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SF Weekly Letters July 10-16, 2013

Summer Burn Writers need to revisit the other side of the bay: The Summer Guide 2013 has some great suggestions, but the portrayal of the East Bay was seriously disappointing .…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Art Is Deceitful Above All Things

The Art Is Deceitful Above All Things

While it was overshadowed on a national level by the concurrent Oprah Winfrey/James Frey literary scandal, the 2005 revelation that author J.T. LeRoy was a wholly fictitious creation of a writer named Laura Albert hit San Francisco like a…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

Snarky Isn't The Word We Would Use Rhymes with "gour srapes": Someone once said, "There are lies and there are damn lies." Perhaps it was that poor little victim, J.T. LeRoy . Laura Albert…
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News, Feature Living Without LeRoy

Living Without LeRoy

Savannah Knoop had been worrying about this night for months. And she knew she'd brought it on herself. She remembered perfectly well that after San Francisco's greatest literary hoax had been exposed three years ago, she'd managed promptly and almost…
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Calendar, Night&Day Playing Dead

Playing Dead

Dead Channels: The San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film is a 10-day celebration of offbeat cinema that takes the "fantasy" genre and stretches it to incorporate not only sci-fi and horror, but also satire, postmodernism, and the downright strange. Organizer…
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Calendar, Night&Day Quaken and Stirred

Quaken and Stirred

Writers make mistakes. This is true; it has been fact checked. Hence, Litquake, the city's annual festival of words and the people who use them effectively, which has gone on long enough that it's getting hard to come up with…
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News, The Snitch

How Much Does It Cost To Be JT LeRoy?

Answer: $466,500. A Manhattan federal judge on Tuesday ordered Laura Albert, creator of the sexually ambiguous literary impostor, to pay $350,000 in legal fees to the New York film company that in June won a judgment against her for fraud.…
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Calendar, Night&Day "Ridin' Dirty Face"

"Ridin' Dirty Face"

In the hierarchy of wayward youth, those who ride the rails instead of a patch of sidewalk on Haight or Telegraph streets hold an exalted position. If they get drunk enough, they can argue they are upholding a unique American…
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News, Sucka Free City Albert's End

Albert's End

The clock continues to tick down on Laura Albert's 30 minutes of fame — that's 15 for her, 15 for her man-boy alter ego, JT LeRoy. But while LeRoy has retreated to the realm of delusion from whence he came,…
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Film, BookScam


Lest we imagine that the publishing industry went to hell only after James Frey and J.T. Leroy clambered on board, here comes Lasse Hallström to remind us of a literary dustup emblematic of a much earlier nadir for American mendacity.…
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Film, My Mother the Fraud

My Mother the Fraud

Such is the currency of lies these days that "based on an untrue story" might well be a shrewd tag line, if an unusually honest one. Still, the recent discovery that teen prostitute-turned-hard-core memoirist JT LeRoy is merely the fanciful…
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Calendar, Performance Music by Thistle

Music by Thistle

TUES 9/13 Thistle plays peppy, midtempo indie music. It's good, perhaps not great, but certainly not bad. There are guitars and a woman's sweet voice. The show will naturally be mobbed. There. I wrote 29 words without mentioning JT LeRoy,…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Perfumer

Yosh Han After you smell Han's scents, you'll never go back to wearing department store perfume again. Unlike most mass-produced fragrances that chemically approximate aromas found in nature, Han's offerings use essences extracted from the actual plants and flowers.…
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Culture, Books

Harolds End

By JT LeRoy Last Gasp (2005), $19.95 Unlike JT LeRoy's last two autobiographical novels, which come off like gaping wounds that just won't clot, Harold's End is a brief but beautiful bruise of a book that unveils the faintest flicker…
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Calendar, Urban Experience The JT Show

The JT Show

TUES 11/23 Any article about JT LeRoy invariably includes a list of celebrities, so let's get straight to ours: Lou Reed, Lukas Haas, Tatum O'Neal, and Nancy Sinatra. For those who haven't heard of the wunderkind author, here's what these…
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Culture, Books

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

So much has been written about J.T. LeRoy, Wunderkind author of last year's acclaimed truck stop-prostitute fairy tale Sarah, that one might worry his persona as reclusive genius would obscure the genius that is his actual talent. The release of…
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News, Night Crawler Night Crawler

Night Crawler

It begins with the penis bone of a raccoon, a slender finger of calcified tissue that dangles "like a halo" in the opening pages of Sarah, the stunning debut novel of Tenderloin dweller J.T. LeRoy. The raccoon bone is a…
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