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Calendar, See/Be Seen Framing Picture

Framing Picture

ONGOING 6/16-26 Summertime is here, and while in some places that means beaches and barbecues, in fogbound San Francisco it means only one thing -- summer movies! But if you don't care to watch Paris Hilton make her (clothed) acting…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Flower Children

Flower Children

SAT-SUN 5/7-8 If you're wondering what to get your mother for her special day this year, how about some Solenocentrum? Or a little Lepanthopsis? No, these aren't the latest prescription drugs from Canada. These are orchids, and you can pick…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Get Crabs

Get Crabs

SAT 12/18 What with shopping, traveling, and family, we all can get a little crabby around the holidays. But there is one party where being crabby isn't only accepted, it's celebrated: the Red and White Fleet's "Crab Feed Cruise." Once…
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Calendar, Performance What Came Before

What Came Before

FRI 11/5 "Pre-blues" may sound like the feeling you get right before your emotions take a major dip off the happiness meter. But it's actually a more technical term, describing the music that arose in African-American communities just after the…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Light Meal

Light Meal

Drawn to local beacons SUN 6/6 Don't you just love to hear foghorns blowing on the frigid bay while you lie snuggled in your warm bed? In a city that's somewhat estranged from its liquid milieu -- if it weren't…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Green Cinema

Green Cinema

THURS-SUN 4/1-4 This is a troubled era for our country's natural resources, so the Marin Environmental Film Festival comes along at just the right time. The three-day cinematic event (with an opening night party on April 1 and screenings on…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Wild Wild Life

Wild Wild Life

ONGOING 3/20-7/11 The egret is one of this region's (or any region's) prettiest birds, with its dignified posture and immaculate white plumage. In flight, the egret's chest juts forward, giving it a sleek art deco look. Even so, these attractive…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Art & Politics Do Too Mix

Art & Politics Do Too Mix

SAT 2/21 Say what you will about mass anti-war demonstrations, they bring out the best in creative signage. The many inventive messages displayed in last year's protests against the war in Iraq gave artist Art Hazlewood an idea: He's inviting…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Hula Hoedown

Hula Hoedown

SUN 2/22 There are plenty of places to dance in San Francisco, but if you're a parent looking to get down with the kids, this town can be too hip for its own good. A little hip (or maybe a…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Tricksters


SAT 1/17 Long before there was Shaquille O'Neal, Dennis Rodman, or Kobe Bryant, a group of much funnier (and lower-paid) athletes was entertaining basketball fans without ending up in the tabloids. Since 1927, the Harlem Globetrotters have competed before more…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Live the Dream

Live the Dream

SAT 1/17 Everyone in America has been affected by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet today's children, who are growing up in a far better world as a result of his work, know more about celebrities and…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Football Follies

Football Follies

WED 12/31 Bay Area football fans are probably relieved that the regular NFL season is over, especially after watching both local teams start in the basement and descend from there. But there's still great game to be seen at the…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Three-Ring Playground

Three-Ring Playground

WED-SUN 12/31-1/4 Anyone who's ever sat under the big top knows that little kids go wild over circus eye candy. Cantering horses, big cats, and pretty ladies astride elephants are all fine distractions, but what really widens young eyes is…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

SUN 12/14 With the prospect of long lines, surly baggage screeners, and yet another in-flight screening of The Santa Clause 2, jolly old St. Nick has decided to scrap his usual round-the-world journey this year and make his visit to…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Ghost Story

Ghost Story

SAT 11/29 If you doubt that the holiday season is finally here (or if you've been hiding under your bed in stubborn denial), the definitive harbinger of its local arrival has once again reared its top-hatted head: the annual run…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Not Daddy Warbucks

Not Daddy Warbucks

WED-SAT 11/19-22 Jim Grimsley's newest play for young audiences asks a question well beyond most adults: What is the meaning of peace if we have to kill for it? In answer, War Daddy describes an old war fought by kids.…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Paint It Orange

Paint It Orange

SAT-SUN 10/18-19 If Charlie Brown were still wistfully seeking the Great Pumpkin, his best bet would be to look at the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. For two days the seaside town's gray fog is replaced with a…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff The Kid Connection

The Kid Connection

SUN 10/12 Certain things that go with having children -- playing catch in the back yard, reading books with pictures, seeing Pixar flicks -- are fun. Other kid-related experiences, like picking out a health insurance plan or starting a college…
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Calendar, Kid Stuff Candy Land

Candy Land

DAILY 10/4-1/4 The average kid's colossal appetite for sweets is usually denied with a stern parental "It'll spoil your appetite" or "It'll give you cavities." But at least young'uns can learn something while they ruin their teeth at "Candy Unwrapped,"…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Playing the Field

Playing the Field

SUN 9/7 The dot-com bubble may have burst and left many bust, but even the newly destitute can pretend to be swells at Polo in the Park, a unique chance to see a polo match. Grab a seat in the…
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