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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Gay Games

Gay Games

SAT 6/28 The San Francisco Fog R.F.C. is just like any other rugby team, except that it's one of the few recognized gay rugby clubs in the country. At FogFest 2003, the players lay down their welcome mat for anyone…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff All That Jazz

All That Jazz

SAT 6/28 Since 1972, jazz masters and up-and-coming stars have flocked to the hallowed halls of Stanford University for its Jazz Workshop, an annual program that includes summer residencies, educational events, and the beloved Stanford Jazz Festival. For 31 years,…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Skits and Skin

Skits and Skin

WED 6/25 Nothing makes an evening more tantalizing than a legendary venue, a bevy of bodacious babes, and some good old-fashioned bawdy burlesque. The venue in question is the timeless Bimbo's 365 Club, the babes are definitely bountiful, and the…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Totally Well

Totally Well

THURS 6/19 Schlepping through the Embarcadero Center laden with heavy bags is enough to keep almost any shopper in shape. But in case running from Parkway Pizza to Just Desserts to See's Candies isn't the kind of exercise you had…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Bird's-Eye View

Bird's-Eye View

SAT 6/21 The opening scene of Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 masterpiece Vertigo, in which James Stewart chases a fugitive across a building, slips, and is left dangling precariously from a rain gutter, portrayed the fear of heights so accurately that even…
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Calendar, Performance It's a Goode Thing

It's a Goode Thing

THURS 6/19 The rugged man who once strode through Yerba Buena Theater revving a chain saw (in 29 Effeminate Gestures) and exclaiming, "He's a good guy! He's a good, good guy!" is at it again. With the world premiere of…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Sandy Land

Sandy Land

SAT 6/14 "And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually." Dude, that is so heavy. Yet like so many other hippie-era odes to the impermanent and cyclical nature of men and their accomplishments, Jimi Hendrix's words ring…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Don't Forget About It

Don't Forget About It

SAT 6/14 Aria meets amplification in a one-of-a-kind event that introduces the theatricality of opera to a younger set. In a bold move, the San Francisco Opera is lending promoter Ggreg Taylor several sets and a soloist to create the…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Saddle Up

Saddle Up

THURS-SUN 5/29-6/1 Sam Shepard had one of his most revealing on-screen moments in 1985's Fool for Love, when he deadpanned, "If you ain't a cowboy, you ain't shit." But in Shepard's plays, sometimes being a caballero isn't enough. Slim, the…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight!

THURS 5/22 Ah, manhood. There are few things left for us men to enjoy in this PC world of diplomacy and chivalry. Midget wrestling, garlic fries, watching 140-pound hotheads whack each other in the face with padded mitts ... that's…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind

SAT 5/24 At "Whoosh," Zeum's new exhibit about wind, curious minds can explore what role the powerful force plays in flight. Better yet, they can find out for themselves. The show features two interactive installations -- Bird's Eye View and…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen <i>Buffy </i>Band

Buffy Band

THURS 5/22 Life is sprinkled with heartbreaking events -- the death of a loved one, the bitter breakup, and last but not always least, the tragic demise of a favorite TV program. This past Tuesday marks the end of what…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Orient Express

Orient Express

SUN 5/18 The "Asian American Documentary Showcase" offers viewers a chance to catch impressive West Coast premieres, as well as three short early films by Gurinder Chadha of Bend It Like Beckham fame. Acting Our Age, for example, highlights her…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Teen Dream

Teen Dream

FRI 5/16 Many events bill themselves as "multimedia," but Adolescent Sublime's film launch party includes live music, a fashion show, a hip hop dance performance, digital art, a lecture, and DJs, in addition to the movie preview itself. If that…
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Calendar, Performance Shut Up and Listen

Shut Up and Listen

WED-SUN 5/14-18 This imaginary conversation was inspired by the San Francisco Alternative Music Festival: No. 1: Hey, you got your punk in my jazz! No. 2: Well, you got your jazz all over my punk! No. 3: Shut up, both…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Pooch Power

Pooch Power

My dog knows two tricks: "eat," which involves devouring any and all food products within a 50-foot radius, and "look cute," a gift she has mastered and used to her advantage since birth. With the exception of the rare "sit,"…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Team Spirit

Team Spirit

MON 5/12 Everybody likes a team player, but not all of us know how to play nice with others. That's where Team in Training comes in. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's endurance training program helps folks of all ages and…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Soul Powered

Soul Powered

FRI-SUN 5/9-11 Like Madonna and Cher, hip hop diva Micaya is known by one name and a sass-and-steel reputation. Hundreds of local dancers have trained with her or performed in the music videos, club gigs, and evening-length shows she's produced…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Pizza, Pizza

Pizza, Pizza

WED-SUN 4/30-5/4 Kids are notoriously picky about what they eat, but even the most finicky can't turn down pizza. At the exhibit "Pizza -- Any Way You Slice It," youngsters can satisfy their cravings by learning how to make a…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen <i>En Garde</i>

En Garde

FRI-TUES 5/2-6 Even if you're too young to remember when Zorro first aired on ABC in 1957, you've likely seen reruns of the Walt Disney TV show about a masked, Robin Hood-esque freedom fighter who defends the people of the…
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