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Culture, The Exhibitionist SF Sketchfest: Kevin Smith Regales With Tales of "Rectal Adventures" and Care for the Dying

SF Sketchfest: Kevin Smith Regales With Tales of "Rectal Adventures" and Care for the Dying

What's typically billed as a light, stream-of-consciousness rap between two old friends and colleagues strewn with pop culture references took a surprisingly strange focus Sunday night that made us want to leave early -- but it ended on an…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Jason Mewes Talks About Jay and Silent Bob, Working with Kevin Smith -- and His Roofing Job

Jason Mewes Talks About Jay and Silent Bob, Working with Kevin Smith -- and His Roofing Job

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith have been playing and talking about their fictional weed-dealing duo Jay and Silent Bob for 17 years, starting with 1994's Clerks through to 2006's Clerks II. For the past few years, they've presented a live…
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Film, Kevin Smith's <i>Cop Out</i>: So crazy, it just might work

Kevin Smith's Cop Out: So crazy, it just might work

Cop Out establishes its movie lineage right away, with a slow-motion toe-to-head tilt up, set to the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn," of black-cop/white-cop buddies Paul and Jimmy swaggering stone-faced toward the camera. Director and editor Kevin Smith (who…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Eldorado</i>


The title of Bouli Lanners’s modest yet surprisingly affecting road-trip/buddy movie, which refers to an imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity, isn’t necessarily ironic: The writer-director-actor has a profound love for the flat expanses of the film’s southern Belgium…
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Calendar, Night&Day Big in Japan

Big in Japan

You know how people say how sex is a celebration of life? The Air Sex Championships aren’t like that. The Air Sex Championships are pretty messed up. Director Kevin Smith went to one in Austin and had to leave, not…
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Film, Millennium Albatross

Millennium Albatross

Fanboys is meant for the dude who is content to simply stare at an Imperial Stormtrooper's empty helmet for 90 minutes. It's for the two childhood friends who parted ways back in junior high over a dispute about whether Captain…
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Film, Strictly Softcore

Strictly Softcore

Ostensibly, Zack and Miri Make a Porno should be money-shot Kevin Smith: Pals make porn to pay the bills and, in the process of gettin' it on for the video cam, cum to realize their years-in-the-making friendship is really a…
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News, Sucka Free City The Bad Lieutenant

The Bad Lieutenant

An acting lieutenant and 19-year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department was involuntarily placed under a 72-hour psychiatric commitment last month after his co-workers complained of feeling threatened by him. When police went to search firefighter David Chavez's home…
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News, Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke

At the Bayview office of the Black Firefighter's Association, history hangs on the walls. There are news clippings about significant legal victories and portraits of proud African-American officers, reminders of the decades the group spent battling to give minorities their…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Extra! Read All About It

Extra! Read All About It

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (Warner Bros.) At long last, Richard Donner's much-whispered-about "original version" of Superman II sees the light of day, and it quickly joins the ranks of the reconstructed Touch of Evil, Apocalypse Now, and Blade…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Savage Love Michael doesn't like in-your-face?: As an avid listener to Michael Savage, I found Ron Russell's story about the talk-show host's background interesting reading . However, Mr. Russell's characterization of his message as…
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Film, Go-Nowhere Men

Go-Nowhere Men

Two weeks ago a colleague insisted that Superman Returns isn't the remake of the 1978 original, as I wrote, but a reinterpretation — its melancholy flip side. Where the Christopher Reeve model was pop art and a cool breeze, the…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish New releases available this week

New releases available this week

Desperate Housewives: The Complete First Season (Buena Vista) ABC's juggernaut drama is made up mostly of elements that have trickled down from HBO: black humor, self-awareness, the radical notion that women over 30 can arouse the national libido. The bonus…
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Culture, Stuff Jersey Gurgle

Jersey Gurgle

Full disclosure: I like precisely one and a half Kevin Smith movies. There's the one everyone else hates, the John Hughes homage Mallrats, and the first hour of the one everyone else loves, Chasing Amy, which dries up around the…
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Film, Lipstick Traces

Lipstick Traces

Kissing Jessica Stein ends several times -- which likely explains how a film with so short a running time, 96 minutes, feels as though it lasts much longer -- and each conclusion satisfies; each feels real, natural, and best of…
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Film, White Dopes on Dope

White Dopes on Dope

Beware the filmmaker who looks through the camera's lens and sees only himself on the other side, blowing kisses. He's the fool who confuses "personal vision" with "jacking off," and he'll try every time to convince you there's something meaningful…
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Film, In God He Trusts

In God He Trusts

"Yesterday I wasn't even sure God existed," laments Bethany (Linda Fiorentino), the reluctant yet divinely touched heroine of Kevin Smith's ambitious new film, Dogma. "Now I'm up to my ass in Christian mythology." As it turns out, so are we.…
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News, Night Crawler Night Crawler

Night Crawler

Warrior WorshipNot since Star Trek has a television show inspired the cult-like veneration enjoyed by Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Fans rattle off episode titles like athletes quoting batting averages; they discuss character development with the same…
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Female Trouble

Chasing Amy Written and directed by Kevin Smith. Starring Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, Dwight Ewell, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith. Opens Friday, April 11, at the Embarcadero Center in S.F., and Friday, April 18, at the Act…
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Reel World

A Face in the Crowd Yes, that's former Film Arts Festival director and Sex Is ... poster boy Bob Hawk enjoying a cameo in Chasing Amy, the latest dirty-talk opus from Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats). Hawk's appearance isn't all that…
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