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Culture, The Exhibitionist Richard Lewis Brings Christmas Cheer to Jews and Atheists

Richard Lewis Brings Christmas Cheer to Jews and Atheists

Between the parties, familial obligations, and financial strains, the holidays can be challenging for those struggling with substance abuse or depression. So New York comedian Richard Lewis couldn't have chosen a better time to bring his humor to Cobb's…
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Calendar, Night&Day Oy Yay

Oy Yay

What’s a Jew to do on December 25th? Plenty. If the Mayans are wrong, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Kung Pao Kosher Comedy, when the chosen people and their favorite goys can head to Chinatown for the yearly tradition…
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Calendar, Night&Day Holiday in the Margins

Holiday in the Margins

The most "alternative" Christmas dinner we ever had was a box of six powdered donuts and take-out coffee. It took place in a 7-Eleven parking lot. In Pleasanton. On a work break. But at least we were getting paid double-time…
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Culture, Stagecap

Theater Review: "Speech & Debate" at the Aurora Theatre

Speech & Debate looks suspiciously like the first draft of an afterschool special about conservative sexual hypocrisy, written by a teenage Larry David after a double shot of espresso. Focused on three high school students — all of whom are…
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Calendar, Night&Day Hello Garlin

Hello Garlin

Jeff Garlin’s credits run from the notable (Toy Story 3) to the crucial (Arrested Development). He’s a versatile man, and no matter where you turn your eyes, he’s proving it. Tonight’s show is stand-up comedy; just a man, a microphone,…
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Film, Not even the great Larry David can salvage Woody Allen's shtick in <i>Whatever Works</i>

Not even the great Larry David can salvage Woody Allen's shtick in Whatever Works

Character is destiny — at least for Woody Allen's Whatever Works. Allen's exercise in Woody Allen nostalgia opens with a snatch of Groucho Marx singing his trademark paradoxical assertion ("Hello, I must be going") and is powered almost entirely by…
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Film, Film Feature

The Young Man's Dream

The last time I interviewed Woody Allen, at his editing suite on Manhattan's Upper East Side, he was preparing the release of Match Point (2005), a dark morality play about an ambitious — and ultimately homicidal — tennis instructor working…
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News, The Snitch Dot Com Autists: Get Some 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Therapy

Dot Com Autists: Get Some 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Therapy

As we all know, web-tards aren't known for their sparkling personalities, and fair enough: sitting in front of a computer all day isn't exactly sociable. But not to worry! There's now help from an unlikely source. The New Yorker…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Shut Up, Already

Shut Up, Already

V for Vendetta (Warner Bros.) Illustrator David Lloyd calls this adaptation of the comic he made with writer Alan Moore "very good" -- so why did Moore beg to have his name removed? The intentions are noble, sure; name another…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish

New releases available this week

The Blues Brothers 25th Anniversary Edition (Universal Studios Home Video) Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman's modern-day revival of the Blues Brothers is less a stroke of comedy genius than a dose of karaoke night at Hooters. Fight off those thoughts…
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Culture, Stuff The Boss

The Boss

On October 12, BBC America aired the second-season premiere of The Office, the beloved mockumentary that follows paper-selling rats 'round the maze of cubicles leading to the office of head cheese David Brent, a pathetic little man who says in…
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Culture, Stuff Hope Sinks

Hope Sinks

For the next five days, Richard Lewis will seldom leave his North Dallas hotel room, hidden away at the far end of the top floor with a view of overpasses, office buildings and distant dark clouds. He will venture out…
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News, Randomemo Randomemo


Good TV shows usually have one, a muse who weaves his own demented, absurd, and hilarious life into the story line each week. Seinfeld had Larry David, the co-creator and inspiration behind the landmark hit. (He was the alter ego…
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The Larry David Show

Not since the death of Diana has there been a pop phenomenon as cataclysmic as the demise of Seinfeld. The surrounding hoopla has reached such, well, titanic proportions that it has turned the series' saturnine co-creator -- balding, bespectacled Larry…
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