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December Lit Events

Tuesday, Dec. 6 Among the professionally outraged talking-head set, "Kool-Aid drinker" has become shorthand for "anyone who subscribes to beliefs different than those I am paid to espouse." The phrase implies a gullible zealotry on the part of the believers…
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Calendar, Night&Day Hallucinations Made Clear

Hallucinations Made Clear

Don Lattin deals in deconstruction. Part detective, part historian, he uses interviews, documents, the public record, and his own experience to connect disparate events and trends to wrestle a sense of order — not to mention a gripping tale —…
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Jim Jones: Cult leader, killer, supporter of suicide barrier on Golden Gate Bridge

Every righteous cause needs a righteous leader. The gay community had Harvey Milk. The Green Party had Matt Gonzalez. And the antisuicide movement? Without a charismatic leader, it's no wonder the movement has struggled to get a suicide barrier installed…
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Film, Rev. Death

Rev. Death

It's appropriate that Stanley Nelson's Jonestown is hitting theaters during an election week. Nelson's thought-provoking documentary investigation into the life and times of preacher Jim Jones raises a fistful of public policy questions that are still knocking around today, almost…
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Film, Documentary American Style

Documentary American Style

Some of the strongest films in any festival are its documentaries, which can be clumped into two groups: those intended for PBS and all the rest. The PBS style — marked by a mix of archival footage, talking heads, explanatory…
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Calendar, Night&Day Keeping Up With the Jones

Keeping Up With the Jones

While contemporary nostalgics like to romanticize the 1960s as a time of brotherhood and free love, they often forget that it was also a time of some horrendous mistakes. Most folks meant well in their preaching and movement-making, but a…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Jonestown's Legacy

Jonestown's Legacy

WED 11/19 Americans who turned on the news on November 18, 1978, got one hell of a bombshell: Hundreds of members of Jim Jones' People's Temple lay dead in the Guyana jungle, an apparent mass murder/suicide. California U.S. Representative Leo…
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Film, Reel World

Long Night's Journey Into Day

November marks the 25th anniversary of Jonestown, and you can bet the loft that the media -- yet again -- will make wide-eyed sport of the mysterious deaths of 900 followers of Jim Jones in Guyana. "It's hard not to…
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Well, Shucks, You're Welcome. Hip, hip, hooray! Bravo to SF Weekly for having the cojones to cover the Muni problem ("Rewarding Failure," Dec. 2). You are now my heroes. Because rent is so high in this town, I can't afford…
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Invasion of the Coffee Shops

Didn't they used to have neighborhood block committees in Cuba to spy on people with less-than-zealous-enough revolutionary impulses? I seem to remember this. Anyway, we have something similar in my neighborhood, Noe Valley, except the enemy isn't counterrevolution. It's…
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Smiling Like Nixon The strangest interview I ever conducted took place in the conference room of the San Francisco Examiner on Thursday, Sept. 21, 1972. As an Examiner reporter, I had gotten the nod to interview The Prophet, the…
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The Absolutely True, Somewhat Spurious and Totally Impossible

Was the Watergate break-in plotted in a Nob Hill saloon? Did Bill Clinton narrowly escape an assassin's bullet outside the posh Fairmont Hotel during campaign '92? And did the CIA's San Francisco mind-control experiments, which began in North Beach, culminate…
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