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Calendar, Urban Experience Race Relationships

Race Relationships

WED 6/15 In a recent interview, Adam Mansbach confessed that his publishers originally wanted his novel, Angry Black White Boy, or the Miscegenation of Macon Detornay, to be called American Wigger. Mansbach surmised that his book might have sold a…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Anchors Away

Anchors Away

The summer solstice conjures up images of Mother Earth types dancing around barefoot in Golden Gate Park. But for Bay Area sailors, the longest weekend days of the year are an excuse to “sail locally, celebrate globally” at the fifth…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Framing Picture

Framing Picture

ONGOING 6/16-26 Summertime is here, and while in some places that means beaches and barbecues, in fogbound San Francisco it means only one thing -- summer movies! But if you don't care to watch Paris Hilton make her (clothed) acting…
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Calendar, Performance Fresh Meat's Queer Feast

Fresh Meat's Queer Feast

THURS-SAT 6/16-18 Few productions can mix tranny glam-rock, modern dance, and a barbershop quartet and still hold an audience, but Fresh Meat 2005: The 4th Annual Transgender & Queer Performance Festival is as much about blending genres as genders. Although…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Spiced Out

Spiced Out

ONGOING 6/8-9/5 Imagine a day with no cell phones chiming, no pagers beeping, no you-have-mail notices ringing and dinging. Whoever dreamt up the Jewish Sabbath must have been thinking ahead. Practiced every Saturday by observant Jews, the Sabbath -- also…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Follow That Bird

Follow That Bird

SAT 6/11 As a preschooler the only thing that would cheer me up was splashing around in the bathtub with my beloved rubber ducky. Now the overgrown kids who run Children's Fairyland are legitimizing this time-honored activity with their annual…
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Calendar, Performance Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

ONGOING 6/8-8/31 With an over-the-top story line about a batty spinster slowly decaying in her antebellum mansion, the 1964 Bette Davis film Hush ... Hush Sweet Charlotte was ripe for a drag queen sendup. And with the original's train-wreck scenes…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Totally 'Weard

Totally 'Weard

ONGOING 6/1-10/8 The early photographic motion studies made by 19th-century oddball Eadweard Muybridge are so compelling that they've become something of a college dorm room cliché. It's difficult to find an art student without one of Muybridge's film strip-style series…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Beetle Mania

Beetle Mania

ONGOING 6/4-25 Australian Jane Davenport started out as a fashion photographer but switched to shooting bugs. Now she combines her love of insects with her affection for large-scale images. See some of the results at the "Ladybird Chronicles," an outdoor…
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Calendar, Performance Dancers Know Jack

Dancers Know Jack

FRI-SUN 6/3-5 Everyone knows that Jack and Jill went up the hill. But who was Jack, really? Apparently, he was also nimble, hung out on the beanstalk, and used aliases like Horner and Sprat. In an attempt to shed light…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life

ONGOING 5/24-6/25 You probably think there's only one Great Wall of China. But the C5 Corporation -- a San Jose-based media collective comprising experts in fields like artificial intelligence, bioengineering, and literary criticism -- is attempting, in a manner of…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Vegging Out

Vegging Out

THURS 5/19 When I traveled in Southeast Asia, even the smallest village had a night market. Natives and tourists strolled around, fondling plump mangos and ripe pineapples when not taking bites of local delicacies like stir-fried morning glory. But…
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Calendar, Performance Sudden and Unexpected

Sudden and Unexpected

FRI 5/20 For an event called "Random Acts of Art 2," the organizers have left precious little to chance when it comes to keeping the audience entertained. At its core, "Random" is a Lollapalooza-like happening featuring 16 California artists, most…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Park It

Park It

SAT 5/14 It's silly how rarely we visit our neighborhood parks. Often it takes something major, like the promise of freshly grilled meat or the prospect of seeing the dog so happy he slobbers, to make us traverse the sod.…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Light One Up

Light One Up

SAT 5/14 When art majors say "light," they're usually referring to painterly shadows or shading techniques like chiaroscuro. But when the artists of BORG2 say it, they likely mean the real McCoy: high-voltage incandescent bulbs, otherworldly neon, tesla coils, black…
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Calendar, Performance Scot (Not) Free

Scot (Not) Free

ONGOING 5/13-6/11 Known by most actors as "the Scottish play" (superstition prevents them from saying the title aloud inside the theater), Shakespeare's Macbeth is one of the writer's grittiest accomplishments. It's a beautiful script, but when you get past the…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Step Right Up

Step Right Up

TUES 5/10 Many wandering youngsters identify with the label "tramp artist," but few have taken it to bowler-hat perfection quite like Eddy Joe Cotton. The veteran train-jumper crisscrossed the country for years before organizing a ragtag group of like-minded musicians,…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Flower Children

Flower Children

SAT-SUN 5/7-8 If you're wondering what to get your mother for her special day this year, how about some Solenocentrum? Or a little Lepanthopsis? No, these aren't the latest prescription drugs from Canada. These are orchids, and you can pick…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Playing With Words

Playing With Words

THURS 5/5 Trolling the classifieds is always a fun way to gain insight into our fellow human beings. Why, just today, five minutes on Craigslist yielded one guy's ode to lunchtime sex and another guy's list detailing the 47 reasons…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Look Carefully

Look Carefully

THURS-MON 4/28-5/2 Do you believe in ghosts? Stories about spirits of the dead wind through cultures all over the world, but science hasn't proven anything yet. The lack of hard evidence about phantoms doesn't seem to stop anyone from telling…
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