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Culture, The Exhibitionist John Malkovich Creeps Us Out as Serial Killer in <i>The Infernal Comedy</i>

John Malkovich Creeps Us Out as Serial Killer in The Infernal Comedy

Jack Unterweger -- the Vienna Strangler -- had movie-star charm and talent that fooled the entertainment industry and law enforcement for years. He became a media darling from within prison, was granted a pardon, then had a brief TV journalism…
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Film, "Red": Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis are comedic trained killers

"Red": Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis are comedic trained killers

Classiest. Comic. Book. Movie. Ever. Not the best. Not the worst. Just the classiest — Helen Mirren (and Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich and Brian Cox and Richard Dreyfuss) can spruce up any pulp. As far as comic-book adaptations go,…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>The Great Buck Howard</i>

The Great Buck Howard

No one does raging unlovability quite like John Malkovich, who’s a total gas when he drops the bombast that often bogs down his more serious roles. Not that Buck Howard, the once-great mentalist now playing to half-empty theaters in Hicksville,…
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Calendar, Night&Day I Think I'm Getting a Kauf

I Think I'm Getting a Kauf

If you traveled the length of John Malkovich’s medulla oblongata and walked through the adjoining door of the interstellar hotel room at the end of 2001, you might end up somewhere in the vicinity of Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York—a…
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Film, The World Is a Stage

The World Is a Stage

If you traveled the length of John Malkovich's medulla oblongata, hung a sharp left at the desk where Beckett's Krapp recorded his last tape, and walked through the adjoining door of the interstellar hotel room at the end of 2001,…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Tomorrow's Misery Today

Tomorrow's Misery Today

Children of Men (Universal) Set in a tomorrow that looks like yesterday, Alfonso Cuarón's wrenching adaptation of P.D. James' novel feels more like documentary than fiction. In the movie's world, women have gone barren, and immigrants are tossed into prison…
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Culture, Stage


From British playwright Christopher Hampton's stage adaptation to the 1988 movie starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos' famous epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) has been adapted many times. Playwright Tom Smith's version transports the…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

Most folks have heard the name Ingmar Bergman, but if you go around and ask them what they think of his movies -- foreign-film aficionados and Swedes aside -- they'll often give you a perplexed look. The phenomenon is reminiscent…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

"Malkmus, Malkmus, Malkmus!" we might mutter in frustration like an indie-rocking Jan Brady or John Malkovich. We've seen the glory the former leader of Pavement is capable of and can't argue with the fact that he and his low-fidelity slacker…
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Culture, Stage Delicious Wickedness

Delicious Wickedness

Choderlos de Laclos served as a career military man in pre- and post-revolutionary France, survived the French Revolution with his head intact, invented the first hollow artillery shell, and published a single, explosive novel called Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Until the…
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Film, Reel World

Of Mice and Men

John Malkovich belongs to the most mistrusted and misunderstood genus in American movies: the intelligent actor. "It's not just that you're treated like a recalcitrant, moody, trained organ-grinder monkey," he says in a soft, measured monotone during a recent publicity…
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Film, A Quality Year

A Quality Year

In Albert Brooks' summer comedy The Muse, a ravishing daughter of Zeus -- in the person of Sharon Stone -- gives a burned-out Hollywood screenwriter a fresh jolt of inspiration. For a price. Brooks' desperate scribbler must first lavish Tiffany…
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News, Feature The Golden Spike

The Golden Spike

In a strange new film that opened last week, people pay for the pleasure of slipping through a small door in an anonymous office building and spending 15 minutes inside John Malkovich's head. Turns out celebrity's not all it's cracked…
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Two Bits hopes to capture the dusty golden glow of a happy memory, but mostly it looks like a TV commercial for Pepsi. This is not surprising: The director, James Foley, has made music videos for Madonna. He's set his…
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