C.," encapsulates everything that's wrong…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

If you ask me, there are really just two types of country bands: those that do a cappella versions of Liz Phair's X-rated song "Flower," and those that don't. Happily, the East Bay's Loretta Lynch belongs in the former camp,…
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Film, Reel World

Play Misty for Me

With the subversive 1997 buddy movie Dream With the Fishes, Finn Taylor promoted himself from one-credit screenwriter (Pontiac Moon) to indie writer/ director. The next rung may be auteur, as the Albany resident has just begun production on Cherish, an…
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Music, Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky

"We're surrounded by Americans," says a slightly disoriented Fabrizio Steinbach, who's taking some time away from his native Germany to visit San Francisco. "There's a good vibe here. I like the people, though a few look crazy." So maybe he's…
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Culture, Stuff Stalker Fiction

Stalker Fiction

For a moment or two, David Lowery -- front man for the band Cracker, and before that, beloved college-radio revolutionary sweethearts Camper Van Beethoven -- found himself enjoying the book. He laughed in the right places, winced in the appropriate…
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News, Letters


The Bad Doctor Your article on John Parkinson was quite interesting ("The Fairfield Wives," Aug. 5). I live in Fairfield and toward the beginning of 1992 I received a call at the law office where I was employed from a…
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News, Letters


Evenhanded Treatment of Mormom Church When I saw that "The Fairfield Wives" (Aug. 5) would extensively cover the internal structures and operations of the Mormon Church, I was concerned. It wasn't that I hold the Mormon Church dear in any…
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