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News, The Snitch That 'Damn Lesbian' Roberta Achtenberg Thinks Now May Finally Be the Time for Executive Order Barring Sexual Discrimination

That 'Damn Lesbian' Roberta Achtenberg Thinks Now May Finally Be the Time for Executive Order Barring Sexual Discrimination

You can't bar the disabled from federal housing. Ditto that for racial or religious minorities, the aged, or nearly any other group -- but homosexuals. Amazingly, in 2009, one can still be barred from a place in federally funded housing…
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Calendar, Night&Day Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

In 1990, in response to Senator Jesse Helms' obscenity witch hunt, New York performance artist Penny Arcade submitted the semiautobiographical Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! for an NEA Fellowship. It was denied, of course. In no way did the life of…
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Ballot Fun

While I never claim to be a mathematician, but how can have lower if we first have to pay a whopping 4 billion dollars! —From Asian Week president James Fang's typo-ridden paid argument against the Clean Energy Act Faces are…
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Calendar, Night&Day Boy or Girl? Maybe Not.

Boy or Girl? Maybe Not.

Apparently, not everyone is respectful of transgendered people. Can you believe it? Jerks. But they're out there, and they can make things – simple things, like using a bathroom or getting a driver's license – very difficult for those who…
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Cut It Out

"Self-esteem through self-mutilation" — that's how comedian George Carlin recommends body modification to the kids. You could cut his sarcasm with a guillotine, of course, but when an event skewers as many skins as Sigil, your confidence better be pretty…
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Calendar, Night&Day She's Back

She's Back

Free speech icon and performance artist Karen Finley knows how to make an impression. The last time I saw the San Francisco Art Institute alumna (in her one-woman show Shut Up and Love Me), she was naked, covered in honey,…
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This Is Your Brain on PSAs

At some point when no one was looking -- though it was probably in the hazy '70s -- attention deficit disorder went from clinical condition to cognitive norm. Cultural critics and behavioral scientists say Americans' inability to focus on anything…
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The Gay '90s

The Brandon Teena Story Falls River, Neb., is introduced by a roadway sign drenched in irony: "Good People, Churches, Schools." None of these supposedly civilizing influences could save the subject of Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir's wrenching 1997 documentary. Brandon…
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Culture, Stage

Aisle Seat

In the Air My short list of reasons for dancing in the street includes Jesse Helms falling into a snake pit, Pat Buchanan falling on top of Helms in said pit, and anything written or performed by Sara Felder, a…
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