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Calendar, Night&Day Flicks & Dips

Flicks & Dips

The films featured at Hummus, Falafel, and Brisket — Oh My! have some bumper sticker-worthy titles. There is Make Hummus Not War, Falafel! Give Peas a Chance, and, lacking such a catchy name but still worth watching, Meathooked! The…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist A Non-Conformist, Anti-Hero Grabs the Spotlight in "Jerusalem"

A Non-Conformist, Anti-Hero Grabs the Spotlight in "Jerusalem"

In "Jerusalem," Jez Butterworth's Tony and Olivier winning play, Brian Dykstra enjoys occupying the role of Johnny "Rooster" Byron, a former motorcycle daredevil, now living in a falling apart mobile home in the woods of England, where he's energetically…
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The Snatch: The Smallest News Items Allowed by Law

Boobs in Space "Go Topless Day," an annual media stunt taking advantage of everyone's fascination with the female chest, is in fact a public relations ploy for a bizarre UFO cult devoted to building an intergalactic Jerusalem "embassy" in preparation…
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Film, "Sightseers": A Serial Killer Vacation

"Sightseers": A Serial Killer Vacation

From Shaun of the Dead onwards, the production team of Nira Park and Edgar Wright hasn't made a bum film yet. While their movies are not always hits — the financial failure of Wright's own Scott Pilgrim vs. the World…
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Film, "New Jerusalem": A Study in Grime

"New Jerusalem": A Study in Grime

Rick Alverson's New Jerusalem (which he made before The Comedy) had its North American premiere at South by Southwest, and it many ways, it fulfills the stereotype of the festival film: low-budget, contemplative, semi-improvised, and challenging to viewers who don't…
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Film, "Miral": Julian Schnabel's Newest Has Plenty of Style, Little Substance

"Miral": Julian Schnabel's Newest Has Plenty of Style, Little Substance

A U.N. premiere! A Vanessa Redgrave cameo! Zionist hoodlums! Distributors the Weinstein Company and director Julian Schnabel overcome their well-documented aversion to media attention to address the Israel-Palestine question, pleading peace, compromise, and the creation of a self-governing Palestinian state.…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>The Wedding Song</i>

The Wedding Song

Like her appealing first feature, La petite Jérusalem, Karin Albou's The Wedding Song probes the threats to an intimate bond between two Semitic women. Here, World War II steps in to test a happy friendship between Tunisian neighbors—Nour (Olympe Borval),…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>My Father, My Lord</i>

My Father, My Lord

Like Amos Gitai’s 1999 Kadosh, Israeli writer-director David Volach’s first feature has scores to settle with Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, especially as dominated by literal-minded men. Unlike Gitai’s strident screed, however, My Father, My Lord (unfortunately retitled from the more aptly elliptical…
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Dining, Eat Mack the Kunafa

Mack the Kunafa

Most ethnic restaurants in San Francisco serve the food of a particular country, such as Thailand, or that of a smaller region with a distinct culture, such as Sardinia. "Middle Eastern" restaurants are a major exception to that rule: Whether…
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News, The Snitch The Story of a Cracker: The Great Matzah Famine of 2008 is Latest S.F. Unleavened Shenanigan

The Story of a Cracker: The Great Matzah Famine of 2008 is Latest S.F. Unleavened Shenanigan

Now is the Passover of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of Manischewitz. By Joe Eskenazi As you may have read here on The Snitch — and, mind-blowingly, in the Chronicle and Contra Costa Times as well…
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Music, Reviewed The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta

If The Bedlam in Goliath, the fourth studio album from psychedelic rock warriors the Mars Volta, proves anything, it's that inspiration can come from dire circumstances. In May 2006, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez bought an old talking board at a curio…
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News, Matt Smith

Environmental Cycle

Last week, this city became awash in green as mayors from around the world prepared to burn acre-feet of jet fuel traveling here for the United Nations' World Environment Day. This was nothing new for San Francisco, long the world's…
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Film, War: What Is It Good For?

War: What Is It Good For?

Whatever you do, don't accuse Ridley Scott of turning his back on a fight. Doesn't matter if it's slimy-fanged space aliens attacking Sigourney Weaver, Roman slaves in tough against hungry lions down at the Coliseum, or American GIs going at…
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Film, Jet Propelled

Jet Propelled

There's a new movie called Hero. Don't confuse it with that dusty Dustin Hoffman vehicle, nor with the epic Bollywood musical/espionage extravaganza Hero: Love Story of a Spy (though that's worth a mind-altering look if you can find it). America…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best New Restaurant

Best New Restaurant The main attraction of this small, creamy-walled, urbane dining room is the seasonal Italian-inspired cooking of chef/owner Michael Tusk (late of Chez Panisse and Oliveto; his partner and wife, Lindsay, worked at Oliveto and Boulevard). The menu…
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Dining, Social Grace

Uninvited Guests

Dear Social Grace, My husband and I have been married for 13 years. He has two married, adult children from his first marriage. The relationship between his children and me is less than amicable. In fact, I would go so…
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Film, Guns, God, and Land

Guns, God, and Land

The celluloid postcards on display from the world's hottest spot -- the Middle East -- are brave and touching. They offer proof, if not much comfort, that somebody's agitating for justice and tolerance in a region where military, religious, and…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

Seeing -- and Writing and Playing -- Red

In these days of hounding the homeless and embracing wiretaps, it helps to laugh. Fortunately, our fearsome leader, George W. Bush, knows what we need and delivers -- with a pretzel to the larynx and broken blood vessels under the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Are You There God? It's Me, Marc

Are You There God? It's Me, Marc

Standup comic Marc Maron doesn't think he's the best Jew, despite a trip to Israel a few years ago. As he explains in his dark and provocative memoir, The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life As a Reluctant Messiah, "We didn't go…
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Calendar, Night&Day Invisible Walls

Invisible Walls

By definition, a wall is a solid structure made of bricks, stones, or wood designed to separate and delineate, to keep someone or something out (or in). Think Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall. But in the Orthodox…
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