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Culture, The Exhibitionist Nato's Comedy Picks, Sketchfest edition: Kevin Camia & Baron Vaughn

Nato's Comedy Picks, Sketchfest edition: Kevin Camia & Baron Vaughn

If you like comedy, this is the most important time of year. It's the 15th Annual SF Sketchfest. Sketchfest — which, truth be told, is less and less "sketch"-related all the time — is a comedy nerd's live wet…
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Calendar, Night&Day When Words Collide

When Words Collide

Describing the powerfully funny comedy of Brent Weinbach may be best accomplished with abstract means, such as shapes. Weinbach’s deadpan delivery of absurdist scenarios and characters is like a circle colliding with a triangle while it’s in a fight with…
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Culture, Stage

Fall Arts: We Made Nato Green Fill Out a Questionnaire

Joke I Remember Telling as a Kid: Bobcat Goldthwait's Meat Bob album, start to finish. Joke I Wish I Had Written: Kevin Camia's joke about protesters. Favorite Joke That Never Quite Worked: I can relate to suicide bombers. I too…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist W. Kamau Bell Dishes on His Two New Productions: One Show and One Baby

W. Kamau Bell Dishes on His Two New Productions: One Show and One Baby

It has been a incredibly hectic, bone-tiring, brain-stretching couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I called my manager Keri Smith of Whitesmith Entertainment and I said the five words she surely didn't want to hear, "I wanna cancel those shows."…
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Calendar, Night&Day Training Montage

Training Montage

The comedians of Laughter Against the Machine are bullies, except they only bully up, never down. When a big guy kicks a little guy, these guys kick the big guy — with jokes. This type of maneuver used to be…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter

Since the series started earlier this year, Snob Theater has featured darlings of the local music scene alongside equally feted local comedians. There are also people like stand-up Vladimir Khlynin, who appears tonight. Khlynin tries: He has a blog —…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mean Boys

Mean Boys

Eating meat, or fish, in spite of the fact that they're living, feeling creatures -- “What's the difference between all that and drowning the prom king in the hotel swimming pool?” asks Kevin Camia. And he'll tell you what the…
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Music, All Shook Down What To Do? Monday's Pick: "What's Crackin' SF?"

What To Do? Monday's Pick: "What's Crackin' SF?"

"What's Crackin' SF?" @ Punch Line No time like the holiday-worn present for a wee spot of catharsis. While the usual wintertime opportunities for relaxation still apply, laughter is the next best medicine, if you have no access to Wellbutrin,…
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Calendar, Night&Day He Will Ring Your Bell

He Will Ring Your Bell

We dubbed him Best Comedian of 2008, and while we're going to have to pry that crown out of his clenched fists, W. Kamau Bell is actually way more famous for something else. (And we're not even talking about his…
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Calendar, Night&Day They Make It Look Easy

They Make It Look Easy

So Will Franken walks into a bar. No, really! At Comedy Speakeasy, that actually happened, when the weekly showcase featured the much-laughed-at actor/comedian in his last San Francisco show before he winged it off to NYC. Thus, Will Franken no…
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Bring the piNoise

PiNoisepop 7 takes place Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 22-24, at Bindlestiff Studio. Here are a few of the most intriguing local artists. Bobby Banduria Stand-up comedian and actor Bobby Banduria (aka Kevin Camia) spiffs up traditional Filipino instrumentation with a…
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