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News, Block And Load: A Book of Blueprints for Realistic LEGO Guns; What Could Go Wrong?

Block And Load: A Book of Blueprints for Realistic LEGO Guns; What Could Go Wrong?

These are trying times for guns in America. The country is more polarized than ever over what to do with the constitutionally enshrined, vaguely defined "right to bear arms" that many Americans see as their birthright and others see as…
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Calendar, Night&Day Luke and Leia, Before They Were Big

Luke and Leia, Before They Were Big

In the ever-expanding supernova of subsidiary content in the Star Wars universe (action figures, Lego sets, video games, novels, TV movies, cartoons, and theme park rides), comic books hold a special place. One reason is because the first of Marvel’s…
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Calendar, Night&Day On the Front Lines

On the Front Lines

In the 1980s, people raised holy heck about what they called the “Manhattanization” of San Francisco (we should be so lucky) because of a couple of new high-rises. What we fear more these days might be called the “Pleasantonization” of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Run Like a Child

Run Like a Child

Many people who never exercise change their habits in the days after Thanksgiving — hope springs eternal. Instead of doing eight pushups and collapsing in front of the television, Run Wild for a Child offers three miles you can shuffle…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Magic of Intimacy

The Magic of Intimacy

Christian Cagigal achieves big things on a small scale. Compactly built, neatly groomed, and bookishly bespectacled, the San Francisco–based illusionist more closely resembles Harry Potter than he does Penn Jillette. Yet his far-flung grin and theatrical approach to even the…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Blast Happy

Blast Happy

The words "user-generated content" usually mean you're about to encounter one of two things: an irritating Super Bowl commercial made by 16-year-olds, or another dramatic chipmunk. Still, people love this stuff. So it's no surprise that video-game developers are catering…
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Film, Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

Brian De Palma is angry — angry about the war in Iraq, and about the fact that his Iraq movie, Redacted, has fallen victim to the very censorship it is, in part, a reaction to. When the director submitted his…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fest for the Senses

Fest for the Senses

Sundance has its Slamdance, Slumdance, and, yes, even Son-of-Sam Dance. Here in the Bay Area, where plush megafests saturate their fair share of local screen space, we have the Brainwash Movie Festival as a local version of these upstarts. (Perhaps…
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Calendar, Halloween

Slap Shots

Of Legos ... Perhaps because of last week's book festival, the Bay Area has recently whelped a host of interesting new tomes. SF Weekly readers who remember my cover story last year on Mal Sharpe (see "Mal on the Street,"…
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Chip Shot

Psychic Detective, which has its world premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival next week, is a video game tarted up to resemble a movie. It offers five hours' worth of live-action footage (directed by local filmmaker John Sanborn) of…
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