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Culture, The Exhibitionist "Multiple Mary" and "Invisible Jane": Aerial Dance Addresses San Francisco's Contradictions

"Multiple Mary" and "Invisible Jane": Aerial Dance Addresses San Francisco's Contradictions

Every day the streets of San Francisco reek of the contradictory filth of the burgeoning technopolis of ironically hoodied, moustachioed, nouveau riche youths and the destitute itinerants who crumple their bodies to sleep in the underground corridors of Muni stations.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Liftoff


As Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg has alternately roused and repelled feminists with her advice book for businesswomen, Lean In. Flyaway Productions presents five female performers not just leaning in but lifting, stretching, bounding, racing, spinning, and flying up in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Edgy Art

Edgy Art

In the 1950s, the destination spot of Niagara Falls, N.Y., was also a hotbed of industry made of petrochemicals, paper, plastics, rubber, and abrasives. But while shiny-faced tourists strolled the promenade awaiting the next high-wire act, the locally owned Schoellkopf…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fly Girls

Fly Girls

We imagine the Flyaway Productions dancers show up to their performances looking like movie astronauts. Walking all in a row, slo-mo’d by their own majesty, backlit, and slinging heavy equipment over their shoulders, these daredevils smirk at each other to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Rosie, Meet Polly

Rosie, Meet Polly

The Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge spans the Carquinez Strait, and is the only bridge in the country named for a worker. Local aerial dance company Flyaway Productions uses the bridge as a figurative and almost-literal jumping-off place for The Ballad…
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Calendar, Night&Day Play On

Play On

San Francisco has a rep to protect. Seriously: We're known as "the" aerial dance city (eat that, Denver!), and we have a lot of good flying practitioners such as Joanna Haigood and Jo Kreiter. But a related form seems to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fly Girls

Fly Girls

Jo Kreiter's Flyaway Productions dance company is famous for aerial productions in which dancers rappel and climb as often as they twirl. It's tough, frightening work, not for sissies -- and the company is made up entirely of women. Obviously,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Talking Dance

Talking Dance

It's not just a rumor propagated by local dance devotees: The Bay Area really is home to the most happening dance community in the country outside of New York City. The scene here isn't nearly as centralized as Manhattan's, though,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Air Dance

Air Dance

Most dancers glide, but others fly. At least that's how it is with the sky-borne performers who comprise SkyDancers: Women Who Fly Through the Air, a festival of aerial dance that's been capturing cloud-inhabiting imaginations for the past five years.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Transport Yourself

Transport Yourself

Riding public transportation can be viciously boring and deeply irritating at the same time. Get your revenge by taking a ride designed (by artists, not city officials) to surprise and delight you. "Trolley Dances" is an annual event that finds…
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Calendar, Night&Day Pants On Fire

Pants On Fire

Lies have many permutations: little white ones you tell your loved ones to avoid hurting feelings, more dicey lies with which you delude yourself and others, and big whoppers meant to wreak havoc. Now, there are also Lies You Can…
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Calendar, Night&Day Peace and Love

Peace and Love

Feminist theater company Brava! for Women in the Arts couldn't have chosen a more convincing presence to consecrate "A Special Evening for Peace in Afghanistan" than Coleman Barks, the popular American voice of 13th-century Afghan poet Jelaluddin Rumi. The dervish…
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Culture, Dance Flying High

Flying High

You have to laugh when soft-spoken Jo Kreiter calls herself the Shape Nazi. She doesn't mean that she leads Weight Watchers groups sporting black boots and a bullwhip, nor that she recklessly sculpts her body through liposuction and plastic surgery…
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Calendar, Night&Day

Rad Alert

What's radical about the Radical Performance Fest? Jo Kreiter, for one. She likes to mount dances where dances don't usually go -- perpendicular to poles, or dangling from inner-city fire escapes or the Golden Gate Bridge, which builds a whole…
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