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Culture, The Exhibitionist New on Video: Hardcore Hemingway (and Ronald Reagan!) in <i>The Killers</i>

New on Video: Hardcore Hemingway (and Ronald Reagan!) in The Killers

Why can't Hollywood come up with any original ideas, amirite? Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Killers" is a slip of a tale, a mere 10 pages depending on where it's printed (that's what it clocked in at in…
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Film, "Kiss of the Damned": Vampire Movies in the Old French Style

"Kiss of the Damned": Vampire Movies in the Old French Style

Xan Cassevetes's Kiss of the Damned is a loving homage to the Euro-horror genre of the 1960s and 1970s, films like Jess Franco's 1971 Vampyros Lesbos whose promise of lurid thrills made them popular rentals in the early days of…
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Film, "Sinister": A Creepy-Crawly Horror Show

"Sinister": A Creepy-Crawly Horror Show

In a neat bit of poaching, Sinister uses a premise borrowed from anti-horror pundits — the idea that some images can't be unseen once seen, are poison without antidote — as the basis of a proficient, rattling horror story. Ellison…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist

When Directors Love Their Stars: Frances Ha and Yellow at the Toronto Film Festival

Film critic Karina Longworth is reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival this week. For maybe the first hour of Yellow (written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, the man responsible for the national treasure that is The Notebook), I kept…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist See these Stunning Films for Free at SFMOMA, Courtesy of Cindy Sherman

See these Stunning Films for Free at SFMOMA, Courtesy of Cindy Sherman

The Cindy Sherman exhibit at SFMOMA has been getting plenty of well-deserved buzz from media outlets including but not limited to SF Weekly itself, and of course there are those banners that you can't miss if you travel for more…
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Film, "Applause": Paprika Steen Outshines Dim Direction

"Applause": Paprika Steen Outshines Dim Direction

Appearing in every frame of Applause, Thea Barfoed (Paprika Steen), an aging actress and recovering alcoholic trying to get her life back together, is a woman under the influence — of Gena Rowlands's Myrtle Gordon, another aging, alcoholic actress, in…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Julia</i>


Tilda Swinton doesn’t merely act the title role in French director Erick Zonca’s Julia—she devours it, spits it back up, dances giddily upon it, twirls it in the air. It’s a big, all-consuming performance, and in the hands of a…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Exiles

The Exiles

For the length of Kent MacKenzie's rediscovered 1961 feature, the past is not distant: It's vital, concrete, immediate—a record of vanished sites and vanquished dreams suspended in an eternally looped present. An account of 14 dusk-to-dawn hours in a community…
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News, Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions

Except for sports and The Daily Show, we had pretty much given up on TV. Now that people have eaten crickets, gone sky diving with billionaires, and married their cousins on the tube, it's hard to imagine there's anything left…
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News, Feature You, Too, Can Be in Movies!

You, Too, Can Be in Movies!

I don't remember the title associated with my earliest movie memory (truth be told, I probably fell asleep before the trailers finished). I do recall a warm summer night, gravel crunching under the tires, the slightly musty smell of overstuffed…
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Music, Reviewed Cosmo Vitelli

Cosmo Vitelli

Cosmo Vitelli, aka 29-year-old French producer Benjamin Boguet, takes his pseudonym from a nightclub owner in John Cassavetes' 1976 film The Killing of a Chinese Bookie -- a fact that's nearly the only serious thing about his project. Although his…
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Culture, Stage

Stage Reviews

Fools This Bare Bones Theater evening of one-acts, written and directed by Paul Mendoza, is really a three-act play. In the short opening segment, Peter (Mendoza) and Carla (Sam Anderson), recently broken-up lovers, cement their relationship's end in a series…
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Calendar, Night&Day

Love Hurts

It's surprising, and a little dispiriting, that John Cassavetes' last film, Love Streams (1984), looks more like a true independent feature than most of what passes for such today. Cassavetes was an authentic innovator. From his mostly improvised first feature,…
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Second Time Around

John Cassavetes, Actor and Director In the many films he made as an actor, John Cassavetes -- a shifty-eyed brunet mistrustful of his own profile, grinning constantly to remind us of the phoniness good looks can signify -- only occasionally…
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Women Under the Influence

She's So Lovely Directed by Nick Cassavetes. Screenplay by John Cassavetes. Starring Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, John Travolta, Harry Dean Stanton, and Gena Rowlands. At area theaters. Excess Baggage Directed by Marco Brambilla. Screenplay by Max D. Adams, and…
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News, Feature

Past Forward

* Indicates films recommended by our reviewers. Thursday, April 24 (Opening Night) 7 p.m. Bliss (U.S.A., 1997) This movie is being promoted as the hottest thing since Last Tango in Paris, but it's closer to soft porn with a thick…
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