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Culture, The Exhibitionist Out and Around: San Francisco Lesbian Couple Travels The World

Out and Around: San Francisco Lesbian Couple Travels The World

In Out and Around, Logo's recently premiered documentary, San Francisco based lesbian couple Jennifer Chang and Lisa Dazols took a year long trip around the world. The video of their journey screened on Logo on August 17 and is now…
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Calendar, Night&Day Way to Bay

Way to Bay

San Francisco’s craziest costume party is here once again. And it’s just like us to dress up for a 12k race. Sponsored by craigslist, the 102nd Bay to Breakers runs from the Embarcadero all the way across the city will…
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Film, "2016: Obama's America": The Five Most Hilarious Lowlights

"2016: Obama's America": The Five Most Hilarious Lowlights

The movie of choice this week for people who hold the beliefs that A) America is the strongest, best-est country that God ever virgin-birthed and B) that that nation somehow just isn't strong enough to survive eight years of centrist…
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Calendar, Night&Day Organizing a Community

Organizing a Community

In the mid-1980s, Barack Obama left a promising and well-paid New York business career to work as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. That decision was furthered, in some measure, by a brief phone conversation with the…
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Music, Shabazz Palaces Lets Its Hip-Hop Do the Talking

Shabazz Palaces Lets Its Hip-Hop Do the Talking

If there's one thing we're supposed to know about Shabazz Palaces, it's that we're not supposed to know shit. In the two years since recordings by the Seattle-based hip-hop act of that name have surfaced to effusive praise, Palaces' MC,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Not Only in San Francisco

Not Only in San Francisco

The world owes queer women of color a huge debt of gratitude: Wanda Sykes alone ought to cause worldwide automatic worship. Because where the hell would we be without Wanda Sykes? But the automatic-worship thing hasn’t happened yet, so let’s…
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Calendar, Night&Day No Boundaries

No Boundaries

The bio of choreographer Opiyo Okach reads like a case study for the geography of the Internet age. Born in Magadi, Kenya, he grew up steeped in village life before developing an interest in theater and dance in high school.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Jessica Rabbit, Live and in Person

Jessica Rabbit, Live and in Person

The Fillmore District plays a legendary, controversial, and ongoing part in the history of San Francisco. When Japanese residents were sent to internment camps during World War II, lots of African-Americans moved in. Nightclubs popped up, hosting jazz and blues…
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Music, Hear This Extra Golden

Extra Golden

Here's a heartwarming story: Cross-cultural collaboration makes good, endures death of original member, overcomes visa troubles courtesy of then-Senator Barack Obama, and helps relatives endure political maelstrom in Kenya through fan donations. Extra Golden, formed in Nairobi while American guitarist…
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Calendar, Night&Day I Think That I Shall Never See ...

I Think That I Shall Never See ...

OK, so it turns out that a recent Nobel Peace Prize winner would have sided with the treesitters you all love to hate so much. Laugh's kinda on you, because Wangari Maathai is awesome. Lisa Merton and Alan Dater's documentary…
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News, Sucka Free City Kiva's Microloans Underwriting Cockfighting in Peru

Kiva's Microloans Underwriting Cockfighting in Peru

At Kiva's Web site (, you can plunk down a loan of $25 to spot a farmer for pineapple seeds in Nicaragua, or help a fish seller buy cooking oil in Kenya. Started by a Bay Area couple inspired by…
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Film, Dreams Deferred

Dreams Deferred

The Boys of Baraka, a fine documentary about a group of inner-city, at-risk boys who travel to Kenya to attend a special school, comes very close to greatness. For over an hour, the film is a sharp and blazing account…
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Film, Funky Fresh

Funky Fresh

January has earned its reputation as the month in which studios unload all their cheapie horror flicks, but February is the month when we invariably get yet another middle-of-the-road black-urban-professional romantic comedy. (It's both Black History and Valentine's month, hence…
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Film, Low Yield

Low Yield

At the opening of The Constant Gardener, Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles' adaptation of the novel by John le Carré, we hear a conversation before we see it. The screen remains black, still running credits, as a man and a woman…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Perfumer

Yosh Han After you smell Han's scents, you'll never go back to wearing department store perfume again. Unlike most mass-produced fragrances that chemically approximate aromas found in nature, Han's offerings use essences extracted from the actual plants and flowers.…
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Culture, Encore


The Bone Man of Benares. Terry lives like a vagrant in Sweden, sleeping in parking lots in his underheated Volkswagen bus. During a 22-below winter, to warm up, he pays morning visits to the forced-air hand dryers in a public…
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Culture, Stage


Dan Hoyle circled the globe on a grant two years ago from the Chicago-based Circumnavigators Club, using its money to develop a piece of "journalistic theater" about globalism. If you've never heard of journalistic theater, don't worry: Hoyle may be…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Down With Downloaders Just because people do it doesn't make it right: First: I don't like the traditional record industry; I think they act like pimps . I will not be sad to see the current model…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Unbalanced and Unfair Where was your critical judgment?: Bernice Yeung's atrocious story, "Enslavement in Palo Alto," which quoted me, is an example of one-sided journalism at its worst . The reporter has taken a single lawsuit based upon unproved…
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News, Feature Enslaved in Palo Alto

Enslaved in Palo Alto

Alice B. grew up in Bungoma, Kenya, a district near the border of Uganda with a distant view of the jagged, extinct volcano Mount Elgon. Surrounded by rolling hills and verdant, grassy fields, her hometown has soccer teams, Girl Scout…
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