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Dining, Bouncer Bouncer Appreciates the Vastness of Eclipse Lounge

Bouncer Appreciates the Vastness of Eclipse Lounge

Admit it, we've all peed at the Hyatt Regency. It's centrally located downtown, is gigantic enough that no one will give you shit for crashing the loo, and you can even squeeze in a nap in one of the chairs…
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Film, "The Paperboy": Getting Filthy in Sweaty South Florida

"The Paperboy": Getting Filthy in Sweaty South Florida

Precious director Lee Daniels' Southern Gothic noir presents itself with the doubtful come-hither hospitality of a gator-filled swamp. Moistly set in South Florida in the '60s, it involves cornfed creep John Cusack's wrongful imprisonment on death row coming to the…
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Film, <i>Hot Tub Time Machine</i>: Stupid funny

Hot Tub Time Machine: Stupid funny

Lost boy John Hughes was inducted into the pantheon this month, when the Academy devoted a moving Oscar-night tribute to the departed writer-director. But do you actually remember being a teenage moviegoer in the 1980s? It wasn't all some kind…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Office</i> Star

Office Star

When is the warehouse crew on The Office going to be developed? When will Darryl be promoted and take a desk next to Andy, or get caught sending shipments of weed through the loading dock? The actor who plays him,…
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Calendar, Night&Day It's a Funny World You People Live In

It's a Funny World You People Live In

A lot of us know Nick Hornby for one thing: lists. His novel and subsequent John Cusack/Jack Black vehicle of a film, High Fidelity, had much to recommend it, if not the girlfriend character. But the very best part was…
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Calendar, Night&Day Nice Folks

Nice Folks

Who pushed the Everly Brothers in the dirt? If that famous 1960s ecstatic-tenor folk duo were to morph into something a little more bitter and crouchy, it could be the Moore Brothers, especially on "Girl with a Light," from their…
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Film, Good Grief!

Good Grief!

Eleven months after winning the screenplay and audience awards at this year's Sundance Film Festival, writer-director James C. Strouse's Grace Is Gone has received a musical makeover care of Clint Eastwood, who reportedly screened the film and thought that it…
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Film, John Cusack's <i>Martian Child</i> Phoney, Predictable, Pedestrian

John Cusack's Martian Child Phoney, Predictable, Pedestrian

John Cusack, who more or less began his career sneaking a peek at Molly Ringwald's panties in Sixteen Candles, has finally become an onscreen daddy — which only took, what, 23 years? Except, he isn't exactly the most fortunate family…
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Film, Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

Mike Enslin, the travel writer played by John Cusack in 1408, could use a better travel agent. Every hotel room in which he finds himself booked is said to be occupied by the ghost of some suicidal creep or a…
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News, The Snitch <em>Chronicle</em>: John Cusack is gay. Heterosexual women everywhere observe moment of silence

Chronicle: John Cusack is gay. Heterosexual women everywhere observe moment of silence

Sunday, June 17, 2007 is a day that will live in infamy, as heterosexual women looked at the Chronicle's Pink Pages aghast, to find that "THE BIG GAY ISSUE" featured none other than the newly gay John Cusack and…
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Film, Common Cold

Common Cold

A few weeks ago, Harold Ramis was sitting in a hotel conference room discussing the subtext of The Ice Harvest, his new film based on the novel by Scott Phillips and adapted by Robert Benton and Richard Russo. Ramis explained…
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Calendar, Night&Day Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Sabah, the opening-night selection in this year's Arab Film Festival, is an intelligently made, feel-good movie about a 40-year-old virgin, the put-upon sister in a large Syrian-Canadian family, who dares to sneak out of her house to swim in a…
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Film, Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Must Love Dogs, it should be clearly stated, is not the greatest romantic comedy ever made about a quirky couple who meet at a dog park. That honor goes to Dog Park, the oddball 1998 flick starring Luke Wilson and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Puppets Packing Heat

Puppets Packing Heat

Puppet. Even the word sounds hopelessly cute, conjuring up images of the clunky, big-eyed felt creatures that Mister Rogers used to visit, or Jim Henson's stable of Muppet characters. But there's much more than cuddliness in the puppet oeuvre. We…
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Second Time Around

On Dangerous Ground / In a Lonely Place Contemporary neo-noirs usually feature butter-soft young actors (John Cusack, Drew Barrymore) posing their way through film-school exercises in lighting and color, mouthing disillusionment. Real men and women, sinewy and with some mileage…
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Loose Knot

The real star of City Hall, director Harold Becker's new movie, is New York City -- a gray, grand, ungovernable metropolis in which human characters play out their petty dramas. In shot after shot, scene after scene, all the people…
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